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07/30/17/0618 - The support sections of Frontier Pop, including this updates section, have been enhanced with the new design template. Some content hads been updated, as well.

07/28/17/0616 - Updated the background graphics and colors for the first time in seven years, which is only for the updated design template (the original is still blue). If it is purple, it is new. Classic is blue, for now. Support sections of Frontier Pop, which includes this page, may be upgraded to the new template design tonight (As content has to be imported, this will take longer than a simple site CSS update, which this site design doesn't seem to accept).

07/28/17/0338 - The new, updated Pioneer Class web site design for Frontier Pop is now online and operational. Older pages will continue to use the original design until they can be converted to the new one, as the old site is incompatible with the new one at a coding level (The content from the older site shears and destroys the layout when the new design is applied, making it so that each page has to be manually imported into the new template; this page has yet to be converted). Work on new issues resumes.

07/25/17/0159 - Finishing up the issue for July 2017. As soon as that is done, we will work on the new design template for the Pioneer Class site, which was solved last week during the design of the Cypher Society web site. Once that new design is implemented and content is imported, we will be working on the August 2017 issue, which is scheduled to be online on the 31st, along with the Cypher Society web site, which is a separate web site and can be found at SocietyHasEvolved.Com. For now, it is back to work.

07/07/17/0546 - Backed up site in protected directories on offline, independent media. Updated support content and overhauled meta tags in site code. Preparing to redo design template to overhaul site navigation and remove social media support (which will be reintegrated in a future overhaul.... It is amazing that we still have a Myspace button, too, which shows how dated the site actually is. We may replace the social media buttons with ads). Working on resuming publication and catching up past issues (which will take years), but the site needs some major work before we can simply sit back and write issues to publish. More work on the actual site will be tonight; the site design will be "clean sheeted", like a new site, with support content imported into the new templates.

03/10/12 - Overhauled main menu, with new writer section added for writer support. Moved news link to current issue support, sections, and features sections of site. Moved most of supporting links to our resources section to clean up the main pages. Updated meta tags with current information and new content, such as our Know Things slogan (Added give us a taste, too, as that will be a part of an upcoming marketing campaign, and plays on the word "pop"). Updating site support sections. Redirected Facebook social media link to new Frontier Pop Facebook group. Adding links to the Frontier Pop Facebook page and our Frontier Pop Facebook profile. New format will be retro-applied to past issues of Frontier Pop for continuity and navigation.

03/02/12 - Updated dates on site templates to 2012. Preparing to upgrade site for serious progress and support.

11/11/11 - Overhauling Frontier Pop. Fixed a major cover section bug in the CSS template file. Updated template information and supporting site content. Moved blog and other sections onto Frontier Pop site. Upgraded marketing, created a logo, and overhauled the format of the site. Removed the Updates section from the main menu, and added a Videos section link. Began using our new "Know Things" slogan, which was created and approved on 10/24/11 (this ties in with our mother site, Frontier Society, which we refer to as the compendium of human knowledge). Another large update is due in January 2012.

10/01/10 - Fixed some typos in the footer CSS template.

07/27/10 - Corrected a menu link to the current Editorial file.

07/22/10 - Added Java lock and meta tags to Frontier Pop, as well as lots of support content.

07/20/10 - Pioneer Class Frontier Pop web site launched and achieved IOC (initial operational capability). New issues of Frontier Pop published on a weekly basis, and the site began a three month shakedown phase. Both the Pioneer Class web site design, and Frontier Pop, are expected to achieve full operational capability in late October 2010, and will become fully operational at that time; Eos will not offer any Pioneer Class sites to third parties until 2012.

07/17/10 - New Pioneer Class web site design format for the Frontier Pop web site created by Tampa advertising agency Eos MediaArts. Frontier Pop web site designed by webmaster and web designer C. A. Passinault.

Updates Archive

Archived 11/11/11

Monday, July 19, 2010 - Frontier Pop Is About To Launch!

