Frontier Pop Issue 32: The Next Level - Some wars are won, while others enter a new phase in an ongoing cycle of perpetual wars for change. - C. A. Passinault

FRONTIER POP: Frontier Pop Issue 32 - The Next Level - August 2011

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The Next Level

The Next Level: Current Issue, Issue 32, Volume 2, for August, 2011. New Issue published every month, and updated throughout the month. Next issue due online September 2011.


081211-0800 - Passinault: Preparing and writing.

083011-1500 - Passinault: Done with this issue of Frontier Pop, for August 2011! The September 2011 issue will be up in mid September, and will be about Tampa indie film.



We’ve been very busy the past few months, and we’re now getting Frontier Pop underway again, now that we have celebrated our first anniversary as Tampa Bay’s top pop culture and entertainment web site. Yes, it’s true; even though we haven’t updated or published in months, and other sites have, Frontier Pop is not only widely read, but it is the top search result for our target markets, such as Tampa pop culture. This is something that we are very proud of. We have the readers and the market share, and our competition does not. Nolan lost, indeed. So did Brandy. Really though, we won in spite of being on hiatus this year, by default, because those other sites haven’t been able to reverse their fortunes.
Frontier Pop issue 32: The Next LevelSome might have thought that Frontier Pop, after a rather promising launch and start, was abandoned, and that we gave up. Well, those who did are in the minority, because we’ve been getting a ton of email asking us for new issues, as the existing issues have been not only excellent, but revolutionary. We had other things going on for most of this year, though, and we also had to evaluate where the site was, and where we were going. Quite frankly, Frontier Pop launched before it was ready, and the break was needed (our rapid weekly publishing schedule was difficult to maintain, and it was coming apart at the seams toward the end of 2010 as we moved to a new monthly format. We had to stop and prepare to come back, and there are some adjustments to Frontier Pop that have to be done; expect some ongoing changes to be made to the site as we progress, as there will be some large changes). There are some exciting things coming up for Frontier Pop, and writing as the publisher, I can still say that, out of over sixty web sites, that Frontier Pop is my most important. This will become obvious on the coming months and years as the site innovates and dominates, blazing our own path without having to pay much attention to what the competition has to offer. We are original, we set the standard, and Frontier Pop inspires others to follow our lead. The only chance that the competition has to stay in the game, and survive, will be to react to what we do and to follow our lead. In the past, the only reason that the competition had any measure of success was that they were the only thing going on, and they were in the game in spite of their flaws. Things have changed, now, and the game has changed. Frontier Pop is here, it will continue to dominate, and we are not going anywhere. The new benchmark for the market is here, and it is as it should be. We are what the readers have been crying for for many years.
It’s now in late in the year, and this is actually the first issue of 2011, for now. The reason that I’m saying that it’s that way for now is that the other seven issues for January to July will be published in the coming months, with links to those “old” new issues appearing on current issues as they are published. Additionally, we have at least three issues that have already been officially published in late 2010 which are not complete, and those issues must be completed, and then evolve as they stay in play, as all of the other issues are in play.
This means that it will take a while to get all of the issues to where they need to be. With a monthly publishing schedule now underway, and with the ability to work on two to three additional issues per month, it will take, at the very least, the rest of 2011 to catch up and to bring Frontier Pop to where it needs to be.
This all said, we have a lot to cover in this exciting comeback issue of Frontier Pop, and since I don’t have the time to write 100 pages of content to address everything that is going on in detail, I’ll go over everything briefly, and will add to it as it is needed. I will also expand on many of these topics in later, as well as earlier, issues of Frontier Pop; remember that all issues are in play, regardless of when they are published, as the issue page is supposed to serve as a front-end to content on Frontier Pop and on the other affiliated web sites (if the content is on another site, it links back to the relevant issue on Frontier Pop. Also, although many of the issues have all, or most, of the issue content on that issue page, this will change, even for previously published issues. Issues are posted monthly, of course, and in the past, weekly, but revolve around a main topic. Once a issue is published on a topic, it is unlikely that another issue will tackle that topic, and that issue becomes the home issue of anything related to that topic. Content relevant to the topic on an issue will be added to that issue long after it is initially published, which means that issues will continue to grow and evolve over time with new content. All issues in play, indeed, and this is the perfect format for Internet based publications. So far, it has worked brilliantly for Frontier Pop, and will soon be applied to Advanced Model when it launches, which is our sister publication site for the modeling industry).

Perpetual War: Some Wars End, While Some Go On
It could be said that the only constant is change. Regarding the wars that I have fought over the past decade on the Internet, I could say that, while wars with certain parties can come to an end, that wars with industries can remain ongoing, perpetual wars. For example, although I’ve declared that the war is over in the Tampa indie film scene, that it only a matter of perception. What I meant when I said that on the Tampa Film Blog is that wars with certain Rinzler schools a crazy fanboy!individuals, and aggressive efforts on my part to fight the war, came to a close because I no longer had the time to concentrate on it. The Tampa indie film war, which started in early 2008, continues, although it is more subtle and low-key now, more of a cold war. The wars in the modeling industry and in the photography industry, though, remain much more intense. The reason for this is that the war is for change, and that change is going to take a while, if it ever completely comes, and if it does not, the wars continue. More on this in a bit (and it should be noted that I will continue to parody certain individuals here on Frontier Pop, and elsewhere, as it is needed. It is also highly entertaining. Some of the funniest stuff that I’ve ever written has been on the Readers Reaction section, and there is a lot to read into when reveals the_truth, as well as some really educated opinions. There are many times when my friends and I have gone back to read the Readers Reaction section, which can be found at the bottom of every issue of Frontier Pop, and have laughed so hard that we’ve shed the only tears that we’ll ever shed in our wars. Great stuff, and you can continue to also expect these parodies to show up in my other work, including, but not limited to, my independent films. I’m expanding all of that, as it is hilarious. Nolan lost, and I will continue to remind him of that).

