Frontier Pop Issue 8: Catching Up

FRONTIER POP: Frontier Pop Issue 8 - Catching Up. First film project, The Halloween Drive-In, Quiet Places, & the Frontier Film Festival.

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First film project, The Halloween Drive-In, Quiet Places, and the Frontier Film Festival.

CATCHING UP: Current Issue, Issue 8, Volume 1, for Tuesday, September 7, 2010. New Issue published every Tuesday, and updated throughout the week. Next issue due online September 14, 2010.


090810-1007 - Passinault: Off to a late start, as the past two issues of Frontier Pop are not done, and the last issue wasn't even written. Lots of catching up to do, which is why this issue is about catching up.

090910-0803 - Passinault: Current issue, "Catching Up", is now online. It will take another day to get the other two issues up to where they need to be. I will be spending two days next week on this; one for the new issue, and another to work on the Frontier Pop site itself. After that, there should be no more issues with late, or half-done, issues. Additionally, I will be going back and adding to previously published issues from time to time, which is how the reader reaction section works, too. All issues are in play.



With the past two issues backlogged, I’m spending most of this issue catching up with what needs to be done. Hopefully, everything will be back on track with the next issue
This does not mean that this issue will be a whole lot about nothing, however. If you look at the format of this issue, you’ll see the format that will be used until all of that web site work is caught up.
Frontier Pop Issue 8: Catching Up.The Tampa independent film issue from two weeks ago had a ton of content written for it... I’m still writing it, and hope to have it all up by tomorrow. Last weeks issue was not even written, so I have to spend some time on that, too. All of the issue will at least be up and ready to read this week, however, as I don’t want to get too much behind. Obviously, I’ve been busy.
I’ll be busy in other ways, too. I just ordered some equipment for my indie film projects, and that equipment should be on had in a week or so. That equipment will go into immediate use, with principle photography of my Frontier View online television series beginning this month (I will have to have releases on me at all times, obviously). A mix of reality and scripted storylines, Frontier View will be a creative program in that grey area where the audience will have fun figuring out what is real, and what is not. It will not be a typical reality series, however (everyone knows that I hate reality TV), and will be more plot-driven, with lots of frosting added. Frontier View will be a series unlike anything ever seen before. It will be filming every day, with its pilot episode premiering online at FrontierView.Com, on the online film festival, and here on Frontier Pop roughly a year from now. Frontier View will also be a regular feature at the Tampa Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series starting in 2012. There is a lot about Frontier View which is classified, and cannot be disclosed at this time. Some concepts developed during my initial underground DJ days will be used, too, adapted for a visual format, as well as a version of the hyperscreen format developed for the Futura Television Series in 1993, which was way ahead of its time, and could be produced in the future, with few adjustments needed.
There is more news ahead. Read on.

NEWSTampa modeling portfolios, model testing, and modeling portfolio photography.

Speaking of film festivals, there is a lot of news on the film festival front.

Halloween Drive-In Underground Film Festival in Tampa Bay area on 10/10/10.
My first film festival, which will be a private, underground film festival, will be on October 10, 2010. This is the Halloween Drive-In, a horror film festival in a car, which was originally supposed to debut last year (and didn’t because it is only balanced for four people, and three of them called off last year at the last minute... It’s a small film festival which requires full attendance, which makes it tricky to pull off, unlike a larger film festival, even an underground one, with more than ten people. Was I pissed off about last year? You bet, and I still am! I still have not talked to the people who bailed on it, as it was very , very important to me, and still is). This year, I have special plans for it that I can not reveal, yet. I can say that we will be watching, and reviewing local indie horror films, such as Brainjacked and Spaventare, as well as some others. We will also pay our respects to the long-lost Halloween Horror Picture Show film festival, which the organizers gave up on.
This underground film festival may be one of a kind, and is expected to go down in local history as a legend because it may be the only Halloween Drive-In underground film festival in the “film festival in a car” format. There is an expanded version of the Halloween Drive-In, which is a lot different; it was supposed to debut this year, but had to be pushed back because this one was pushed back a year. Nothing has been decided, yet, however, although this Halloween Drive-In underground film festival will have some very cool surprises, surprises which may never be done again! Let’s just say that it will have a twist that will have a lot of people talking, and will attract a huge amount of attention after-the-fact. This first film festival will be very special in several ways (I would have a film festival under a tree in a moonlit meadow with three beautiful women, but I’ve been there, done that already.... except instead of films, we had a meteor shower).
I know, I know.... a film festival on my wrist. I’m kidding, of course (or, am I?)
Of course, the Halloween Drive-In underground film festival is the smallest film festival that I will be doing, as well as the smallest in the history of Tampa Bay. My underground film festivals will be mostly small, private parties, but I’m also planning an array of custom and conventional film festivals, which will be large film festivals open to the public, rivaling the best in the world. Which brings us to flagship film festival on mine, due to debut in just over two years. So, we start with the smallest...... and proceed to the mother of all game changers.....