C. A. Passinault update

The brand new Frontier Pop site is just about ready to launch! It sits idley, ready to conquer all!It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve made a lot of progress. Frontier Pop is almost ready to launch, and that will happen, on schedule, at 8AM tomorrow morning.
I spent all weekend working on the site, and working on social networking support; I spent several hours on the Frontier Pop Youtube channel alone, today, uploading a dozen videos. I’m now working on content.
Just don’t expect a huge launch issue. It’ll be decent, but the site will start out small, and get larger as time goes on.
Time to get back to work. I spent five hours playing Mercenaries on Xbox this morning, and don’t have time for video games right now. I still have a lot to do.
To the left is the latest screen grab for the beta test site. Tomorrow morning, all that I have to do is update two files, and the entire site will go to the new format; the site will officially launch. This will be the last post here on the main index, and it is the last day that this placeholder page will be here. Most of the content here will move to the updates section, and the site map.
Oh, yeah, and I saw something Sunday morning.... One of the crazy fanboys tried to get sneaky and trick me into adding him as a friend on facebook using his other account, which was titled differently, and which I was unaware of. The only way that he could have known that Frontier Pop has a facebook account is by seeing the test screen shots which were posted on here two days ago (It is the only way that he could have known, too, because I have his main facebook account blocked. He is also fond of my Tampa DJ Blog, and has spent a lot of time reading it, it seems). It’s obvious that Frontier Pop has caught the attention of a lot of people, and that this site is being watched.
Good. Watch and learn! THIS is how you do a pop culture and entertainment web site, and lesson one comes tomorrow morning!
Why do I feel like I am being stalked by a few people? I’m sure that they will move on once they discover that this site is going to be one of the coolest online pop culture and entertainment publications in the Tampa Bay area. It’ll blow away both PCR and that desk site, for sure!
I’ll get the site online and operational by tomorrow, but that readers reaction section will be updated constantly for most of each week. I’ll also be spending a few days this week working on support sections. It will be worth all of the work, for sure. Also, when you consider that Frontier Pop leads into the dozens of web sites that I already own, and the thousands of pages of content on those site, this site will be the largest site of its kind in the Tampa Bay market on day one!
Welcome to the new frontier! Frontier Pop is the future, and it is going to set the standard for years to come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010 - Frontier Pop To Launch on Tuesday, July 20, 2010!

C. A. Passinault update

The web site design work for Frontier Pop is completed, and we are working on the debut of the premier issue this Tuesday, July 20, 2010.
A sneak peek is available within this post.
Frontier Pop first issue beta test screen.Frontier Pop will be a weekly online publication for entertainment, pop culture, and other cool topics. There will be four issues a month, with a new issue every Tuesday. Each issue will be a work-in-progress until the Monday of the following week, with daily updates, twitter tweets, thoughts, and reader reactions added. With the new issue published the following Tuesday, the completed issue will be archived, and easily referenced. While the official Frontier Pop twitter feed will only appear on the current issue’s main page, archived issues will retain the thoughts, updated content index, and the finalized reader reactions.
Frontier Pop will contain regularly updated sections, as well. This includes the following:
BLOG - Updated frequently.
EDITORIAL - Updated every Tuesday by editor and publisher C. A. Passinault. The editorial usually focuses on the main topic of the current issue, or any number of selected topics.
NEWS - Updated frequently.
UPDATES - Updated as the site updates.
SECTIONS - Updated as content is added each issue. Useful for tracking added content to archived material.
FEATURES - Updated as content is added each issue (all articles and other published content will link directly back to the relevant issue in the archive).
Frontier Pop reader reaction / reader reactor beta test screen, with test content.ISSUES - Updated weekly as old issues are archived, and new ones are published. ISSUES will be easy to reference, and to navigate.
PODCAST - Once launched, expect a new 30 minute Frontier Pop Podcast on iTunes, as well as downloadable on this site, every week. The Podcast will be hosted by DJ Frontier (C. A. Passinault). The podcast is expected to debut at the end of the year.
LETTERS - This will be updated monthly. Reader emails are answered in the letters section. All four issues will reference the letters section for that month.
READER REACTION - This is updated daily, and then is archived with the issue. Role playing is strongly encouraged, as the readers reaction section, found at the bottom of each issue, is primarily for entertainment purposes, as well as for good debate among the readers. The Reader Reaction feature is also for parody purposes.
Reader Reaction sections for archived issues are updatable, and readers can add comments to archived issues if they request it specifically (tell us what issue that they wish to add their comment to).
Any additions to archived issues are noted in the UPDATES section.
There is more, too, but that will be revealed at a later date.
Frontier Pop is almost here!