Frontier Pop Is Now One Year Old!
Well, it is, and it dominates search results for Tampa pop culture and a lot of other subjects. We have more readers than the competition, have more interesting and relevant content, have smarter content, and completely put all of our competition in their place; our leading competitor has been on the verge of failure all year, and the boycott against them already cost them their message board of libel and hate.
In the next year, Frontier Pop will see all of its issues updated to 100%, and it will come to full capabilities. Even if our competition goes away, we will remain, and will continue to grow and thrive. We will also see a lot of great, new content, including support content on the Frontier Society web site, which will be relaunched shortly, as Frontier Pop is also a marketing lead-in for the Frontier Society web site (Due to the unethical conduct of cybersquatters, we will never market the Frontier Society web site through its domain name, although all searches for Frontier Society only turn up the correct web site. Frontier Society will always be marketed through Frontier Pop, and this will make all of the misappropriated domain names based on our property useless and worthless).
Additionally, although Frontier Pop is relatively young, at one year, it’s really a matter of perspective. You see, Frontier Pop is a front-end and a lead-in for a massive network of over 60 web sites and support content going back over two decades. So, you could say that Frontier Pop is a new brand for legacy content that was already online, which makes us the oldest pop culture web site in the Tampa Bay market, as well as the Internet. Sorry closest competition, as your “ten years” on the web is nothing compared to our thirteen years on the web, and our twenty-three years of work. Robbed again, and this is another reminder of how insignificant a certain pop culture web site, ran by idiotic fanboys, is.

Frontier Pop Work
Work has resumed, of course, on Frontier Pop. We were on a break, and are now back, with work also being done on the missing issues. We will also finish all of the incomplete previous issues, referencing all new additions on the current issues of Frontier Pop. We are tweaking the format, adding content to the supporting sections of the site, and are expanding many features. This also means expanded social media support, which brings us to......

Social Media Accounts Getting Up to Speed
All of the Frontier Pop social media accounts, with the exception of the obscure ones such as Myspace, are being brought up to speed. Don’t yet know what I’m going to do about our “blog”, which is on blogger. I am a web designer, and my web sites are tops, so I’m not too excited about relying on freebie services that just about anyone can publish on.

Frontier Pop Format Adjustments
You will be seeing adjustments to the format of Frontier Pop in the coming weeks, such as all of those links near the top. Sure, some will remain, but most will be moved to our relevant support sections. All of the links to the blog, however, will stay.

Video Games On Frontier Pop
Speaking of support content, I’ve always wanted a lot of entertainment content on Frontier Pop,Exclusive screengrab from Zelda: A Link To The Past for Frontier Pop from a Super NES Emulator. and will extensively be building a massive back end of articles and support content. While some of our support content will be on the Frontier Society web site, that content will be more in-depth, while the content here will be more accessible, with links to the deeper counterpart content on Frontier Society.
That entertainment content includes movies, anime, music, and video games.
I’m planning a huge section covering video games, especially old systems and classic gaming. Sections will focus on the hardware, with games, reviews, and emulators. My favorite video game systems, of course, include the Super NES and the Neo Geo AES, but expect sections for just about everything ever made. Frontier Pop will be big on video games.

Movies: Tron Legacy Is Awesome
I’ve seen reviews on Tron: Legacy. Most importantly, I’ve seen the movie. Most of you know that I was looking forward to the movie, and I can tell you that it did not disappoint. Tron: Legacy is awesome, and it is one of my favorite movies.
Clu moves in for the kill in Tron Legacy in this exclusive screengram for Frontier Pop off of the DVD!I read a review on a rival pop culture site stating that Tron: Legacy was mainly eye candy, and the story was so-so. I disagree on the story, and my opinion is that it was not only excellent, but I think that anyone with a complaint about the story, or a lack of a story, merely fails to comprehend it. You have to have brains to understand the movie, as there are a lot of deep themes and analogies interwoven into it, although I still do think that the first Matrix movie did a better job, and it is a better movie. I’m looking forward to the next Tron movie, and I’m hoping that they don’t disappoint me by following a brilliant film with another Matrix: Reloaded fiasco (I’m a big Matrix fan, and I was so disappointed with the sequel, that I actually got into an argument with one of my friends over the movie as we all left the theater).

Movie Reviews On Frontier Pop
Tampa Bay Film’s Tampa Film Review site has it covered when it comes to reviews of indie film, but I plan on doing reviews of mainstream and distributed movies here. It will be interesting to compare my reviews of movies to my reviews of indie film. You will see that I’m just as tough on movies.

