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This is our index of Frontier Pop Readers who participate in our Reader Reaction section at the bottom of each and every issue. These are not passive lurkers on the Internet who accept everything that they read, and who do not have an opinion. These are the doers, and the No fanboy lovefests here on Frontier Pop! Just cool, smart readers who have opinions, and have smart debates without baseless credibility attacks.thinkers. They are the innovators, and the people who are setting trends. They are not mindless fanboys who follow the crowd. They are actually smart, have an open mind, and know what they are talking about. Have something to say, debate, or add? You can become one of them!

If you're a fanboy, however, we don't want you here. We won't discriminate against you, and will allow you to participate, while keeping an open mind, BUT you will get your ass handed to you when our astute readers tear you up in open debate; we don't expect you to be able to hang with the others. You have been warned, clueless fanboys!

C. A. Passinault C. A. Passinault

The publisher, editor, and the primary writer of Frontier Pop. Also one of the top geniuses in the world, with professional certifications in over 20 careers in business, entertainment, art, and security.

Carrie Carrie Fishhead

Are you Tampa fanboys and filmmakers still fighting after all these years? Can' t you all get along? I read on Tampa Bay Film that the future of independent film is in Tampa, and that Tampa Bay will become a world leader in indie filmmaking. You guys will never make it if you continue to fight among yourselves! Nolan, what happened to you?

Changeling Changeling

You solids... I will never understand your chaotic, petty ways. Nolan, I have scanned your crazed pop culture web site. Unfortunately, Frontier Pop has you beat in every way. First off, the design of your web site is poor, and although it does have a lot of content, it is not organized well. Frontier Pop is very well designed, and the content organization is superior (it looks as if this Passinault genius updated the advanced organization format from the Frontier Society web site and adapted it for Frontier Pop. I am very impressed by the way that he has organized this!). Frontier Pop, although it has been scaled back, also is updating every week, at least, so I'd say that the days of your web site are numbered. If only you had the clarity that I have, Nolan. You would not be so lonely and stressed out.

Crazed Blog Grrl Crazed Blog Grrl

First, he kicks our butts with web sites and blogs, and now he takes on our pop culture web site with this Frontier Pop! Nolan, what ARE we going to do? We can't compete with this maniac! We should have never made up all of that stuff about him and ganged up on him. We have awakened a sleeping giant, and there is no stopping him!

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan

This is just great! My pop culture site is doomed, now! Curse you, Passinault! CURSE YOU! You're a fool for going against me and my minions! We discriminate against you, slander you, and then try to humiliate you with nasty rumors, and you go out and make a site that blows mine away- in every way that I can think of!

General Zod, ruler of planet Houston General Zod

People of planet Houston, here me! I am Zod, your supreme ruler, and I also rule over this Frontier Pop web site. This Passinault shall kneel before me, and pledge his allegiance and devotion to me! He will be my slave, and I will be ruler of all! I have conquered all of the other fanboy and pop culture site, and now Frontier Pop will fall before me and my minions!

Tampa Indie Film Savior Indie Film Savior

I forgive you, my children, for you you know not what you do. Joeba, while you do have a talent for promotion, like Rick, as well as getting talented people to help you, you cripple your films by using scripts that you wrote, and by writing yourself into the same leading role. Your acting is the most limiting that I have seen, my sweet child. You play yourself in every film, and each character is the same, with an overweight character trying to do action. Haste also makes waste, it seems, and your movies are seriously flawed. Eventually, people will see you for what you really are, and will quit helping you.

Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt

Shut the hell up, Carrie Fishface! Who the hell are you to comment about indie film in Tampa? I run the indie film scene here. ME, ME, ME! I’m the one who will put Tampa independent film on the map, with my series of groundbreaking, visionary horror films! I am so awesome! I recently told Gus that he needs to get the hell out of filmmaking, and leave the horror filmmaking to me, as I am the best at making indie horror films!

Kendrix - Frontier Pop staff writer Kendrix

Right on, Mr. Passinault, right on. I think that what you need to realize is that a lot of people are afraid of you because you are competition. Take Frontier Pop, as an example. Frontier Pop is very, very impressive, and I would think that anyone who was competing against it would be pretty freaked out right now. When I first saw this site, I tried to put myself in the shoes of your competitors, and got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's pretty freakin' awesome, if you ask me. How did you get this site so refined on the first attempt?

Michael J. Michael

Oh, no! Truth, you are super spooky! You are creepy, too! I am so scared! Really, I am! I'm scared like a little, innocent child is scared when a creepy person is around. Truth, we don't want creepy people like you on here. Shoo! Go away! The little childrens of the world need to be kept safe from the likes of you. You claim that you are the truth, the light, and the way, but how can you be credible if you keep your identity a secret? How! You are a jerk! Oh, and Mr. Drunk, I'd buy you a drink if you had your hair, and you were a lot younger. You'd love my Jesus juice!

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens

I am so happy that Frontier Pop is finally up and running. As some of you know, Advanced Model, which is the sister site to Frontier Pop, will benefit from all of the work that went into Frontier Pop because our web site will be set up the same way. Of course, there are differences. Advanced Model is an online modeling magazine which has monthly issues, and not weekly like this one.

Non Non



Tez Nutjob Tez

Jesus, Nolan! You were right! Passinault is being a dick with this web site. It's better than ours, too. We had better get together and plan a strategy. I don't want to have to surrender to Frontier Pop. Our Insane Pop Culture Fanboy site MUST do battle with this threat to our egos! Remember when you said that all of our readers were gone? Yeah, they left us and came here! What are we going to do, Nolan, what are we going to do? Our web site is going the way of my hairline! We are all doomed! Cuddles........

The Drunk The Drunk

What in the hell are you talking about, fool? You need to quit your rambling. Didn't you know that everything new sucks? Didja? Since this Frontier Pop site seems to be focusing on new things, and technology, it HAS to suck, according to the fanboys on another site! Personally, I think that you are insane, and think that you are a stalker! As a matter of fact, anyone who stays informed, takes an interest in what's going on, who thinks for themselves, who forms their own opinions, who disagrees with me, and who dares to criticize me is a stalker!

The Fool The Fool

I don't know why we even bothered to create this web site. After all, if we disagree with the insane fanboys, we're fools. Didn't you know that? I should just be nice to everyone, and try to get along, so that everyone will be happy. I am already happy, but I could be much happier, you know? Any way, we're wrong for fighting the cool guys, and going against them. I don't really care if this site is better than anything else out there or not. We are still wrong... I think. Well, that's at least what they want everyone to think! We are certainly crazy for taking the initiative and taking matters into our own hands!

the truth the_truth

Aaaaaaaaah...... Just remember, people...... I'm always watching you, and nobody knows who I am. Who am I? I'm the_truth. Why do I call myself that? Well, I'll tell you now. I decided to call myself the_truth because I think that the fanboys are full of crap. Thus, it is my duty to be the_truth, the light, and the way in a scene of B.S. It doesn't matter that I'm a jerk who likes to fight online. I'm right, because I am the_truth.

Ursa Ursa

Hear the General! Planet Houston fell before us, and now Frontier Pop shall fall!


PUBLISHED 11/01/10

UPDATED 11/10/10

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