Friday, July 16, 2010 - Copy Cats Before Launch? More like Scaredy Cats......

C. A. Passinault update

Of all the neurotic, insecure reactions........
Paranoid much? Love the conspiracy theory, too!
Frontier Pop is gaining steam, and is developing nicely, but it has not yet launched, and we’re already provoking a strong reaction from an increasingly irrelevant web site of pop culture fanboys. They’ve already taken some cues and features, which have been announced here, and applied it to their own site. For example, the “parody” idea. Good to see that you guys (er... “guy”) can’t come up with cool ideas on your own, although the weak execution is a glaring indication that you never came up with that idea on your own.
No fanboy lovefests! It's just not right... or pleasant!Face it. I’m better at this than you are. I’m better at creating, and executing, parodies. I’m better at debating. I’m better at writing. I know more about popular, relevant pop culture (I know more about a massive range of subjects than all of your “writers” combined, especially subjects concerning the modern era; especially entertainment, movies, video games, music, current events, history, trends, electronics, gadgets, hobbies, and a lot of other things). I’m better at web site development. I’m better at design. I’m better at creating cool content. Really, I’m just more interesting than they are, too, which means that, by default, I’ll win (I also date, my dates are with women, and I have excellent hygiene, too, but that’s a topic for another time. All the trappings, and the handicaps, of the typical fanboy don’t apply to me because I have a healthy range of interests which appeal to others. I also get along with attractive, interesting women, which is something that they’ve always hated me for). Let’s face it.... You wouldn’t have been able to compete against me, and Frontier Pop, three years ago at the peak of your “pop culture” web site, let alone now. Frontier Pop consists of two placeholder pages at the moment, and you can’t even compete against a web site which has not even launched! What are you going to do when it launches? Cry a lot more?
So, at the moment, I am laughing. I’m laughing my ass off, both literally, and figuratively. You deserve what you’re getting, and more-so! You’re reaping what you sowed. Thank you all so much for the much-needed amusement. The past two weeks I have been in a rather down mood, but you guys give me more entertainment than anything else. I am enjoying the comedy, although I am certain that it unintentional on your part. Aren’t you guys ever able to hit your mark, or do you always fail? I suppose not!
Your web site is dying. You lost most of your writers, and you keep getting backlash from your myriad mistakes. You are very much afraid of Frontier Pop, and I suspect that, for years, your nightmare has been that I would create a web site that would compete with your pop culture site. Well, the nightmare has come true, although I did not create this web site to compete with you (although, unintentionally, it is proving to be more competition than you will be able to handle). I created this web site because I saw a need, and coincidently, it was a need that you failed to meet. Also, does the world really need the rambling of a hate-mongering jerk? I’m the first genuinely cool person to offer what you tried to offer.
No one failed but you.
Frontier Pop is more important than ever, as far as to me, a development yesterday galvanized an emerging fact that this will become my most important web site. I now own 52 domain names. I’m getting rid of 9, most of which are redundant, and which will be absorbed into Frontier Pop, and will be gaining 2 new domain names because I will be renaming/ rebranding both my event planning and stage production companies (The stage production company will be running my film festivals, and other events, while the event planning company will focus on event services). This means that most of those 7 abandoned domain names, almost 20% of my web assets, will be absorbed into Frontier Pop! Also, regarding my domain names, please realize that there will be no cuts to the 8 Tampa Bay Film sites. They will remain intact, will be expanded upon, and will be heavily promoted here on Frontier Pop. The only other group of web sites that will match this group of related web sites, forming a network collective, will be my photography and design marketing web sites. Neither my event / stage marketing web sites, or my talent resources sites, will match those efforts. Obviously, independent film is extremely important to me; it’s my future.
At any rate, the aspiring “competing” pop culture web site, which is now gunning for Frontier Pop, will prove to be a source of material for hilarious parodies, but will otherwise prove, in my opinion, to be ineffective competition. You should really quit while you’re behind. Don’t even try to compete. You will continue to fail.