Rival Pop Culture Site Reboot Impressive
I was concerned that the rival pop culture site, which underwent an overhaul back in JanuaryThe rival pop culture site wins a comeback, but did they lose the fight? The pop culture web site wars! 2011, would rip off ideas from Frontier Pop, as Frontier Pop, in my opinion, made them go back to the drawing board when they saw that they could not compete.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did not rip off Frontier Pop, and that the new site was impressive when it launched, although the one thing that I did find wrong with it was that it was left-aligned instead of centered. The alignment could have been something that could not be helped, though, as I’ve had the same problem with the development of the Venus 3 sites when I tried to center align them, and the content tables has inconsistent alignment issues. There is a solution, but I have not been able to find one which works, but when I do find the correct alignment tag, I’ll be sure to forward the information to our rival site.... That is, if it still exists then. It is the least that I can do.
There could be, perhaps, one more flaw with the new site, and it’s something that the old site did well. The old site had momentum because it was updated regularly like a blog. The publisher felt more connected to his web site, and was more into updating it on a regular basis (and the readers comments section kept people coming back daily because you could never be sure what the new comments were). With no regular updates scheduled, and no main core now to update regularly, the site seems to have lost its direction. Then, of course, is the readers comments fiasco, which I have already addressed. When the site was updated every week like a blog, the readers could comment about the issue at the bottom, and it kept people coming back every day to see what was going on. Instead of adding a simple security feature where the readers could set up a profile and the site would remember them and enable them to post without signing in, they discontinued this feature and tried to move the “readers comments” to their old message board (as a way to save it and to inspire posts there, IMO, as there were no posts, and the message board was pretty much dead), which was a PHPBB powered freebie template bulletin board which did not have any continuity with the design of the site (the site was like three poorly-designed sites cobbled together, and was a design continuity nightmare- Even considering my first poorly-designed sites, my sites have never been that bad). Because the comments were moved to the message board, where the readers had to sign in every time that they wanted to post something, the convenience was gone. Eventually, so were the readers, as everything that the site did right was shut down. Can you say retreat, retreat, retreat? It's one thing to lose ground, but these guys, IMO, made it worse by removing everything that they were doing right, cutting their throats.
Everything considered, Frontier Pop is still better. Much better, and much better organized, too, with superior writing and content. That’s probably why we are number one for “Tampa pop culture” in search engine results, and why their readers are now ours, and why those readers will not go back.

Too Little, Too Late: Is The Rival Pop Culture Site Doomed?
Impressive relaunch or not, it is beginning to look like all of that work could have been a case Tampa modeling portfolios, model testing, and modeling portfolio photography.of too little, too late for the rival site of Frontier Pop. Although there was a boycott on the site and on their message board for libelous content and discrimination, it was obvious that they were down to a few contributors who were posting some pretty pathetic features, and that their readers were gone. Their message board was a ghost town all year, with no one posting, which was a huge contrast with the heavy activity on the message board back in 2006 to 2008 (I’m sure that the B.S. that the publisher allowed his friends to get away with, with his friends posting libelous things about people, the discrimination against some people, the attacks and harassment against some readers, the fighting, the one-sided rules where people could not promote anything, and the censorship of the responses of readers where their posts were edited so that it looked like they could not defend themselves caught up to them; the boycott against the site worked well when most people had a bad taste in their mouths. Eventually, even the friends of the publisher began fighting with him, and support for the site and the message board eroded away). Now, I’m sure that the publisher will continue to claim that social media sites have taken away his readers, and that he will pull something like Guzzo did with The Tampa Film Review film festival and spin a failure as “mission accomplished”, but like the Guzzo situation, no one with half of a brain is going to buy it. A failure is a failure. The publisher of the pop culture site also claimed that his site was an “ongoing experiment”, which I take it means that he never really had a clue about what he was doing (which explains the lack of continuity between sections of his site and the poor organization).
The message board was recently shut down, with the reason stated being that there were “security issues” and a big hassle with the maintenance. It also stated that the site would be undergoing a change in ownership in 2012, which I take it to mean that, like Guzzo, the publisher is giving up and quitting. Come on. It’s one thing to lose, but another to give up entirely. If you really do believe in what you are doing, you will continue to do it! If you do quit, though, at least be man enough to admit the real reason, and admit that you quit because you failed. Don’t you dare take the unethical way out, like a liar, and try to spin it as some sort of “success”.
No one was reading or posting on the message board. In my opinion, the correct perception that the message board had failed was the reason that you shut it down, because you realized that people saw your site as a failure due to the lack of posts. That’s why you shut it down. No one was reading your site. That’s why you had to redo it. You lost writers, too, and did not get the ones that you lost back. Lisa was one of your best writers, which isn’t saying much when your writers are little more than boring hacks, IMO, and whatever you did to alienate her really messed your site up (not that her film fan blog is any competition for my Tampa Film Blog. Sure, she writes well, and knows her subject matter, but she mindlessly promotes crap in the indie film scene, and kisses ass way too much. People see right through the propaganda, and know when a writer is a spineless sellout. I cannot respect that, and most other people cannot, either; especially the people who make up her target market. Sure, some of these people are nice to her face, but you should hear what theyTampa headshots for talent, actors, and business say behind her back because they do not respect her, or even like her that much, as she doesn’t stand for anything. A decent writer does not necessarily make a good journalist, and her site is useless for anyone who really needs to know the state of the Tampa indie film scene. Fortunately, the Tampa Film Blog has that covered, and nothing else even comes close. Despite some issues that I’ve had with it and search engines, a result of me not properly organizing it as it evolved, it’s not going anywhere, either, and I will eventually fix the search engine issue- not that it is really an issue now, though, as the other Tampa Bay Film sites, especially the online film festival, are doing really well in search results, and they all link directly to the Tampa Film Blog, which means that it is being carried by the other sites, and this is the reason why I have more readers than she does).
In recent days, there was a post on the rival pop culture site which stated that the publisher was indeed leaving the site at the end of the year, and they he would pass on ownership and publishing duties to his good friend Terence, who is the worst thing to happen to the site over the years, IMO. Terence, in my opinion, is a negative asshole who has chased many of the readers off. Now he’s taking over? Out of the frying pan, and into the fire; if Terence runs the site like he makes films, it is seeing its last days. Also, with the site being the only thing that Nolan, the current publisher, has to live for, what is he going to do? Will anyone ever care about him, or care about what he does now? Will he ever get a woman? Will he continue to work his minimum-wage job at a convenience store for the rest of his life, ride a bicycle around for transportation, and be dependent upon others for basic things and transportation? He’s going to fade away into obscurity, and if he thinks that he is lonely and depressed now, what’s going to happen when he doesn’t have anything left? I don’t think that he should give up and allow his site to fail, but it looks like that will happen.
So sad. It’s pathetic, really, and although I feel sorry for him, I certainly do not respect him, and he is not living up to his potential. He’s going to be a failure, and he’ll know it. It’s not going to be something that he will find easy to live with.
Nolan lost. This is his life. Insignificant. Powerless. Lost.
Sigh... I’m really sick and tired of seeing these self-proclaimed leaders, in my opinion, like Guzzo and Nolan throwing in the towel and giving up when the going gets rough (Although, at the close of writing this issue, there is breaking news of Guzzo coming back with his monthly film festival, so maybe he didn't quit after all. I'll cover that in the next issue of Frontier Pop!). It’s like they never seem to know what they are doing, and when they are criticized for their shortcomings, they do not handle it like responsible men and do not fix it (It remains to be seen if Guzzo has fixed the problems with his film festival). Instead, they give up and shut down their projects, and then spin it as mission accomplished. It’s pathetic, and these so-called “men” are their own worst enemies.
They really do not have to worry me competing with them, as they are their own worst enemy. They will be forgotten relics of the a past where self-important, insecure fanboys tried to do something, and then found out that they did not have what it takes to actually make it. That has to hurt the ego, I’m sure! I’m also sure that some people will blame me for bringing them down, as I was the only one with the backbone to stand up and call them as I saw them. They are only proving me right.

