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MuseboyMuseboy - Posted 07/28/17/1054
Can I have a fake reader profile, too, please? Pleeeeeeeeeease?!?!?!. I want to belong! I want to belong to the Frontier Pop community of readers so very, very badly! I want to participate and make my voice heard!

Tez Nutjob Tez - Posted 07/28/17/1136
Just let him post, Frontier Pop editor! I am so sick and tired of hearing pickle boy whine about not being able to participate. You can see me and other readers, both real and made-up, in the Reader Reaction section at the bottom of each issue of Frontier Pop, Tampa Bay's top online pop culture and entertainment web site by default, now, since Frontier Pop put our pop culture web site out of business several years ago! Now, Frontier Pop is the only outlet that we have to express outselves (Don't tell Nolan, but it is also the better web site. This site is so much better than our web site every was! Truth!)

the truth the_truth - Posted 07/28/17/1145

The best? I do not think so, Tez! Passinault and his Frontier Pop web site don't even have any "writers" except for him! I bet that he will start writing under 1,000 different names!

Crazed Blog Grrl Crazed Blog Grrl - Posted 07/28/17/1301

I.... am... afraid...... Have you guys seen what Passinault is up to? HAVE YOU?!?!? NO!!!!!! Truth, you have to know that Passinault is going to get writers, and lots of good ones. He will outdo anything that we have done in every way! We can't win! Passinault changed his Frontier Society to something called the Cypher Society, and he will be harvesting writers from that! REAL WRITERS! He will have more writers than we ever did, and his writers will be better! Nolan must be spinning in his grave right now! I... I.... I... am SO upset because he put my fan girl blog out of business years ago!

Carrie Fishhead Carrie Fishhead - Posted 07/29/17/0958

You are all so very talented, my friends! Why are you so upset by what Passinault does? Can't you talented people compete with him? Why don't you and Nolan start up your web site again and compete?

Changeling Changeling - Posted 07/29/17/1032

I can see why these idiots are getting so upset. Passinault beat them and continues to beat them, and they are very frustrated about it. It looks like Frontier Pop will continue to be the standard to aspire to and beat! Passinault and Frontier Pop are a force of nature!

Michael J. Michael - Posted 07/30/17/0500

Who let the freaks in?!


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