Fanboys.... Bow before your master!  Frontier Pop is coming in the summer of 2010. Could this be a hint of what is to come?At any rate, they (he..... keep in mind that the web site is mainly the work of one person) posted a video on their web site today, which was a feeble attempt at boosting the morale at their web site, as well as trying to rip on myself, and others who . I thought that it was funny. As some might know, I’ve been portrayed as a villain by some people for years now. Instead of being insulted by this misconception/ misdirection/ slander, though (as I am one of the good guys!), I’m going to have fun with it, like I have been. If you see me portraying myself as a villain, keep in mind that I will be doing this to make light of what has been alleged about me, and that it’s my way of making fun of their attempts to attack my credibility. As far as I am concerned, they have no credibility, and their credibility attacks against me have not only been ineffective, but have backfired. Anyway, I’ve now been called a “dark lord”, and have been cast as part of a group of “dark forces”, bent on destroying their web site. It’s also been claimed that we failed. Did we fail?
While I cannot speak for the others in this blanket of false casting, I will say that the “failed” reference does not apply to me. You see, I haven’t yet begun. Frontier Pop has not launched yet, and when it does, I am confident that it will dominate all. Why is this? Because right now, at two placeholder pages, it already has the pop culture fanboy site beat!
Too funny..... the publisher of the failing pop culture web site portrays himself as a “humble” convenience store clerk who had a web site that “dark forces” feared and hated, but who wanted to “copy” anyways. Whatever! Pot, may I introduce you to the Kettle? This loser is hardly “humble”, and his web site is failing. In my opinion, he’s a bitter old man, a failure in life, who is insanely jealous of anyone who is successful, or who is on their way to succeeding. Also, who’s copying whom? It’s obvious, in my opinion, that your web site is failing, and that you’re desperate to do anything to save it. Could it be that you’re copying Frontier Pop? Could it be that you’ve already ripped off some of our announced ideas, already? This is the first time that the failing pop culture site, in its ten years of existence, has ever tried to use parody in its content. Pathetic attempt at copying one of the announced features of Frontier Pop, in my opinion. What else will you try to rip off from Frontier Pop?
Proof that Frontier Pop is better, in every way, and that they know it. Why else would they steal ideas from Frontier Pop?
Well, at least I know who the “drunk poser” is supposed to be. I also now know who the preacher who was referenced is. Oh, and it’s spelled “poseur”, you idiots. Nice research, and attention to detail, losers (er... loser)!
Man, too funny. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It looks like I have at least two, or three, allies, by default, as our cause is the same, even though we are not friends. They might hate me, but we all have a common enemy who constantly seems to put his foot in is mouth (and, they also now know how it makes me feel when I am wrongly cast as a villain and people make up lies about me). It’s really funny when a group of people who are enemies themselves arrive at the same conclusion and fight a common foe. As a result, I will back off from them, and laugh at the ensuing fiasco.... Man, BJ, PG, and JM are ripping on the fanboys just as well as I can. My hat is off in respect. Good stuff!
I will say this much about Frontier Pop. The term “fanboy” has no place here, and will be portrayed as a derogatory term. To us, fanboys are not cool, and they are nerds who often gather in herds. Fanboys, to us, are mindless lemmings, who have opinions based on preferences, as well as what their peers influence them with, instead of education, facts, and experience.
In my opinion, their web site has an oddly appropriate name. How ironic.
Frontier Pop is a shining beacon of knowledge, and hope, over a dark valley full of mindless idiots. Here, you will find genuinely cool content, as well as educated opinions. There will be none of that closed-mined clique nonsense here, and there will be no fanboy lovefest, where a group of fanboys, admire, and support each other, at the expense of their target audience.
I haven’t even begun with my work on Frontier Pop, but with such feeble people trying to compete with a web site which has not even launched, it’ll be no contest. You won’t be able to compete, or defeat, Frontier Pop!
This said, I’m a bit more inspired to launch Frontier Pop sooner, rather than later. Expect a launch soon.