Oh, No...........
I was looking at the release schedule for the new Nintendo 3DS the other day, and I noticed that a new Animal Crossing was on its way for release on the system.
Oh, no. It’s going to cost me a tidy sum. Why? Read on.
I’ve been collecting video game consoles and games hardcore since 1992, and before that, I’ve been playing them and buying them for as far back as the birth of the arcades in the late 70's (I remember playing pong and Tank, and played all of the arcade games a lot in early 80's. I owned everything, too, even the Atari 2600, but being a kid, my parents had to buy my games. As an adult, I bought a lot of games, and collected them). I now own 40 video game consoles ranging from the Atari 7800 to the Wii and everything in between, and over 100,000 games. In all that time, I never bought multiple copies of games except for linkable games, like Wipeout XL and Ridge Racer Revolution for the Playstation, and other multiplayer games like Playstation Portable games (for multiplayer reasons, and because I have friends who play, I now own two original Nintendo DS’s, one DS Lite, and two Playstation Portables, an original 1000 series and a 2000 series; all of them in mint condition).
I bought two copies of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back when it came out, one for me, and one for my brother. That game was for the Playstation 2. Vice City was the best GTA, in my opinion, bar none, as it was a perfectly balanced game. That was splurging back then. When Animal Crossing: Wild World came out for the Nintendo DS, I didn’t know how expensive it would get for me. You see, you can only have one village per game, so I needed several. I also needed more than one DS so I could have my characters visit other villages for trade, and to unlock everything in the games. I ended up buying a total of SIX copies of Animal Crossing: Wild World, at $35.00 a pop. I also bought my mother a Nintendo DS and gave her one of those copies of the game, which got her hooked on video games. I figure that one game cost me $360.00 in all.
I didn’t keep all of the copies, of course. I gave one to my mother, which hooked her on games (She bought a newer model of the DS eventually, and then bought a second DS, the big DS XL, and gave the first one to my niece, who had lost her original DS. She needed the larger DS for her eyes, she told me.... More on that in a minute). I gave another to my niece. A gave a third copy to a prominent Tampa news anchor for their kids (and prayed that none of my more creative additions, such as my custom constellations and the things that I made my animals say, migrated to the copy that I gave them. I’m a writer, so I came up with some pretty creative ways to get around Nintendo’s censorship.... And my towns are not only interesting, but they can get demented. I also had to link up the copy that I gave to the news anchor to my copies, as that was the only way to unlock all of the features in their copy. I haven’t heard any complaints, so I’m sure that they either thought that the more creative content was a part of the game, or things like the demented greetings and racy constellation designs did not migrate to their copy).
So, I still own three copies of Animal Crossing: Wild World, one for each of my DS’s. Over the years, I played Animal Crossing less, so I’m sure that I have three towns out there which are overgrown with weeds right now.
Now that I know a new Animal Crossing is coming out for the 3DS (along with Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS), that changes everything.
I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the 3DS when it first came out, before I knew what I know now. I was more psyched about the upcoming Playstation Vita, the successor of the Playstation Portable, and I will be buying the Vita when it comes out. Now, though, like with the DS and the PSP, I will be buying more 3DS’s than Vita’s. I need at least two 3DS’s for multiplayer Mario Kart 3DS games with my friends, and will need those two 3DS’s to link my Animal Crossing towns for migration. My mother doesn’t like the idea of 3D gaming, and stated that she does not want a 3DS, even when I told her that the 3D could be turned off, and it could be used like a regular DS. So, I’m going to end up buying her a 3DS and a copy of the new Animal Crossing, because she won’t be able to play the new game without a 3DS. So, here I go again.
I figure that the new Animal Crossing, without factoring in the cost for my two 3DS’s, as I’ll get them for the other games, it’ll cost me about $300.00.
Oh, and on the subject of pricing, Nintendo needs to do something about their pricing. The 3DS is currently at $179.99, and their DSi is at $159.99. The 3DS plays all of the DSi games. Something tells me that Nintendo needs to drop the price of the DSi , because only morons will buy it when they are priced so close together.
At any rate, I’m going to end up buying my mother a 3DS. The funny thing is that, a few days ago, I was over my parents house writing, and I witnessed something funny. My dad was watching TV, and he told my mom not to turn on her game, the DSi XL. She told him that it was during a commercial, so it shouldn’t bother him (they do have volume controls). She started to play it, and I could hear the music from a game. I laughed and told her that she played video games more than I did (I’m a video game expert, and I enjoy playing games, but I enjoy studying and collecting them more. I also enjoy reading about the business aspects of the video game industry. I’m really not a video game addict, and don’t play them every day because I often don’t have the time). She told me not to say anything because I was the one who got her hooked on games. So, see, my work is done.

