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Frontier Pop. Know Things. A publication of the Frontier Society.

Frontier Pop. Know things.

Frontier Pop issue 56 for August 2013: Back on Track.UPDATE 07/23/14/1055 - Working on the “reader” profiles for the Reader Reaction section, which supports each issue of Frontier Pop. It should be fun, as well as hilarious. Right, MuseBoy?!?!?

07/23/14/0938 - INCOMING FOR THE AUGUST 2014 ISSUE OF FRONTIER POP: "Game On" - Crazed Fanboy / Pop Culture Review VS Frontier Pop war and the results. Old school video games. The trade-offs of event, such as convention and film festival, duration. Frontier Pop: Into the future.

UPDATE 07/22/14/0915 - Updated the format of the support files to prepare for what is coming. We designed and added our official logo today, too, which can be seen at the upper left, now! The official Frontier Pop business cards and shirts are coming in August, as well as hats, cups, bumper stickers, swag bags, and other cool things, and we will start covering the major pop culture and fan conventions in Florida starting in 2015, once the site is up to speed and in order. Speaking of August, we will be working on the August issue this weekend, which is officially Issue 68 of Volume 5, and are on track to publishing it on time. We will concentrate on our regular monthly issues for the near future, and then will also work on the missing and incomplete back issues once we have the time, with a regular monthly issue and up to three back issues published every month (That said, it will take years, literally, to catch up). Passinault also decided today to bring back the Reader Reactor parody comment section on each issue.

UPDATE 07/07/14 - The July issue has been delayed until August, and the June issue will be done later. It will take more time than we have at the moment, as we are busy working on other web sites (We are launching five new web sites this month, in addition to work on Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, a new Florida Models web site, and the start of mass production of the Mosaic Class web sites for Aurora PhotoArts, as well as contract work and marketing tool fabrication work for Aurora PhotoArts. We are currently one month behind, and it will take us at least two to three weeks to catch up. This leaves us no time at all to work on Frontier Pop, as our plate is overflowing). Additionally, the issue on black projects and on defeating stealth technology is not a simple one, and we also have to work on a new format for the site.
The June issue, when retro produced, will be about another subject.
Sorry about the delay, and we shall see you in August 2014!

UPDATE 05/02/14 - Until we resume publishing next month, bow down and take a drink from the fountain of knowledge with issue 56 of Frontier Pop for August 2013. It is our largest issue ever, and it’s a really great read!

UPDATE 05/01/14 - Frontier Pop will resume publication of monthly issues in June 2014, which is next month. The Volume and Issue count will correspond with the time that has passed for continuity reasons, which means that we will have massive gaps in back issues which will need to be filled over time. This means that we will have to write and publish those back issues for those missing months. Along with those new monthly issues, we will write and publish at least two additional issues per month. This may sound like a lot, but the gap of missing issues is so large, that even with this aggressive publishing schedule it will take well into 2016 before we are caught up.
The emphasis in writing and publishing “new” old issues will be on the most recent ones, and we will work our way back from the present to the past. For current events on those months, we will obviously have to do some research for what happened in those past months. All “new” past issues will be written in the tense of those published months, as they would have read if they had been published in those time frames with no knowledge of the future. We will obviously publish disclaimers and clarify things if there is any chance that we could mislead our readers, which is obviously something that we want to avoid; expect a special disclaimer for this situation.
The next issue of Frontier Pop will be a special one about stealth technology and how to defeat it, as well as types of stealth and how to make it work effectively. We will also be talking about black projects and secrets. Don’t miss it!
We would like to thank all of our readers for their patience!

UPDATE 11/17/13 - Frontier Pop is on hold for the remainder of 2013, as we do not have time at the moment to give this online publication the time and the work which both it, and you, our readers, deserve. This site is also undergoing an overhaul and the addition of a new format, which stalled work on the September and the October issues. We intend to resume publication in 2014, at which time we will be publishing new issues on a monthly basis. Back issues will also be published, as planned, at the rate of at least one per month, so that our volume and issue numbers are consistent. Obviously, this means that the issues for September, October, November, and December 2013 will eventually be published, as well as any issues that we miss in 2014 (We are keeping track). These new delays are directly attributed to the fabrication and the deployment of the fleet of new Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts, which, as of now, have priority until Spring 2014 (work on all other web sites and writing projects have been diverted to this project, which is behind schedule. Scheduled overhauls and the launch of new web sites for the talent resource sites have also been delayed, as well as work on front line web sites such as Tampa Bay Film). Obviously, because of past delays of issues which were not done, added to these new delays, we will not be caught up until sometime in late 2015, at which time the site will be up to its full potential, although we will be fully operational and regularly updated sometime in 2014. We have not abandoned the site, and this site is extremely important, especially since it will be needed for some extremely important projects which have not yet been revealed or announced. We will be discontinuing some features, such as the parody features (parts of the reader reaction section) in which we mock certain people, primarily because we want Frontier Pop to be taken seriously as a top online publication (You will see why starting in 2014. We want to land some interviews and do some stories, and we won’t be able to do that if the credibility of the web site is in question because of anything which could be perceived as petty, amateurish, or unprofessional; we will not sell the potential of this web site short. Some of those interviews will be with sources which mainstream magazines and news media would want to land, so, obviously, we need to step up our game and set some high standards). Thank you for your patience, and, in the meantime, feel free to read our library of already-published issues.