Evil Nolan is watching us! Oh No!June 22, 2010 (Amended 07/16/10) - Reader Reaction

C. A. Passinault update

The Reader Reaction section on Frontier Pop, which will be featured at the bottom of the main page, will be a lot of fun. A wide variety of recurring characters will chime in, and it will be entertaining, at the very least. Regular "readers" giving "feedback" will include Evil Nolan, Terrence Nutjob, the_truth, C. A. Passinault (that's me!), Plooper, Puff Sissy, Joeba The Butt, Marcus Crum, Petie Guzzle, General Zod, Ursa, Non, Paulie Guzzle, Lisa The Mouth, John Wooley, Psycho Smurf, Cry Baby, Colonel Quaritch, Marcus Penn, Dillon Everett, Rodney McKay, DJ Frontier (me, again!), The Borg Boyz, Carrie Fisher, Michael Eddington, Seven So Fine, Spockboy, Kirk, Dr. Paul Bearer, Jason Asian Fester, Samus Aran, The General, Taki, Kendrix, Chu, Glowlight, DJ Diva, Lady Diana, Tiff, Sammy Axis, Adolfi, Crystal, Pandora, Ollie North, Ronnie Reagan, Rambo, Judge Dread, Corey Lame, Wacko Jacko, Zero, Spy Guy, Nitro, Wiggy, Breeze, Foley, Serena, DJ Brownie, Vinnie, Ricky D, and much more (there will be more and more as time goes on). Obviously, parody will be the name of the game, and the ongoing theme of the reader reaction section, and you'll never know what they are going to say. The comments from these readers, of course, will be added daily, and will be something for our readers to look forward to. Frontier Pop will not only inform, but it will also entertain!

A preview of Evil Nolan is shown here, and his youth has been partially restored for the battle ahead (I'm not sure about a real battle, though, as all he really has to do it sit on things to do damage, although his stench alone, from the bad hygiene of the typical fanboy, can cause respiratory distress. Other than the physical drawbacks of this specimen, however, it can be said that Evil Nolan is, at least, intelligent). Obviously, he is not happy, at all, about the progress of Frontier Pop (the image of Evil Nolan may change a little when it officially debuts, as this is an early preview. It would be cool if the pile of lard were smoking a cigar, and it may just happen)!

June 12, 2010

C. A. Passinault update

After a computer crash this week, and restoring programs and files, I'm back on track (although I can't write a whole lot until I get my Wordperfect word processing software re-installed later today). Working on photography marketing at the moment. Don't yet have an ETA regarding the launch of this web site (although the facebook profile for this site is alive and well). Stay tuned.