Tampa DJ Blog
The Tampa DJ Blog is number one on search engines right now for Tampa DJ, and it’s been that way. There is a lot of information on that blog. Of all my blogs, though, I would have to say that the Tampa DJ Blog is my most interesting. It is truly a work of love, and reading it, it would be hard to believe that I haven’t DJ’ed in nine years, almost a decade, and that I haven’t produced a DJ release since 1998.
Of course, DJ’ing took a back seat to my photography and modeling industry careers. Now eleven years into professional work, I am a better photographer, designer, and a modeling and talent industry professional than I ever was as a DJ. That’s saying a lot, too, because I was a really good DJ.
In 2008, I had a fateful dinner meeting with Marlon Brown, who is my friend and who was my senior DJ for my event planning company. That meeting inspired me to return to DJ’ing, although I have no plans to cut back on my photography, or my other careers, and I will do them all. In the three years since, I’ve written a ton of information on the Tampa DJ Blog, and I have been using it as a note pad of sorts in order to develop some concepts that will be used in my DJ career.
Reading my Tampa DJ Blog, it is obvious that I am passionate about DJ’ing, and that I will return as DJ Frontier. It is obvious that it will become one of my core careers, again, too. It is also obvious that I’m working with things that no other DJ has worked with before, or can even touch at all.
I finally have it all figured out. I can embrace being a DJ again, as well as an event planner. I even evolved the artform of the DJ release to where it always was meant to be. A new era is coming, and you can follow it on the Tampa DJ Blog!

DJ Frontier, Sampling, And Frontier Pop
When I started DJ’ing as an underground DJ on October 6, 1990, I was really young. I was still a kid, and looked much younger than I was. So, I called myself DJ Wiz Kid. That lasted for 19 releases, until late 1991, just over a year later. There were some set backs, too, as well as the need to procure some professional equipment, and this took time. On February 25, 1993, I officially retired the DJ Wiz Kid name (although I will still use the name as an alter ego in some projects, and it is still active because my earlier work is tied to it), and became DJ Frontier. The cool thing about the name “Frontier” is that the meaning that it meant to me was more European than American. In America, it meant the old west, and since most DJ’s who used names were not into country or western music, I had the name all to myself, for the most part. For me, though, the name “Frontier” represented innovation and the future. It was high tech and futuristic, a definition which would be far more accepted in countries like Great Britain (In fact, years later, the only other DJ’s that I would encounter using my name would be overseas in Europe, although I found a DJ Frontier in Miami recently; all of little consequence, though, as the name is really mine, and I also own DJFrontier.Com, the domain name that people would go to to find the official DJ Frontier site. Anyone trying to use DJ Frontier as a DJ name would find it useless, and would be promoting me, so I’m set, and happy with that). On October 26, 1993, my friends and I further expanded the Frontier branding and formed our secret underground hacker/ entertainment/ club/ technology/ cyberpunk subculture, the Frontier Society. The Frontier Society grew and flourished, and is going strong even today (We have an official Frontier Society web site and domain name, but some unethical cybersquatters bought up just about every version of the name in domain names that they could, so our official Frontier Society web site is officially marketed through my DJ Frontier and Frontier Pop web sites, as well as others. Frontier Pop is the main marketing domain for the Frontier Society site, so it makes all of those other domain names that the cybersquatters bought useless, and that makes me smile).
So, you could say that I’ve invested a lot into the name Frontier. Today, I have three more properties using the Frontier brand, which includes Frontier Event Planning and Frontier Stage Productions, as well as the Frontier Film Festival. Regardless of what the word Frontier means to people, they will certainly be aware of the definition that I assign to it.
At any rate, with Frontier Pop, I recently realized something. As an underground DJ, whether DJ Wiz Kid or DJ Frontier, I used to sample just about everything to use in my mixes. I’d watch movies or record television programs (I have just about everything ever aired in the early 1990's on VHS, so if anyone wants to play time traveler and watch 1990's television, I have thousands of tapes in the back of the studio. You can pretend that it’s 1993 and marvel at television programming not seen since, of commercials marketing brand new-old things, and commercials and programming with no reference to the Internet, .Coms, cell phones, or social media), and if I heard a good line of dialog, I’d note it, sample it, and take it out of context to include it in one of my programs. It was quite an art, I have to tell you. With Frontier Pop and some of my recent DJ program covers, my love, and art, of sampling now extends to images. As a professional photographer, I’m really good at capturing the best frames from movies and television programs, and since I now have more DVD’s of movies and television programs than anyone that I know, I have an endless supply of audio and image samples.
The really cool thing about Frontier Pop is that I’m doing the same thing with it as I did with my DJ releases. I’m sampling images and am re appropriating them into a new context. It’s art.
Never before have I had such a rich source of samples.

