Frontier Pop Issue 50: The Love Issue - C. A. Passinault

FRONTIER POP: Frontier Pop Issue 50 - The Love Issue - February 2013

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Off The Wagon - The Love Issue - Back on Track

The Love Issue

We love it, and so do you!

The Love Issue : Current Issue, Issue 50, Volume 3, for February, 2013. New Issue published every month, and updated throughout the month. Next issue due online March 2013.

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080213-0900 - Passinault: Although this issue was written and completed in February 2013, I misplaced it because of the delays updating Frontier Pop and a ton of my other sites due to the web site work from last year. Resuming work on Frontier Pop, I just fond the text content for the issue on my Palm TX PDA the other day; I guess I had some down time when I was out and about, and wrote it on the PDA with my pocket keyboard. So, in August, I will now be publishing the February issue along with the new issue for August, at the same time. Expect to see a lot of screwed up dates on issues that are published retroactively as I catch up the site; there will be a lot of dated issues written by subject and organized by subject, and it will take me well into 2014 to get Frontier Pop up to spec. This site, as cool as it is, needs a LOT of work, as some sections are half done, some issues incomplete, some issues barely started, and others not even done. One day, some way, this site will be complete, and then will run smoothly. To catch up, even though this is a monthly publication, I will have to do two or more issues a month. New old issues will be referenced and linked from the current issues as they are published.



Frontier Pop Issue 50: The Love Issue - C. A. PassinaultWelcome to the 50th issue of Frontier Pop, for February, 2013. This is our very first annual love issue, and it is a special issue. While we all realize that Frontier Pop is more about pop culture, media, entertainment, current event topics, video games, lifestyles, cyber culture, and indie everything creative or professional, the subject of love would fall under the lifestyles category, for sure.
Fanboys, as we all are aware of, are not exactly popular. They don't fit in. Due to their weird interests, poor social skills, and horrible hygiene (Nolie), fanboys often find it hard to find love. Some of them even turn to each other out of frustration, and delude themselves into accepting relationships which are not normal.
This is why many fanboys are secretly gay.
Enough of the fanboys, though, because this issue of Frontier Pop is not really for them. This issue is an exploration of love and romantic relationships in the modern world, all in time to celebrate Valentines Day!
Fanboys aren't really interested in such things, so while they sit around licking each other's bald spots and rolling around in flour, we will explore love and relationships.

Is there someone for you?

The answer is yes, of course, but finding that someone special is up to you. Also, despite the pro-gay propaganda out there, you'll probably be much happier seeking out someone of the opposite sex, regardless of what others try to tell you. While being gay is fine, and homosexuals and lesbians deserve equal (just not special, unless they are special ed) rights, keep in mind that it is not a common orientation, especially as common as the militant homosexuals would like you to believe, and it is not the same as the civil rights movement that some militant homosexuals try to hijack. It's also fine to be heterosexual, and to not have the beliefs of others forced upon you. Heterosexuals have rights too, and since there are two genders for obvious biological reasons, this issue of Frontier Pop will address heterosexual love, which we are all a product of.
I wish that I could say that there is such a thing as love at first sight, or the "perfect" relationship. While the former is possible, though unlikely, the latter cannot exist because, frankly, human beings are not perfect. Relationships are not perfect, regardless of how emotionally secure the people who are involved are, because we are all different, and all have our individual strengths and weaknesses.
Relationships are a personal investment, and they take time and work. Sadly, too many people get hung up on superficial things such as appearance, which is not constant, and which a relationship cannot be built upon. As a result, many people cheat themselves because they do not give others a chance, and tend to go after others whom they find to be attractive. This is one reason that many relationships do not last.
Relationships are about finding common ground, which cements the foundation of the relationship, and they take work. Regarding the foundation of relationships, that foundation is made of trust and communication, because like the Sandcastle built upon the sand, a relationship without a solid foundation is weak, and cannot stand.
Some out there may think that a relationship with a significant other can "save" them, and complete their life. That is a common misconception. There are many people with self esteem or identity problems who flounder around in a world of contradicting, complex messages, and they define who they are by always being in a relationship. These are mistakes, and they do not last. There are people, often the same ones just described, who latch onto someone because of shallow, superficial reasons such as appearance, and then try to base their relationships on things such as sex. This is why there are so many STD's and other problems in their lives, and why sex loses its meaning to them. They are never happy, and their constant "relationships" do not last.
Sex and looks are icing and sugar, and while they are nice, and make a relationship much more pleasant, you cannot base a relationship upon them. Besides, they are not a constant. What are you going to do in a few decades when you both look different? What are you going to do one day when you can no longer perform?