May 27, 2010

C. A. Passinault update

I've been thinking about on-site search engines, lately. With Wiki sites, I often exclusively use search because they have a ton of content which is not organized well. The same goes for PERL-based web sites such as IMDB. Frontier Pop, at least initially, will be all old-fashioned CSS HTML (PHP is not optimal unless the site is designed around user interaction. A certain fanboy site uses PHP in a format where HTML / CSS would be more appropriate; it's almost like the designer is backwards in their intent, and doesn't quite know what they are doing in web design. Now, PHP can be used to organize lots of data, but they are not using it for that, so it makes no difference). Obviously, the content on this site is going to have to be organized extremely well, and efficiently, so that my gentle readers will not have to rely upon search to find what they are looking for. My Frontier Society site is full of solutions, so expect a lot of what that site has figured out to play a part. Additionally, I have decided to borrow some layout and design inspiration from a certain fanboy site, utilizing what works, and improving on the format. This will not only demonstrate that this site is better, overall, but when we do add PHP features, we will be optimized for it, too; just not dependent upon it to make up for shortcomings. Those shortcomings will not exist to begin with. Let's just put it this way: I have the competition, if you can call them that, beat in web sites and web site design. I can improve upon what works, while avoiding their mistakes.
It's Frontier Pop!I also decided on the main menu today, and put up text placeholder links above. Frontier Pop, of course, will cover pop culture, entertainment, video games, movies, indie film (which will be covered on my Tampa Bay Film sites, as an example of using resources which are relevant, as there is no point in wasting time and resources being redundant), lifestyles, art, cool things, and current events. Regarding pop culture, expect a 25 / 75 ratio on retro and current (opposite that of our leading "competition", who are outdated and boring compared to us), with a topping of future trends added, too. Also, expect a ton of cool features on current, and new technologies. The coverage of video games, for starters, will be extensive on this site, as I am one of the leading experts in the country on this genre of interactive art and entertainment. Regarding video games, though, expect most of it to cover retro gaming, which is a vast sub genre of video gaming which is cheap and plentiful. I am much more into retro gaming than modern games, and am mostly apathetic about the casual gaming "craze" (fad).
Additionally, here at Frontier Pop, we cater to people who are genuinely cool, trend setting, and who think for themselves. The term "fanboy" will be a derogatory term here. To us, a fanboy is a mindless follower with uneducated opinions, usually running in nerd herds, and if you are labeled as such, it is an insult. We prefer educated, free thinking individuals here, not crazy fanboys (which, quite literally, are aptly named) who are little more than the sheep of the fringes of society.
Oh, and all of our social media support is up and running. It just has to be added to the Frontier Pop site upon launch, and support content to Frontier Pop needs to be added on some of them. Facebook, in particular, has exploded with growth, approaching 120 friends at the time of this writing. There are plans to put our twitter feed on our headline section, so there will be a RSS feed from there, here, as well as an array of other RSS feeds. Regarding the site launch, don't expect a thousand pages of content here upon launch. I don't have that kind of time. I'm going to take the approach that has made my Tampa Film Blog a powerhouse, by regularly adding content on a daily and weekly basis, and then (avoiding a mistake on the film blog which I am still correcting) organizing the content as we go. Having lots of content is not enough. I t has to be organized well! Also, look at today's post on my Tampa DJ Blog for something cool about Frontier Pop; see that podcast link up there? What could it be? Most of you know that I only plan of doing two podcast series, so...........

May 22, 2010

C. A. Passinault update

Added Anime to the subject description. Going over site layout and design options (it's early, but some of my best site designs began with sketches using pen and paper). I think that it would be cool to incorporate text drop down menus, but I have to ensure that they are SEO compliant. Need to keep it simple, but allow expansive descriptions and menu options so that my readers can instantly assess the scope of the site, and get to what they are looking for. A search function might be good, too, but I may not add that until much later.

May 22, 2010

C. A. Passinault update

I added a cool spash graphic. I'm also going to find the time to start adding links to the future online site of Frontier Pop, since the search engines are already listing it. I've already set up social networking features for Frontier Pop, and I'll add those, first. Frontier Pop will launch in June 2010, for those keeping track. Once launched, main updates will occur every Tuesday. There will be a thoughts headline section (updated daily), a main body covering topics (updated every week), and reader reaction (updated daily). I like that word- reaction! Looking for Lil' Lame Limpin' Johnny, Evil Nolan, Zod, the_truth, the Guzzles, and others to chime in, each and every day.

