Frontier Pop Issue 9: Three Front War

FRONTIER POP: Frontier Pop Issue 9 - Three Front War: The Modeling and Talent Industry, Tampa Indie Film, and Photography.

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Three Front War: The Modeling and Talent Industry, Tampa Indie Film, and Photography Services Industry.

THREE FRONT WAR: Current Issue, Issue 9, Volume 1, for Tuesday, September 14, 2010. New Issue published every Tuesday, and updated throughout the week. Next issue due online September 21, 2010.


091410-0902 - Passinault: Issue 9 is now online! Going to spend a couple of days working on the site.

091610-0800 - Passinault: The current issue, "Three Front War", is now updated. Spent a good amount of time working, and completing, earlier issues which were in limbo.

091610-0905 - Passinault: Independent Modeling is preparing for a large reboot, maybe as soon as next week. word has it that recent design developments from the development of Frontier Pop will be used on the new site.

091710-0849 - Passinault: Finishing up the new Risk Analysis System on Independent Modeling. This will be the game changer for the modeling industry, and it will undermine modeling and talent agencies while crippling the "careers" of low-rent models and talent who refuse to invest in their careers.

091910-0450 - Passinault: Updated the review for the Tampa stage production "Women want everything!"; Added video files of scenes from the play. Also updated supporting files. A LOT needs to be done to the support sections of Frontier Pop, and these sections are a work in progress. On the subject of works in progress, both my event planning company and my stage production company are on hiatus until next year, at least, until I can get some details sorted out. Both companies will become very important in the next three years. Until then, I will focus on my photography and design services company, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, which is doing well. I continue to be one of the best modeling and talent photographers in Florida, and continue to lead the Tampa talent photography market. Expect me to shoot a lot more models in the near future.



Welcome to the 9th issue of Frontier Pop. We are just about caught up with our backlog of work, so, starting next issue, the issues should be completely up by Tuesday mornings.
This issue is an important one, for me, at least. As you know, I’ve been waging a war in the modeling industry since 2001, when my Independent Modeling site debuted. In 2004, I began waging another war against unethical photographers in the photography services industry. Frontier Pop Issue 9: Three Front WarLikewise, in late 2007, I began war on another front, this one addressing issues with Tampa indie film, and independent film as a whole.
To date, all three wars have been very effective, but they are still ongoing, with no end in sight for two thirds of them at the present time. The modeling and talent industry war has been going on a long time, and it’s about to become really interesting, with a new phase on the horizon. The photography war has been going on for over half of a decade, and it, too, is inspiring a lot of change. The Tampa indie film war is almost three years old, and although it was thought that it was coming to an end after the first year, it is ongoing. Some people just don’t know when to quit, and I keep defeating these people over and over again.
So, is fighting a war on three fronts wasting a lot of my time? Not at all. I’m positioned to profit handsomely from the modeling and talent industry war (I never thought that I could become rich taking pictures of models and talent, but when you enhance all of that with being a model and talent expert with some of the top modeling and talent resource sites in the world, I’m positioned to pull in a six figure salary from all of this as soon as next year!), as I pretty much have the independent talent movement all to myself. I’m the only one who is smart enough to invest in empowering models and talent, and I am convinced that this is the future. The modeling industry alone will be forever changed by what I’m doing now.
The photography services industry war is doing well, and I have a huge market advantage over
Tampa modeling portfolios, model testing, and modeling portfolio photography. the competition. This, too, is ongoing, and with what I will be doing in the next few weeks, there will be a massive marketing and sales race in the Tampa photography services market, led by me, of course.
The war in Tampa indie film has been most interesting, too. The resources poured into the war in the Tampa indie film scene has almost matched the resources that I’ve invested in with my other conflicts..... even the modeling industry war. Off of the top of my head, I own about eleven modeling and talent resource sites. I own about ten Tampa indie film sites, although some of those sites lack content, and are nowhere near as effective as my modeling and talent resource sites, for now. This will change.
My Tampa indie film war, however, has been brutally effective. It began in late 2007, and within a year, my efforts led to the failure of a monthly film festival, and the collapse of the Tampa indie film clique. The Tampa Bay Film sites are now the standard for the Tampa indie film scene, and it’s as it should be. Tampa Bay Acting, Independent Acting, and Tampa Bay Talent (a fourth site, an Independent Talent-type site will join the armada, but I have not decided upon a name, yet, as Independent Talent is already taken by a bunch of jerks who are more interested in controlling talent than in the independent talent movement. I did not like “Independent Performer” as a brand, and I already got rid of “Independent Talent Network”, which cybersquatters took, of course.) will augment the efforts of my Tampa Bay Film armada next year, as they serve to keep talent from wasting their time with poor Tampa films. By cutting off some of those filmmakers from talent, it will serve to encourage their departure from the industry.
One might think that fighting a long-term, three front war, which I’ve been doing since 2008, would be too much, and that I’d spread myself too thin, but that’s far from the case. I have been benefitting from the fruits of my efforts, I have a dominant position in each market, and my efforts in each individual market have enhanced my efforts in other markets. It’s been cost-effective, and has been very successful so far.
Which brings us to my predictions of what is to come. Read on, if you dare.