Finding that someone
As the writer of this issue, I know what to do, which is obvious. I've just chosen not to. For many years, I've had girlfriends, all of whom were models and who had a lot in common with me, but we never got to far into any relationship because of my trust issues. As a result, the relationships that we have had were more like episodes in our lives rather than the lasting connection that these women deserved.
It was my fault, except for Tiffany, for which things went way too fast. Of them all, I would have to say that it was Diana with whom I had the most regrets, because it was with her that I made mistakes. I don't blame her a bit.
I simply was not ready to commit at that time.
I used to think that I was punishing myself by keeping women, and most people, at a distance. Recently, however, I've come to realize that this was not the case at all. I was angry, had trust issues, and, indeed, I was punishing them all by keeping them away, and depriving them of my company. In the end, however, this was not fair to them, nor was it fair to me, so I would have to say that, by default, I was also punishing myself.
The anger and the trust issues stemmed back to Samantha and Kristen, and the irony is that I was never romantically involved with Kristen, whom I did have feelings for. Kristen was beautiful, talented, and smart, but she had serious self esteem issues which enabled others, who were jealous of her, to take advantage of her. The day that I found out through an instant message exchange with one of her friends, who thought that I was a male co worker at a store that they all worked at, that her friends were basically pimping her out to guys so that they could "keep her in her place", things did not go well. Kristen did some very questionable things in the wake of that revelation, and in the end, we went our separate ways. I miss her, but I do not miss some of the crazy, horrible things that she did. She and some guy married, and I hope that she has finally sorted things out and is living a happy life, even if she believes a lie about me which she chose to believe because it eased her guilt about ending our friendship. Deep down, however, I feel that she knows that I did not do anything wrong. She'd be an idiot to believe otherwise, and I'm sure that she figured out that she was manipulated into believing a lie by her so-called "manager" because he saw me as a threat, both professionally and personally.
Samantha was an entirely different story. In my opinion, she was, and still is, a sociopath.
Samantha has serious problems. She was a liar, she was promiscuous, and she didn't really love me like she claimed, as her actions betrayed her words. She was also petty and vindictive, and tried to sabotage me in the end. In that end, she herself was played, and she was manipulated by a con artist who bought her. I'd like to think that they deserve each other, because she proved that she certainly did not deserve me.
She did not play anyone but herself; she married the fat man, a man who, in my opinion, was not a good person. I did love her, however, and even though she made a mockery of true love, there will never be quite how I felt about her with anyone else.
I suppose that time will tell all in regards to that, as there is a woman out there who truly deserves me.
The bottom line is that the person that you are looking for needs to be grounded and psychologically balanced. If they have issues or are mentally ill, let them find someone else like them, and move on. You need to find someone who compliments and balances you. Don't think that you can save anyone or "fix" them, because it does not work. With Samantha, I thought that I could save her, but only she could do that, and in the end, she did not. The girl that I loved, that person that she was on the inside, grew cold from the world and died. The manipulative sociopath that she became, in my opinion, found someone who was her kind, and that is fine by me. It's amusing that he had to anchor their "relationship" by making her have kids, as that was the substitute that he had for his lack of trust. As a self-described "businessman", however, he is really stupid, IMO, because he bought a lemon. Samantha had more sex partners than I, or she, could count, by her early 20's, the time that he bought her, and she had a lot of miles on her. He could have had her for the price of a hamburger, but instead spent way too much to procure her. I used to treat her to fine dining at five star restaurants, such as the Rusty Pelican, which I am sure was lost on her (I recently discovered that it wasn't, although I am sure that the douche bag that she married never took her to a real fine dining experience because that is not his style. He is a Hooters and Wing House sort of guy, which fits, perfectly, as he is, IMO, blue collar white trash. IMO, those places are tacky and have crappy food, which he and she deserve), and today, I feel that she isn't worth buying a Big Mac for. Really.
There is a special place in hell for people like that.
Speaking of hell, it reminds me of my biblical upbringing, and I recall a passage in the bible which speaks of couple being unequally yoked. The Ox-drawn cart imagery aside, as well as the religion/faith meaning, it makes a point. When you are open to dating and getting into a relationship with another person, make sure that they are at the same speed that you are, and, if you are opposites in some way, that you balance each other out. If you are educated, don't waste your time with someone who is uneducated. If you have your act together and are professional and responsible, don't try to date someone who is a druggie whore.
While it is not cool to judge anyone, or to think that you are better than anyone else, this does not mean that you should throw good taste and good judgement away. Be selective, and give others a chance in your selection process as you weed out people who are not a good match for you.
If you are insecure, or are looking for a relationship to define who you are as a person, don't try to date anyone. Get your issues resolved before you try to date, and make sure that you are looking for a relationship to enhance your life, rather than to define it.
If you are insecure and needy, it will be very difficult to find that special someone, and in most cases, people will take advantage of you, which will only feed into the cycle of unfulfilling, perpetual dating. Oh, and sex. Lots of awful, shallow, disease-plagued sex. Statistically speaking, with one in five people, which is 20%, permanently infected with herpes, I figure that Samantha, who has had a lot of sexual partners (I'd list the ones that I know of, but the list is so long that it would overload the search engines and risk crashing the Internet), has herpes, if not other diseases. I speculate that the fat bastard con artist that she married has VD, too, which is why he did not mind having sex with her and reproducing, creating the spawn from hell (I'm sure that those kids are as sharp as tacks, as well as classy. I'd think that children who are the product of inbreeding and meth would be smarter). I, on the other hand, am into quality, and never had sex with her (which I cannot say about the friends of her second husband, who used to be my best friend. As far as I know, I'm the only friend of his who did not have sex with her, which is interesting considering that he blames his disaster with her on me). Hey, I loved her, which I did not have control over, but I did not act on it, which I did have control over. I will not pay for the mistakes of others, either.