Tampa Designer Blog
I recently started yet another blog, and like my other blogs, this one has a dedicated domain name; another in a long series of dedicated domain name blogs. I haven’t had much success with the other blogs due to being sloppy with the organization, and despite tons of content, they haven’t done will with search engines (in contrast to the awesome search performance of the majority of my web sites) but I’m in the process fixing that now. Those wayward blogs are in the process of being organized and cross linked, and in the next few years, they will meet, and then exceed, their potential.
The Tampa Designer Blog covers my career as a professional designer, which includes, but is not limited to, web design, design work, art direction, and fashion design. Right now, the Tampa Designer Blog is covering a lot of my web work, as I am constantly working on web sites. I should be, too, because I have a lot of them to work on. Most of my web sites are worldwide leaders in the respective markets, and most of them also enjoy high search engine performance and have a lot of readers.
Of all of those sites, of course, the most difficult to work on are my meta site networks, such as my array of 16 photography marketing and support web sites, and my Tampa Bay Film web sites. Work on my 16 photography web sites is what has delayed work on Frontier Pop for most of 2011, and that work is far from done. Work on those sites have also prevented me from doing a lot with the Tampa Bay Film sites, which brings us to our next topic.

Tampa Bay Film Progress
The Tampa Bay Film sites are still a work in progress, but I have time to get the sites to where they need to be, because it will be next year at the earliest before I start making my films as an indie filmmaker, and just over two years before I begin deploying the first of my network of film festivals and indie film events.
Anyone out there whom has convinced themselves that I’ve failed with the Tampa Bay Film sites and have given up (this goes double for my filmmaking) should continue to think that. I will never give up. Filmmaking is my future, and since Tampa Bay Film is critical for the support on my indie films, it’s important, too. If you look at what I’ve done with web sites the past decade, you will understand where filmmaking is going for me. Soon, I’ll be shooting and editing video for projects every day, and I’ll be turning out a ton of great indie films.
Tampa Bay Film started out as a single indie film resource site with an online film festival built in to it. After a year, it split into several different sites, all interconnected. When Tampa Bay Film began spinning off web site, a lot of its content was gutted, and that content was spread way too thin across many sites. Besides the online film festival, which is doing really well, and the Tampa Fim Blog, which isn’t doing well enough due to sloppy organization of the content (although it is still the top indie film blog in Tampa Bay because the other Tampa Bay Film sites, especially the online film festival, carry the film blog and support it. I have more readers than anyone!), despite its 500 pages of content, the Tampa Bay Film sites continue to be a work in progress. It will take another year to get them all up to speed, and another year after that for the sites to reach their planned initial potential.
Work on the Tampa Bay Film sites has resumed, and expect a ton of reviews and other content updates. The next issue of Frontier Pop, in fact, will focus on Tampa Bay Film work, and those updates will become a major part of the next issue.

Tampa Indie Filmmakers And Fanboys Cut Off
Well, now they did it. Many Tampa filmmakers and fanboys have been cut off from me. I’m really sick and tired of some of the two-faced things that Tampa filmmakers and fanboys have done. There was one filmmaker that I used to talk to a lot, but just about everything that I told him got back to everyone else. In fact, in late 2008, I made up a story and only told it to him to see if it would get around. It did, and it became a major source of slander for me on the Internet. It’s so nice to be able to trust my “friends”. My attorney had been badgering me for a while to quit talking to the guy, and I finally did. So, he will have to guess about what I’m up to just like everyone else. Yes, too, I feel betrayed.
So, the lines of communication are now down, and that’s fine by me. The fanboys will now be deprived of the privilege of talking to me.

Frontier Event Planning And Frontier Stage Productions
It’s official. Eventi Events is now Frontier Event Planning. Eventi Stage is now Frontier Stage Productions. Get used to the branding, because starting in 2012, you are going to see it a lot. Which reminds me: I need to get those sites up this fall.

Indie Films And Film Festivals
I just posted an update about this on Tampa Bay Film (08/30/11.... I know, this issue has taken forever to write!). I can’t get my film festivals going until I have resources in place to ensure consistency in quality. I also can’t start the film festivals until I have some indie films to show. I should have the rest of my indie filmmaking gear this year, though, and should be able to get my first films done in 2012. Don’t expect any film festivals, not counting my underground film festivals, from me until 2013 at the earliest, with full roll outs of most of them in 2014 and 2015, tentatively, if all goes as scheduled. They will be worth the long wait.
Oh, well. At least I have my popular, and effective, online film festival, which will have to do for now! It's cool, too, because it already has every film festival in Florida beat!

Photography And Modeling
Right now, this pays the bills (and my opponents in my indie film and photography conflicts can’t do anything about it). I will be spending most of my time the rest of the year shooting models, and hope to be up to earning six figures sometime in the next two years photographing models. Although I’ve done most of my business the past four years doing actor and talent headshots, which gives me an advantage over most filmmakers because I get to work with the best actors, most of my work in photography over the next few years will center on models, which is where I started out doing as a professional photographer a decade ago. I also own the top modeling resource sites in the world, literally (and eventually I am going to get Tampa Bay Film to where Tampa Bay Modeling is).
The cash flow from my photography and modeling work will give me the resources to do other things. Next year, I will get my event planning company, Frontier Event Planning, to where it needs to be, and it will become, once again, my core service company. I will also be doing stage production work and other events through Frontier Stage Productions. In a couple of years, I will tie all my service companies together through my advertising agency, Eos MediaArts.
Right now, I’m doing a lot of work preparing my photography endeavors. The weekend of 08/27/11, I spent hours and hours transferring over 21 Gigabytes of photographs from the past decade of my professional photography career from archive CD’s to a hard drive, as I need to go over thousands of pictures for new portfolios and web sites. I’m not even done yet with that, as I’ve done a lot of shoots. My photography and design company, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, is on the verge of a new golden age, an age where I will do more business in a year than in all of the other years combined. To support this, I have new marketing material, new contracts, new business protocols, and the most massive array of marketing and support web sites that I’ve ever built. There are now sixteen new Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts photography and design marketing and support web sites in development, and they should all be online this fall. There will be twenty-four by next year, making the marketing efforts for Aurora PhotoArts, by far, the most comprehensive out of all of my companies.
With most of my work focusing on modeling photography, and all of this supporting resource firepower, I really feel sorry for any photographer in Florida who plans on shooting models, as they will not be able to compete, and it is as it should be. Models don’t need anyone else, especially when I am one of the leading modeling experts in the world, and own the top modeling resource sites; no other photographer can claim this. Models have me, and I have them.

