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By DJ Frontier and Delta Team

The official podcast of Frontier Pop, the Horizons Podcast, by DJ Frontier (C. A. Passinault), is inFrontier Pop. Horizons Podcast Series. By DJ Frontier and Delta Team. Horizons. Forward, backwards, left, and right. Infinite themes and topics from pop culture, entertainment, topics of interest, and even the fringe of the weird. Exploring the possibilities, and the issues, through entertainment. The official podcast series of Frontier Pop is now in development by DJ Frontier, Delta Team, Frontier Pop, and Dream Nine Studios. pre production now, as of July 31, 2014, and it should debut in 2015. The podcast series, with a new podcast program every month tying into a current, as well as relevant issues of Frontier Pop and supporting content on Frontier Pop and the Frontier Society web sites, will be mostly a talk format. Each of the Horizons podcast programs be hosted by DJ Frontier, and will feature special guest, topics on a variety of subject matter (mostly being about art and entertainment), pranks, skits, parodies, and even some music. The Horizons podcast programs will be produced alongside the Advanced Model podcasts, which is a modeling industry podcast series for our upcoming sister site, Advanced Model. In related news, Advanced Model, our sister site and the fourth Pioneer Class site, is now scheduled to launch in early 2015. Advanced Model is an online modeling magazine and modeling industry resource web site formatted exactly like Frontier Pop, but with the latest technologies and refinement.
There is now talk of a video podcast series, or something along those lines, but the work is very early, and the format has not yet been finalized. The video podcast series is still in the conceptual stage. This video podcast has nothing to do with the Frontier Pop videos, or the Frontier View online television series featuring DJ Frontier, as it will have its own format and branding. The future is going to be exciting!

We are working on a second Podcast series, which will be a more entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, parody/ paranormal/ weird/ science/ fringe science/ science fiction monthly podcast series. It will be hosted by a small herd of fanboy nerds, opinionated, passionate nerds who are really serious about some really weird stuff.
The title right now is tentative, which is Fringe Boyz for now, but we do have the names of the main hosts, who will be Tizzum and Noley “Rolly” Canoli. Although the format of the podcast will be primarily as a parody/ black comedy, we do intend to use it to also seriously address fringe and weird subjects that are not compatible with our main Horizons Frontier Pop podcast series. Subject will include fringe pop culture, UFO’s, aliens, conspiracy theories, and more. Stay tuned.

We’ve noticed that a rival Tampa Bay pop culture and entertainment web site, which Frontier Pop defeated long ago, has studied Frontier Pop and has tried to beat us to the punch with our own ideas (It is almost sad to see that their web site is a small shadow of what it once was, due to the backlash from their former readers/ visitors, and the overwhelming competition from us) . One of those ideas was a monthly podcast. They are now doing their podcast, which is about obscure, weird, and conspiracy theory-type subjects which are on the fringes of what we will be covering (Bigfoot, UFO’s, paranormal, etc; subjects that we do not usually cover). While we won’t say that we will refrain from addressing such subjects, we are not fanboys and are not into such weird subject material like they are (it is no wonder that fanboys are paranoid and think the worst of others when you see where their interests/ obsessions lie). Although what they are doing their podcasts about is not our focus, from time to time we will address those subjects, and when they are addressed, we will research the subjects well, as well as add information and educated speculation which they could never hope to do (cross referencing relevant topics which tie into the topic and expand upon it, interject ideas, explore hypothetical scenarios, etc. We are also exploring a third podcast series which would directly focus on these subjects in an entertaining and informative way, which would directly target their market for Frontier Pop).
This said, although their podcasts are plagued with technical issues and poor branding and format, it is not bad, and it is worth listening to. These guys are passionate about what they are into, they do it without compensation, they know their subject material, and their podcast is very interesting. We recommend it for its target audience- For now.
Our target audience is the hardcore entertainment and pop culture enthusiast, as well as the mainstream market. Our focus will be entertainment, movies, video games, art, indie film, pop culture, retro, life hacking, mods, gadgets, electronics, robotics, science fiction, science fact, news, current events, future events, history, subcultures, secret societies, and the underground revolution; pretty much the subjects covered already by Frontier Pop, but more-so, and not limited to that. We will also be expanding upon the subjects covered by Frontier Pop with podcast programs which tie into relevant issues.
Our podcasts will tie into the current and related issues of Frontier Pop, anchored to a main subject, but not limited to the main subject topic.
The format of our podcast series is currently classified, but we are sure that once it has launched, and it can be studied, that we will be copied. Follow the leader, third-rate, counterfeit knock-off’s!
The rival pop culture and entertainment web site has also announced some online television endeavor which will do what no other “Tampa Bay web site is doing now”, which we imagine was aimed at Frontier Pop, but we should remind them of our online film festival and online video projects; our online film festival is online now, and it has been for many years now. It is the top online film festival and video viewing site in the Tampa Bay market, as well as one of the best in the world.
It is unlikely that their claim will be realized, and even if it were, it is unlikely that they will be able to compete with what we are working on.