Quiet Places
It’s official. In the near future, I will be remaking The Quiet Place, which was made back in late 2006, and was finished in 2007. The Quiet Place was a rush job, with mistakes made by a group of seasoned filmmakers because of all of the cut corners, and because many of these filmmakers were petty and unprofessional, working to sabotage each other and blame each other for the shortcomings of the short film.
Now, I don’t think that The Quiet Place was too bad of a film (See it at my Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival: The Quiet Place). It’s just that it was a case of lost potential. It could have, and SHOULD HAVE, been a LOT better. I read the original script by Chris Woods. It was really good. It’s when filmmaker Paul Guzzo neutered the script, cutting out most of the exposition and the character development, with limited time being the excuse, that the film was crippled. In my opinion, Paul either did not know the importance of developing characters and a good story to drive a film, or he did it on purpose. Hey, what better way to make yourself look good as a filmmaker than to undermine a film and make the other filmmakers look worse? That’s just my opinion, though, and is more speculation on my part, as Paul did do a good job on the newspaper props for the film, so who knows what happened there.
Although I merely helped out as a still photographer on the set of the film, and referred their lead actress, my friend Harmony Oswald, to the film production, and the film was not mine, I will be remaking the film as a demonstration that a good film can be made, using the same premise, with a smaller cast, a smaller crew, a smaller (but smarter) budget, and in less, if not the same, amount of time (Guzzo kept saying “but it was made in only ten days” as an excuse fo its shortcomings, but remember that the original Chris Woods script was really good before Guzzo started making cuts. I’d work with the original Woods script, but I will not steal another filmmakers work, will not work with that script without his permission, and I want a different direction for the story, besides. My original story, and script, is excellent, and maybe even better than the original; I’ll let the audience decide. Regarding the excuse of time, with the time spent writing the script taken into account, and preproduction, and the fact that Woods spent a whole lot more than 10 days editing the film, the only relevant time frame will be the time spent shooting the film. The original film took two days to shoot, and this new film should take roughly two days, too, making the limited time constraints nearly identical, and a non-issue. Although the limited time spent shooting the original film was tight, it was not the “rush job” that I indicated. The rush job was from all of the time wasted because of poor direction and organization, and not because they could not shoot the original script in two days. They could have! With all of the cuts in the script, and entire scenes not shot because there was no time to do so after the filmmakers wasted a lot of time undermining each other, Chris Woods did not have much to work with after the film was in the can). The only thing that I will take from the original film will be the premise. The Quiet Place remake, which will be called Quiet Places, will have a brand new script penned by me. I will be the director, the director of photography, the editor, the foley artist, and will be doing sound; unlike most Tampa filmmakers, I don’t have to farm out help on films because I don’t know each job. I a short film, I can do all of those jobs. I will even cast it, and I am thinking about casting Harmony Oswald and some of the original actors in the film.
So, despite some of the same actors, and the premise, the old Quiet Place and the new one will be quite different. The story that I came up with is even better, with less emphasis on horror and more emphasis on the loss that the main character has to deal with. There will be horror elements in the film, and the mood will be both creepy and spooky, but I’m more about well developed characters, portrayed by good actors, and telling a good story than I am in a badly shot, poorly lit, formulaic story-by-numbers with one dimension cardboard cutout characters, slamming doors, screaming, and hugging, which is all that the original seems to be about.
Expect Quiet Places to be produced in my first wave of short indie films, and it will be made after my first film (the title is classified), friendship (tentative title, and it will be a drama), The Point (a psychological creeper), Reverence (A horror film / psychological creeper), and Composure (a romantic drama); probably sometime in 2012, six years after the original.
I’m sure that the production of this film will be controversial (and I’m sure that people like Guzzo will give the excuse that the original is an inferior film only because they had to rush it, which won’t hold water because the same amount of time will be spent on this film, but with fewer resources), but I don’t care. Justice must be served on the original premise. None of the original filmmakers will be involved with the remake.

Frontier Film Festival
The Tampa Bay Film flagship film festival, a large annual film festival designed to defeat everyTampa headshots for talent, actors, and business film festival in the Tampa Bay area, now has a name: The Frontier Film Festival. It will also have an official film festival web site at FrontierFilmFestival.Com. The Tampa Film Showcase monthly film festival and professional networking event series, which will be held every month starting in 2012, will lead into the Frontier Film Festival. All of the other Tampa Bay Film film festivals, including the underground film festivals, also tie into the Frontier Film Festival. The Frontier Film Festival, due in early 2013, will be the most advanced film festival in the world. Details of this exciting film festival are classified. Frontier, Gasparilla, Sunscreen, Moving Image..... I put my money on Frontier dominating all!
The Frontier Film Festival will also tie into Frontier Pop.

My First Two Short Indie Films
I’m ready to begin production on my first two independent films, which will be short films. The first one will be in production in a few weeks, in October. The second one will be in production in December 2010.
I have several planned for 2011, but have a bit of logistics to go through. My Reverence short film is designed to be a simple film logistically, but because it is a cornerstone of the upcoming Reverence Film Festival, and a regular feature, I don’t want to use my existing equipment on it. My current camera is a standard definition camera which shoots at 30p (but, it can shoot in a 16:9 ratio, which is cool). I want to shoot Reverence at 24p, and in 1080P high definition (I’ll settle for i, but it’s not as good as p). Also, both Composure and The Point are set up to be relatively easy to do, but logistically, the are a little more difficult because they use more scenes that have to be set up.
I’ll be putting together a portfolio of short films which I’ll be able to show investors, as well as use to inspire filmmakers on low-budget filmmaking with good quality results.


Saw the new Robert Rodriguez movie Machete while working on this issue.
Didn’t have time to go to the theater, so I watched an underground screener (I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out, however). The movie was good. There was a fight scene with obvious De Palma influences (using the split screen like in the movie Carrie).



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Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 09/09/10: 0843

Bwa ha ha ha ha! I am watching you, C. A. Passinault. Although I must admit that Frontier Pop is a better designed site than I have, and it is organized far better, you will never defeat me if you do not update it on time, and with actual content. I sit back, and laugh in glee, every time that you publish a late issue, and make up some stupid excuse for the lateness, and then don't bother to finish it when you move on to the next one. At least I get mine done! Ha ha ha ha!

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