Shootout Events
Of course, we cannot discount the ability of events to network professionally and to serve as marketing platforms. One of my first event series will be a series of photography and modeling shootout events. I’ve been working on this for a over six years, and the Tampa Bay market desperately needs it. Although I am keen on training models for their careers, as it is well within the scope of my modeling business, there is also talk about training photographers. I’m all for that, but that aspect might have to be delayed. Also, if any photographers want to become instructors, I need to be able to communicate with you.
The Tampa Shootout events, which may use different formats and themes, will roll out this fall. The official web ste will be found at Tampa Shootouts, TampaShootouts.Com.

Tampa Shootouts War And Tampa Shootouts On Tampa Bay Modeling
Of course, an incident happened to me back in May which acted as a catalyst for my own Tampa shootout events. I went to a modeling shootout event back in May, but it was run by, and attended by, amateurs, and the amateurs were very rude to me. I was also misled by the organizing photographer. As a result, it sparked a new photography and modeling industry war, the Tampa Shootouts war. Tampa Bay Modeling, which had been settling down and standing down from aggressive scam fighting, took point, slamming the amateurs. Other Tampa Bay Talent sites, such as the imminent Tampa Bay Photographers, will soon join the fight.
For more about the drama, check out Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry, the Statement about Tampa Shootouts, and related content exclusively on Tampa Bay Modeling!

Tampa Bay Modeling Work, And Work On Other Talent Resource Sites
On the subject of Tampa Bay Modeling, I’ve done a lot of work on the world’s top modeling resource site this year, and still have some to do. Soon, new tools for models will be available on the site, such as vouchers, forms, and a cutting-edge regional modeling job board. Tampa Bay Modeling is not the primary modeling resource site, though. Independent Modeling is. Independent Modeling will celebrate its 10th anniversary on September 4, 2011, and I will be spending several days getting the newest version of the site online as soon as I wrap this issue of Frontier Pop and do some updates on Tampa Bay Modeling. I own four modeling resource sites, Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Modeling Career, Advanced Model, and Independent Modeling. Although the others are important, especially for their target markets, Independent Modeling is still the main site, and it runs all of the others. It is the source.
Expect a lot of updates on Independent Modeling in the next issue of Frontier Pop!

16 Mosaic Class Photography And Marketing Sites In The Works
I already mentioned that I’m working on a massive array of marketing web sites for my photography and design company, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design. Work on these sites is one reason that I’ve been recently spending so much time transferring picture files from my archives. I need pictures to work with to put these sites together. Although delayed due to the time needed to go through thousands of pictures and optimize them for multiple portfolio and marketing support formats, the sites will be built and deployed soon. Expect all of them to be up this fall, or, at the latest, by the end of the year.

Slander, Opinions, Parody, And Being A “Loser”
Then, of course, we have the wonderful feedback that I received about Frontier Pop. It seems like a loser dared to call me a loser. I was sent this email around the time that Frontier Pop went on break, and will briefly address it here.

your vapid empty existence
“you talk a good game, pumping up your own self importance, although you have done nothing but publish webpages promoting yourself. If you slandered me like you have Nolan and Terenze I would be calling Morgan and Morgan and would soon own all your great, ahem, intellectual properties. You are a loser. If you want to prove otherwise start posting some real content that is not just a facade for a hateful site against Nolan. Mr. Passinault, step up to the plate and produce something, or shut the "f" up and go away.”