Please note: The term “War” as used in these examples, is a metaphor describing a fight for change. It is not a threat, or any sort of admission of wrongdoing, and any war that I describe is legal, professional, and ethical. These are wars for change in industries, and are strictly non-violent; they are wars fought with ideas, and with superior business models. Thank you.

The following conflict fronts are wars for change in industries. Unlike direct competition, these Tampa headshots for talent, actors, and businessefforts change the business environment permanently, and force all of the players to change their game.
People have said that I manipulate entire industries. While I do have that capability, and command the resources to do just that, I’d rather think of it as changing industries so all of the professionals who are involved can benefit.

Modeling and Talent Industry War
Conflict Started: September 2001. Estimated Initial Objectives Obtained (IOO): 2014.
It started with Independent Modeling. It then continued with Independent Acting, Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Advanced Model, Florida Modeling Career, and now, Tampa Bay Talent.
Reports indicate that I’ve cost the local industry at least 40 to 50% of their market share, and at least 30% of their market leverage since this all began. Efforts in this conflict have crippled modeling and talent scams, with a 65% reduction in modeling and talent scams. It is entering a new phase, now, and within two years, I expect some local modeling and talent agencies, and most of the modeling scams, to collapse, taking 80% of their market share, and at least 75% of their market leverage. With modeling scams, expect them to take a hit of up to 90% in the market.
Although there is a lot of money at stake, the fight in this war has been lukewarm at best, and it’s thought that it is because the players don’t have access to the information that I have, and that they do not see me as a threat to their business. This will change in the next couple of years. I expect this conflict to increase substantially, and expect to be the target of lawsuits as certain enterprises are undermined in the market. My legal team is working on defenses, as well as strong counter suits, which would be used once I start my rounds in court.
This is worth it, especially since my latest numbers indicate that my investment has turned into a potential gold mine, a gold mine which I have yet to really work.

Photography Services Industry War
Conflict Started: 2004. Estimated Initial Objectives Obtained (IOO): 2011
This conflict is getting interesting. The photography services market, especially the Tampa modeling and talent photography services market, is weak. With a full roll out of an agenda that I’ve spent the past seven years working on, and testing, I’ll take the Tampa market by next year.
I expect the fight to be moderate, but with all of the photographers who I have caught stealing from me over the years, I expect a lot of copy cats and counterfeits. In some cases, I may have to take legal action against some photographers.

Tampa Indie Film War
Conflict Started: 2007. Estimated Initial Objectives Obtained (IOO): 2015.
This conflict is going to be a long one, especially since short term money is scarce. Although I scored a major victory in the first year, the war continued on. By 2015, I expect to have dominant leverage of the Tampa indie film market, and to become the top player. My investment into indie films, indie film web sites, film festivals, and indie film events will give me the market.



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The review for the Tampa stageplay "Women want everything!" was updated on 09/19/10. This was one of the first things published on Frontier Pop, and was online before the site officially launched. We added video excerpts of the play (and may add those videos to the Tampa Bay Film online film festival, as well).



Independent Modeling has just been updated, and will see a major relaunch this month!


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Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 09/14/10: 1010

I hate you, Passinault! Hate you! You destroy markets and the jobs in the markets that you target in your crusades. You are a bastard, you hear! Do you?!?!? I, evil Nolan, hate the way that you single-handedly took away the readers of my glorious, trend-setting Tampa pop culture web site. First, you discourage and eliminate the Tampa Film Review and the Tampa film community with your mighty Tampa Bay Film sites, and you make Paulie cry like a little bitch. Then, you target my illustrious pop culture fanzine, and you are putting me out of business. I hate, and despise, that you are smarter than I am, that you are a better writer than I am , that you know more than I do, that you have real friends when I don't, that you are better looking than I am, that you smell better than I do, that you are friends with models and actors, that you are cooler than I am, that you are far more witty than I am, that you have a cool car while I am stuck with an old bicycle, that I haven't been laid in 40 years (and then, when I wasn't impotent and fat, and I could see what I was doing, I could only make love to myself), and that you design better web sites than I can. Frontier Pop blows away my pop culture site, in every way, and I simply cannot compete! What's next? You going to take my writers, too? You ARE better than I am in every way, and I hate you for it! I always wanted to be you, and I can't do it! Curse you, Passinault!

Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt - Posted 09/14/10: 1033

Passinault is trying to destroy me! He is a psycho! He slams my films in his reviews, and badmouths me to everyone. That's why my films are not as good as they could be, and why people tell me that my filmmaking sucks! He is poisoning the thoughts of others toward me!!

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