Frontier Pop is a publication of the Frontier Society, a secret underground cyber, arts, technology, and entertainment subculture in Tampa Bay, Florida, founded on October 26, 1993. What was to become Frontier Pop was founded in the Fall of 1998 as Colony Alpha, and published under the Frontier Pop branding and web site starting in July 2010; content from the original Colony Alpha will be updated, published, and maintained on Frontier Pop, including the lexicon, the arcade and the video game file support sections.
This makes us the first pop culture and entertainment web site in the Tampa Bay area.

For the current issue of Frontier Pop, please click on the cover image above, or on one of the issue image thumbnails and links below. Recently updated issues are also referenced on this page. Current issues of Frontier Pop, as of September 2013, are no longer published on this main index, and are published in our issue directory, which is their permanent location on the Frontier Pop web site. This is required due to the way that the articles of each issue link back to the host issue and other issues which also reference them.


Frontier Pop issue 56 for August 2013: Back on Track.09/04/13/0901: Issue 56 for August 2013: “Back on Track”.
This issue, which was written over the entire month of August in order to help get Frontier Pop back on track and regularly publishing again, as well as to start the process of updating past issues and finishing incomplete issues, is the LARGEST single issue of Frontier Pop, EVER, and it should be, as it is the swan song for the old format of the web site. We are talking about over 45 pages upon initial publication, and it will only get larger over time (If you try to sit down and read this, do it at a computer, make yourself comfortable, and pack a lunch and lakes of tea; you're going to be there a while).
Highlights of this landmark, brilliant issue include:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf impressions and suggestions. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS, and it is awesome.
An Artificial Life essay, in reference to Animal Crossing.
Video Game Emulation update.
The Frontier Society Reloaded.
News about the official DJ Frontier and DJ Wiz Kid web sites.
Tentative schedule for C. A. Passinault and his projects from 2013 to 2018, including web site, independent film, film festival, independent film industry, photography, and modeling plans.

Fronter Pop issue 50 for February 2013: The Love Issue09/04/13/0901: Frontier Pop Issue 50, for February, 2013, "The Love Issue". This issue is a special Valentine’s Day issue of Frontier Pop for 2013. It is about, well, love. It is a little about some ladies by the name of Kristen and Samantha, too, from failed relationships from over a decade ago.
It is also very controversial.
This issue is about heterosexual love, so fanboys need not apply. We know what you are into, and most people are not into that, despite what a vocal few may say! Upon reading this, one of our readers told us that we have a very 90's mindset, which we agree with and are proud of, but we disagree with what they are implying with that term. We do agree, however, with equal rights, although giving anyone special rights is, well, not a good thing. Equality is good.
We do think for ourselves, though, and refuse to think a certain way because the crowd, most of whom have been conditioned since childhood to accept certain things as normal, tell us that we have to think a certain way. Don’t.

Video Game Emulation on Frontier Pop!08/20/13/0909: Frontier Pop Issue 33 for September, 2011, "Video Game Emulation".
This issue of Frontier Pop is all about emulation, specifically video game emulation. We go into the legalities of video game emulation, the emulators, the rom files, and the recommended emulators for classic consoles and the arcade machines.
Emulators, basically, turn your computer into the video game console or arcade machine (coin op) being emulated. By themselves, emulators are perfectly legal. The rom files which are the actual game, however, are protected by copyright, and are not legal to play unless you own the game, in our opinion.
Although the legality of playing emulated games without owning the actual games is in question, it is possible, although illegal, to play perfect classic video games on your computer free of charge (please read the disclaimers in this issue. We do not recommend breaking the law, and you use this information at your own risk). Most of the time, the emulated games are perfect, but sometimes, due to missing support files or corrupted rom files, the games are not perfect. Galaga, for example, although it looks and plays perfectly, is missing some audio files. Super Castlevania IV for the Super NES crashes. Most emulated games , however, are perfect, although adjusting settings on in the emulator software is sometimes required.
Our favorite games for each emulator are also revealed in this issue. Most importantly, the top games of all time, recommended by C. A. Passinault, who is a video game expert and possibly one of the top experts in the country, are explored.
If you love video games, don’t miss this issue.
Like all issues, this issue remains in play, and is updated as-needed; it is the official issue covering this subject.

