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September 2010

Frontier Pop is now two months old, and the site, despite with some issues still without all of their content (which will change), is going strong.
Because of my busy schedule, the scope of Frontier Pop has been substantially scaled back since its debut issue on July 20. To get a glimpse of some of the features of future issues, however, all that you have to do is go back and look at that first issue. That’s where we are going.
Actually, amend that statement. Starting next issue, issue 11, which will be the last issue for September, the format of Frontier Pop will be adjusted. What will happen is that we will have a new scaled back, “themed” format which can eventually be upgraded to include features introduced in the first issue. Plus, as one of the letters this month brings up, much of the content on Frontier Pop is published on my other sites. What will happen is that, when an article or other feature published on one of my other sites is tied into an issue of Frontier Pop, a link back to the relevant issue will be included in that content. Frontier Pop is much more than just what is published on Frontier Pop; it is what is published on ALL of my 50 sites.
Also, keep in mind that, unlike other web sites and online publications with “issues”, all issues of Frontier Pop are always in play. We don’t archive past issues and forget about them, as more content is added to past issues, and they are updated (although past issues of Frontier Pop will not reference content from “future” issues of Frontier Pop; what will happen is that, if an article or content from a future issue is relevant to the past issue, the past issue will reference one of the category sections of Frontier Pop, which in turn will reference all content for that subject on Frontier Pop, which would include future issue content. This will prevent past issues from growing too big, as well as too confusing). For the most part, issues of Frontier Pop are chronological, but we will also be organizing them by subject (this will become much more relevant starting with the next issue, when each issue tackles a primary topic, and the issue is themed around that topic; I want Frontier Pop to contain useful information as well as lots of cool information). Remember that each issue of Frontier Pop is a “pointer” of sorts to the most recently added content on Frontier Pop, the Frontier Society, and my other web sites, and that all of that content can also be accessed by category menus on the site; Frontier Pop also being a directory and a lead-in for all of my other sites, which makes it my most important site. The issue format of Frontier Pop is merely a convenient front end, and there is a lot more to the actual site than each issue.
Starting on issue 11, each issue of Frontier Pop will also reference the latest additions to past issues of Frontier Pop, as well as adjustments. Those reader reactions? They can continue to be referenced, and updated, too, long after the issue has been published (if you wish to post on the Reader Reaction section, PLEASE indicate what issue that you wish to post to. Otherwise, it will be posted to the current issue, and if you are posting about published content on another issue, your comments will not be relevant to the content of the current issue).
While I know that this letter for September 2010 is a little late (it’s now September 22), it’s finally here. Keep I mind that, since October’s letters section is coming up in two weeks, that I will be only answering letters emailed to us from before this letters section was supposed to run a couple of weeks back. Sorry that the reply took so long.
Ah, Frontier Pop. I am quite proud of this site, even if it continues to be a work in progress.
At any rate, want to have your letter published, and answered, in a future letters issue? Email us at frontierpop@yahoo.com.

- C. A. Passinault
AKA DJ Frontier, or simply “Frontier”
Frontier Pop
Frontier Society

FROM: Darlena
TO: frontierpop@yahoo.com
RE: chris woods forever!

I wanted to write to comment about chris woods. I am so happy to finally see a web site which recognizes him for his genius as a filmmaker. His film spaventare on the online film festival is brilliant.

Hello Darlena,
Chris Woods is one of the most talented indie filmmakers in the Tampa Bay market. He is severely under-rated, and sadly, is often sidetracked working on other indie film projects for other filmmakers.
I’d like to see Chris Woods make more films, such as a feature film project that he recently told me about. I’d also like to see him do more short films. Although you have already watched Spaventare on the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, what you might not be aware of is that, after he filmed Spaventare in February of 2009 and completed it that summer, that he shot another short film, White Lie, in December 2009. It’s still in the editing stage, but he assures me that it is nearing completion.
I’d also like to see Woods put his entire catalog of short films online, such as “To Live Is To Die”, so that they, too, can be enjoyed on my online film festival. I’m also assuming that the online film festival that you are referring to is mine, as it is the only one which is playing Spaventare, other than the web page for an upcoming Halloween film festival from Creative Loafing.
- Frontier

FROM: Albert D. McKinnley
TO: frontierpop@yahoo.com
RE: Your Frontier Pop magazine web site