Well, whatever.
YOU think that I am a loser? Thank you so much for the good laugh.
Also, please come up with a more original attempt at insulting me than "your own self-importance". You fanboys copy each other, and can't come up with your own insults? What, you can't think for yourself? Hey, I've come to expect that from fanboys, as they are more followers than leaders, anyway, and most of the ones which attempt to mimic the art that they are obsessed with find that they are creatively broke. I've also been accused, multiple times by copy-cat fanboys, that my actors and models are "imaginary", when the facts are that I was the one who referred some of the best actors in Tampa Bay (Roxanne Kowalska and Lowie Narvaez to The Pledge, Sarah Bray to Spaventare, and Harmony Oswald to The Quiet Place); I'm sure that someone else took (stole) the credit, but those actors are my friends. Also, I'm sure that all of the people in my portfolio are made up, too; I must be such a good photographer that I can take pictures of imaginary people. The facts are, other than that I do parody people on the Internet for fun, that the best models, actors, and talent in the Tampa Bay area are allied with me. Some Tampa filmmakers have already found that out, too, as they haven't been able to get good actors for their films, and they can't figure out why. Models and talent know me, they know that I am the real deal, they like me, and that's more than I can say for a bunch of petty, jealous fanboys.
Lisa once stated that I "want to be a part of her crowd so badly that it's eating me up". That actually made me laugh, too, that she believed that. Why would I want to downgrade my social circle when I already have the cool friends that YOU ALL want to be friends with? The sad truth is that, if Lisa and your other friends did want to be friends with me, that I’d find them so boring and limited that I wouldn’t want to be around them. Worse, still, had I come into the Tampa film scene, revealed the full extent of who I was and what I did, and the followers put on their facade and kissed my ass, I would have really avoided them. I want nothing to do with those pretenders, and I think that they are all jokes. Continue to think that the lies are the_truth, too, if you wish. Just because you people accuse me of things, and present them as fact, does NOT make them true.
I have NEVER stalked anyone, slandered anyone, or committed any crime against ANYONE. In fact, I WAS the one who was attacked, and I was made into some sort of villain because I dared to stand up for myself and make the cowards who discriminated against me and slandered me accountable for what they did. I will continue to do so.
Although Nolan never attacked me, his web site enabled all of this hate toward me, and he did nothing to discourage it, in my opinion. Also, Terence DID start fighting with me, so he deserves to be parodied. Also, parody and publishing my opinions are NOT slander (or, more accurately, libel, as it was published). Call Morgan and Morgan and ask an attorney if you need help with any legal issues, such as definitions.
I suppose that when I give your segment of a certain film a bad review, you’ll be screaming slander, anyway.
If I were anyone who was thinking of suing me over making fun of them or voicing my opinion, I’d be more worried about the fallout from filing a frivolous lawsuit and the countersuit that I would file. I guarantee that I have a more solid case against these people than they do against me, and I would make sure that the judgement against them which would be awarded to me, as well as all of the legal bills that they would have to pay, would be well-publicized. Anyone stupid enough to try to play the legal game with me will find that it would backfire, and they would be the only ones getting burned.
Fanboys threatening me over nonsense is something that I’m used to, anyway, especially the ones who DO slander me by stating lies as fact, and spreading malicious rumors, as well as the ones who were stupid enough to criminally threaten me in writing (which isn’t you. There is nothing wrong with your email, other than your crass attempt to make a point using profanity, and I take it more as a joke than anything else. You see, I DO consider the source when it comes to any opinion, and when you voice your opinion, it makes me smile at the most).
God, what a bunch of pathetic losers!
Although I know that you are making light of my intellectual properties, and the way that you phrased it in your email was some sort of attempt to diminish their importance and influence, the fact is that my domains and intellectual properties are both effective and valuable. Hypothetically speaking, if someone like you were to take possession of them, would you know what to do with them? Really? Although some of my sites are not updated enough because I own so many, I’ve easily accomplished more with just one of them than you ever did with your muse site. By the way, what happened to it? Did it fail? When it was up and running, was it even worth reading?
Frontier Pop is on hiatus right now (this was written months ago, and added to this issue of Frontier Pop - ed), because I’m busy with other projects, but it will be back. It’s already the best, though, despite not being updated. Google “tampa pop culture”, too, if you and Nolan would like to have a good cry together. Anything you can do I can do better. I’m smarter, more educated, more creative, more trained, more skilled, and more talented than all of you put together, and I suspect that you people hate me because you know it, too.
In closing, I have the right to voice my own opinions, and have earned the right to speak on behalf of true artists in the Tampa Bay area. My opinions are important, as well as influential, and many agree with me. I not only fight for my rights, but for the rights of other artists who are attacked, slandered, and discouraged by jealous lesser and no-talents. I fight for those who are not able to fight. I’m also the wrong person for people to start a fight with, as they all learned the hard way, and will continue to learn.
Then again, I’m sure that all of the fanboys will jump on the bandwagon and kiss my ass in a few years when they see which way things are going, and realize that I am the best thing going on in Tampa indie film, entertainment, photography, art, events, web sites, and talent support. It’s then that they will find themselves stuck on the outside looking in, because I remember. I also cut through all of the B.S. and fakeness, and know them as they really are: Pointless, petty, no/ low-talent losers.
I’m not self-important, overly prideful, or arrogant. I have a documented IQ of 200, and have the education of several doctorates, as I’ve been reading on a college level since I was 6, and I comprehended and retained all of that knowledge. I also went out and experienced life, applying what I learned, which helped me to turn talent into skill. There’s no one else quite like me. I happen to realize who I am and what I was meant to do, and being an innovator, and a leader, is just something that I am naturally. Please don’t be jealous. It’s beneath even you, as you could never be me. You are whatever it is that you are, and I am simply me. I like me, and so do the cool, smart, talented, educated people that people like you dream of being around.
One more thing. Why did you have to drop the “F” bomb to make a point? Are you cultured and educated enough to make a point in more sophisticated ways? Also, is that the Buddist way? All of you religious types are all the same, I suppose, and you bend your own rules when it suits you instead of actually living the way that you claim. Pathetic, and not worthy of any respect.
Take care, faithful reader and follower.



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C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 08/30/11: 1510

Finally finished up a 16 page issue of Frontier Pop for August 2011, at the end of August! I had a lot to write about, as I had to catch up on what was going on! This issue will stay up at the front of Frontier Pop until mid September, when the September issue will be published. THAT will stay up for two weeks, and then the October issue will be published on October 3, 2011.
It’s good to be back, although the site has been on top all of this year during the break, and it will continue to dominate.
By the way, when I started writing this issue, Nolan did not announce that he was quitting his site. I’m pretty good at predicting things, it seems! Poor old man! Don't go! Don't give up!

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 08/30/11: 1518

Passinault! How dare you kick me when I am down. Can’t you see that I am sick? Can’t you! I gave three good reasons why I have to quit my site! My pop culture site will live on, though, and you will regret ever stepping up to compete with me! You took away my dream, you bastard! I will always hate you for being better than me and for standing up to me and my gang!


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