May 15, 2010

C. A. Passinault update

Oh, my. It seems that Frontier Pop is already showing up on search engines, despite my best efforts to hide it because it has not launched. I went out of my way to NOT link anything to this site, and it didn't work. I suppose that I can now link all of my social media support profiles to this site now. Frontier Pop will launch this summer, and it will be my primary web site. One big feature will be a huge, subject based directory which will have links to every site in my arsenal; visitors will easily, and quickly, be able to access all of my web sites from this one site. I will also have a main blog here, which will link to all of my blogs, which include, but are not limited to, my C. A. Passinault Blog, the Tampa Photography Blog, the Tampa Photographer Blog, the Tampa DJ Blog, the Tampa Film Blog, the Online Film Festival Blog, the Tampa Bay Modeling Blog, and the Independent Modeling Blog. All of my resource sites, such as Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Independent Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film, Advanced Model, Florida Modeling Career, and others will be marketed here, too, as will all of my Passinault.Com, Passinault Industries LLC, and Passinault Entertainment Group business marketing sites. Last, but not least, Frontier Pop will also serve as the primary marketing site for my Frontier Society web site. Oh, and it will also be Tampa Bay's top Pop Culture and Entertainment online magazine.

May 2, 2010

Frontier Pop publisher and editor C. A. Passinault announced today that Frontier Pop would launch in June, 2010. Passinault stated that Frontier Pop would launch as a small site, with most site features and sections online, and then evolve over time as content is added weekly. There is a theatre review online as of today, for Rod Grant's Tampa play Women want Everything!, but it hasn't been decided if the review will stay on Frontier Pop or not. Despite the review, Frontier Pop has not officially launched, yet, so stay tuned. For those of you you just noticed, Frontier Pop added some color today. Tastes good!

April 21, 2010

On April 21, 2010, Tampa polymath, entertainer, writer, and businessman C. A. Passinault made it official. Frontier Pop was on the way.
“This new pop culture, entertainment, and lifestyles online magazine will become my main web site, interconnecting with all of my web sites, blogs, resource web sites, and business marketing sites. It’s going to be big. Frontier Pop will utilize my Frontier Society underground subculture site as a resource, much like Advanced Model will serve as a front-end for Independent Modeling. Frontier Pop will update weekly, with editorials and opinions published about news and other subjects of interest from that week. Expanded articles and content for Frontier Pop will be published on

It's Frontier Pop!

Frontier Society, of course, but Frontier Pop will contain a wide range of articles, blog posts, editorials, fiction, stories, tutorials, and other amazing content all in itself.”
Passinault was quick to point out the differences between Frontier Pop, and Frontier Society.
“The Frontier Society web site is primarily a resource web site for the Frontier Society subculture, and it will become a leading compendium of an array of vast, and exciting, content. Frontier Pop is an online magazine which ties into Frontier Society, and it is published by the Frontier Society. It will serve as a liaison between the Frontier Society and the outside world, as well as a conduit of regularly published, compelling content. Both sites will be optimized to work together.”

Frontier Pop will feature the following:

A front page, updated every Tuesday, covering news and topics from the previous week, as well as opinions and information on recent updates and additions to Frontier Pop.

A variety of subjects covered, with relevant, regular columns from writers who are experts in their fields, which include, but are not limited to:
Video Games
Video Game Reviews
Movie Reviews
Indie Film
Tampa Indie Film
Tampa Film Festivals
Modeling and Talent Resources
The Tampa Bay Scene
Business Resources
Talent Casting
Modeling Jobs
Actor Auditions
Tampa Bay Entertainment
Tricked Vehicles
and more.

Frontier Pop is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2010.

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