03/02/12 - New information about our benchmark-setting upcoming podcast series
Although our Frontier Pop Horizons podcast series is officially monthly, and it is tied into our current issue, we will initially be producing and deploying more than one a month, and maybe as many as two per week. During recording sessions, we may even do more than one at a time, which means that some podcast programs will share the same casts and guests. Some of these podcast programs will tie into archived issues of Frontier Pop, and will be retro applied, although we must remind our readers (and listeners) that all previous issues of Frontier Pop remain in play, and can be updated and added to at any time.
At the very least, we will be producing one of these podcast programs a month, but we may routinely publish as many as eight per month, if needed.
Although the default time format of the podcast programs has not been decided upon, our comprehensive format, as well as entertainment content, may dictated that the podcasts be at least 30 minutes in length, and the standard program could run as long as 60 minutes, if we decide that this TRT format is needed. Currently, our normal program length for the podcast programs is 30 minutes, although this is tentative right now, and it is not set in stone.
Although we will be using GEN 5 production technology, the same production technology used for the DJ Frontier underground digital program releases and commercial program releases (this means that we will not have the technical issues that other podcasts have, and our production standards will be professional), the format, standard running time, and published MP3 bit rates will be different. GEN 5 releases and commercial releases are published as MP3's with a bit rate of 192 BPS. Because our podcasts are optimized to be downloaded, and because our programs are not as dependent upon music to fill the program, our podcasts will be published at a default bit rate of 128 BPS, although we will also make available high resolution versions at a bit rate of 192 BPS which are optimized for direct file transfers.
Additionally, all of our Frontier Pop Horizons podcast programs will be published with JPEG covers which are optimized for the iPod Touch, iPod, and portable MP3 players. The podcasts will also include program notes and credits. There will also be official program support web pages on Frontier Pop which the program notes and credits will link to, which will be accessible via link from any computer connected to the Internet. The podcast programs will also be highly interconnected with the Frontier Pop web site and the web sites of our affiliates, advertisers, and sponsors. Linked support content will also include instructions, disclaimers, sponsors, and other support content hosted on the Frontier Pop web site. Some of these web hosted files will only be accessible if the podcast program is downloaded and accessed on a computer, as there will not be any links to the content on the Frontier Pop web site, the Frontier Society web site, or any other web site.
Short 3 to 5 minute streaming preview mixes of the podcasts will be featured on Frontier Pop. This streaming preview mix strategy was developed for marketing the commercial program release line of DJ Frontier, and it is like an audio version of a film trailer.
Photography for the podcast program covers will be by Aurora PhotoArts. The Frontier Pop Horizons Podcast programs will be published by Dream Nine Studios, which will also publish the DJ Frontier Commercial Program Releases.
A video podcast series, which will be a separate property, is also in development. This series will be primarily streamed from the web, although video file downloads will also be made available. There will also be crossover/ hybrid podcast programs where one program will interconnect with the other.

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