Welcome to Frontier Pop, Tampa Bay’s top pop culture and entertainment web site and online magazine. Updated as needed, with new issues published monthly, Frontier Pop is a publication of the Frontier Society.
Frontier Pop. Know things. As it is with our mother web site, the Frontier Society, Frontier Pop is considered to be a compendium of human knowledge, covering both mainstream and fringe subjects, with an emphasis on technology, cyberculture, and current events. There is, literally, information in this web site which you will not find anywhere else.
Frontier Pop began publication on July 20, 2010, with a weekly publishing schedule, which, eventually, in January 2011, was changed to a monthly schedule so that we could more time into the content of each issue. Although Frontier Pop does publish content delivered in issues, issues usually have a dominant subject, and serve as a subject-based dynamic document long after new issues are published. Issues are organized by month and by subjects covered. Also, no issue is ever final, and all issues remain in play, and are updated as needed. Additions to issues are referenced through links and synopses on current issues, which means that updated issues become an extension of current issues, and that our readers don’t miss a thing.
Fanboys..... Bow before your master. Frontier Pop. Know things.For readers who are short on time, we added an in-site search engine on Frontier Pop in September, 2013.
As of the September 2013 issue, we are now publishing individual articles which make up the content of each issue in their relevant category directories, with the articles referencing, primarily, their host issue, but also issues which share them. The body of each issue has the issue header information, which includes the month of publication and the title, past issue updates, a thought blog section, and an issue editorial under “initializing”. The main body includes links to each article, and the issue can be read, in its entirety, by simply clicking on the links going to the next article (or back to the previous one) from within the articles. Issues can be accessed from within the article by clicking on the host issue cover graphic at the top of the page, or through links. If the reader tries to read an article which is before the first article, or after the last article, they are brought back to the host issue. The articles can also be individually accessed from the main body of the host issue, or from our subject directories, which the articles are also referenced from upon publication.
It's Frontier Pop! Frontier Pop. Know things.The rest of the issue body, after the article links, consists of the closing statement and preview of the next issue in the “Initialized and set” section, as well as reader and character comments in the Reader Reaction section, which is primarily published for entertainment and parody purposes, as well as real reader feedback and debate. The Reader Reaction section is a mix of characters and parody characters that we create and write for, often with pop culture references, as well as real readers, who we do not write for. We leave it up to the readers to determine who is real and who is not, and make no guarantees to the accuracy of any statement made or the legitimacy of any “reader” profile in this section. Again, this section is for entertainment, parody, and debate purposes, and some “readers” may not actually exist in real life. Reader characters who may have similarities to any persons, living or deceased, are either a parody or coincidental, and we are not obligated, in any way, to point out which is which. It’s supposed to be entertaining and fun, and half of the fun is figuring out who is real and who is not. Any use of this web site, which includes, but is not limited to, access and reading the content, waives Frontier Pop and its publishers, affiliates, advertisers, and sponsors from any and all claims of liability. Use this site at your own risk, as all readers assume liability and the potential of the use of this site. We are also not responsible for anxiety, anger, and the feelings of those who feel that their rights have been infringed upon. Again, use at your own risk, as you assume all liability.
New frontiers begin with us. Frontier Pop. Know things.Subjects covered in Frontier Pop include, but are not limited to, lifestyles, pop culture, cyber culture, video games, anime, entertainment, theatre, events, trends, fashion, cool things blogs, services, military technology, speculation, parody, DJ Frontier, and the Frontier Society. This list will grow as we grow. The only things that are off limits for the subjects that we cover are subjects that we have no interest in, or which are simply boring, in our opinion. These forbidden subjects include, but are not limited to, sports, coffee, country music, and ignorance in general.
Please read the terms of use and the disclaimer associated with the use of Frontier Pop, as any use of this web site is covered by these statements, and all users are bound to them.
Information on Frontier Pop is not to be taken as advice of any kind, and the publishers make no guarantees about the accuracy of published content. Use at your own risk. Use of Frontier Pop waives the publishers, and this web site, from any and all liability.
Content published on Frontier Pop which may be owned through copyright by other parties is used under fair use. We respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you feel that we have infringed upon your rights as a copyright holder, please notify us, and we will review the matter as soon as possible. Most content published on Frontier Pop is original, and we have copyright over this material. Copyrighted material used which is owned by other parties is referenced and credited when possible, as part of the purpose of this web site is to educate and promote while entertaining. Some content is used through a creative commons license, or is appropriated from the public domain, as we do not profit from the use if this material. Thank you.

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It's Frontier Pop! A publication of the Frontier Society and C. A. Passinault, AKA DJ Frontier.

Frontier Pop. Know Things.

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