Frontier Pop,
As a new reader, I am thoroughly confused by your “issues”. Please do not get me wrong. I love Frontier Pop, and think that it is the best organized web site that I’ve seen, but why is it that much of the content published in each issue is published on other web sites?
Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the letter, Albert. Basically, I’ve answered your question in the introduction at the beginning of this month’s letters section (read the paragraphs above). In a nutshell, I own over 50 web sites, and I’m constantly updating them here and there. One of the purposes of Frontier Pop is to serve as a lead-in for my other web sites, as well as reference content published on them. I’ve figured out how to maintain the integrity of the issues by linking back to the relevant issue on Frontier Pop, so someone can click on a link in an issue, go to the content on an affiliated web site, and then return to the issue on Frontier Pop to continue reading it. It’s win-win for me and the readers, as I really don’t have a lot of free time to concentrate on Frontier Pop alone, and I HAVE to update my other sites with the other little time that I have. Would you guys rather read a paragraph every week, or would you like to read relevant and /or interesting content on affiliated sources.
There is a rival pop culture site here in the Tampa Bay area run by someone who uses all of their spare time to work on their site. Unlike them, I have businesses, as well as social obligations. Part of my business in maintaining a huge network of web sites, which enable my marketing efforts on the Internet to remain unopposed. If I were able to focus more effort on Frontier Pop (and there will come a time, soon, when I will be able to, as this site is important to me), this site would be huge.
I will say that I will be spending less time working on my blogs (especially now, before they are properly organized), and more time working on Frontier Pop.
Another side note: Frontier Pop was originally supposed to launch this fall. It launched early (in response to an attack on July 16 from the rival pop culture web site), and with everything else going on, I did not have the time to spend writing content for it that I would have liked. Frontier Pop will get there, eventually.
Even now, I will state that Frontier Pop is already better, in every way, than the rival pop culture web site. Although I can’t say that we took their readers away from them, as they had already lost readers due to their policies, I can say that their web site is in serious decline, and Frontier Pop continues to beat them, week after week. I’m a better writer, webmaster, designer, and professional than that other guy.
Read on with the next letter for more.
- Frontier

FROM: Nancy P.
TO: frontierpop@yahoo.com
RE: Who are these people?

Hi. I would like to say that I really enjoy reading Frontier Pop. I just have to ask a question, though. Who are all of those people in your readers reaction section? They can’t be real, can they? I just cannot believe that they are real people like you and I are.
Is Evil Nolan real?
Kisses and hugs,

Hello Nancy,
The readers reaction is mainly for entertainment purposes, as well as debate. Some of those people are characters which are meant to be parodies of people who may or may not exist. Some are just there for fun. There are others, however, who are quite real. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.
One of the purpose of the reader reaction section is to add another dimension of entertainment and commentary to the content of that issue of Frontier Pop. Don’t take it seriously.
Evil Nolan is a parody/ alter ego of someone who is quite real. The other Nolan isn’t evil, and is actually a smart and knowledgeable guy, but we don’t quite see eye to eye, and those differences cause conflict which is interesting and fun. The characters of Evil Nolan and his friends are quite entertaining, and I’d like to imagine that this is what they are saying to each other when they read Frontier Pop. Actually, I’m pretty sure that most of what the characters say is exactly what they are saying in real life, and the root in the_truth is what makes it especially funny. Yes, I laugh at the banter, and I laugh a lot. These people are often do petty and jealous, in real life, that making light of their character is a good way to address the situation.
Oh, and I know that they all read Frontier Pop. That, too, amuses me. Nolan and his friends are beat, and they know it. They have reaped what they have sown.
- Frontier

FROM: Kelly
TO: frontierpop@yahoo.com
RE: I think that I love Frontier!

I just wanted to write and say that I think that I love DJ Frontier. We should meet. I also understand that he is good model photographer. I am also a model.
We could spend a wonderful weekend together, and get to know each other. I think that he is so cute!

Hi Kelly,
If I had a dime for every time that I’ve heard this.
You don’t really know me. Sure, you can tell a lot about me from what I write, but you will only get a facet of who I am.
In my life, I have never been a “middle” person. I get extremes in life, and can be very polarizing. In my experience, most people like me, or they pretend to like me because they feel that they have something to gain from me (the latter don’t hang around much, as they lose patience when I don’t pay attention to them as much as I like). Some people, however, hate me. I’m either loved, or hated.
So, am I interested in people? Not really. It takes a really special person to get my attention, and I don’t meet very many people that do.

So, why did I go into this in my email? Because, someone telling me that they love me without actually knowing me reminds me of all of this. Do you even have any clue what you are saying, or how you really feel?
Here’s another example. Remember that I wrote that I get things in extremes? Consider that beauty, and appearance, is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s transcend the superficialism of whether a person is attractive or not. Let’s get over the one shallow distinction of whether a person is popular or not. I’ve experienced both worlds, and they both annoy me.
In high school, I was not popular. In college, I was. In some social circles, I have a lot of supporters, and in others, I do not. It really doesn’t matter, because I am who I am, and no one, or anything, is going to change, or influence, who I am.
I’ve had women hit on me because they thought that I was “hot”. I’ve had women walk away because they didn’t like the way that I looked. Both scenarios annoy me, because they don’t get around to getting to know me, and like me for me.
Consider that.

- Frontier

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PUBLISHED 09/24/10

UPDATED 03/10/12

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