The search
In the closing of this issue of Frontier Pop, and I should use this information myself as advice to myself, I admit, you should leave no stone unturned in your search.
This said, you also need to keep your priorities in line, and not make it your reason for being. Finding others to date and having a relationship should never be a goal that you go overboard in obtaining. It should be a benefit of simply living your life for you, and interacting with others. If you do not try too hard, you will find others who interesting, will date, and will find relationships that are worth having.


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Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt - Posted 02/24/12: 2212

PASSINAULT! How dare you! You have crossed the line even more, now! You are a piece of S..T, you! Next time I see you, I’m going to hit you in the face! Well, I don’t care what you write on this hate site! No one really reads it! You havent been able to destroy me before, and you wont be able to do it, ever! At least I make films and have been published! You only write about films and publish web sites that no one reads! You only slam the real filmmakers in Tampa Bay, and you are a joke and a sore on the indie film community!

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 09/21/10: 0852

This is pure fantasy and far-out, make-believe speculation. Passinault rewrites the facts about history to make himself look good. That “pop culture site” that he keeps referring to was first in Tampa Bay, and Frontier Pop, for whatever good that it does, did not exist until 2010, and even then it was not published or updated regularly (At least I finished my issues!). Nice to see that he thinks that he is a time traveler now, and now states that Frontier Pop was around in 1998. Passinault is not longer satisfied in thinking that he is better than all of us. He is now telling people that he was first, too. Film festivals are parties in 1988? Making independent films with Tampa filmmakers in 1993? I’ve never heard about any of this until now! Also, glad to see that you finally figure out how to make a paragraph on your web site. I guess that it is so that you can edit your fantasy-filled history better! Passinault SHOULD be a writer, though, because he has one hell of an imagination, even if it has no basis in reality. Ha ha!
I should also add that Passinault tries to do too much, and tries too hard to be an expert in everything. He has so many stupid web sites that he can’t publish anything regularly on them, or do a good job when he does!

Tez Nutjob Tez - Posted 09/21/10: 0815

He can’t beat the podcast, Nolan, so now he says that it is good! Whatever.... Nice way to admit to defeat. I would like to see Passinault make a podcast, if he can. I’ll listen to it just to laugh. It’s also funny that, despite announcing his so-called “podcast”, that he hasn’t done it yet. Like every one of his other projects in his long list of projects, it will always be “next year”. Ha ha! That’s brilliant.... He can announce things and take credit for doing them without actually doing them! Too bad he will not actually get anywhere going on like that, and no one will take him seriously! How long has he been working on his film festivals? 10 years? When will we ever see one? Oh, no, we will just keep reading about them! At least reading about what he is going to do (next year) is entertaining, and it gives us ideas!

Crazed Blog Grrl Crazed Blog Grrl - Posted 09/21/10: 0823

He did NOT put me out of business! I am still blogging! I just have not had the time lately because I have been dealing with personal issues. What kind of MAN beats up on a woman online constantly? Passinault is a bully! I am being persecuted!
I also agree that Passinault only talks about things. He is all talk and no action. How can he compete with us if he does not ever do anything? I guess that is one way to claim that you won’t fail. His projects take way too long, and all that I see are endless web sites with long-winded rants.

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Pot, meet kettle. We see right through you people and your defensive bitching on here. The history on here is accurate, and not revisionist. You people are just sore losers. Passinault has already stated, numerous times, that Frontier Pop had its roots in Colony Alpha, which launched in 1998, as well as his other web sites. Just because you people are arrogant enough to assume that, just because you haven’t heard of it, that it did not happen does not change the fact that it did happen. You are all in denial, and are accusing Passinault, once again, of what you are all guilty of. Everyone knows that Passinault did not start this feud, and that he did not do anything wrong when you all began discriminating against him and slandering him behind his back, in an attempt to discredit him because you were afraid of competing with him. That is so pathetic and unprofessional! When Passinault stuck up for himself and fought back, you guys would not admit that you were beat, and instead tried to say that he was crazy. Passinault is right, and he still hasn’t done anything wrong, unlike the rest of you neurotic, unethical, insecure, idiotic fools! No one respects you people. Everyone knows the_truth!
Oh, and Tez, you might want to check your comments. I recall Nolan saying the same thing about Passinault competing with his site, and when Passinault finally did, with Frontier Pop, it made Nolan regret those statements. Passinault easily defeated Nolan, and he will easily defeat, you, too, emo-boy! If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that Passinault has a hell of a lot more experience than you do doing podcast-like programs, as he was doing podcasts, while breaking music, many years before podcasts even existed. From 1990 to 1998, he did a lot of releases as an underground DJ, and even though that was a long time ago, they all blew away your current “podcasts”! If you people have been reading the Tampa DJ Blog, which I believe that you have, you would know that Passinault knows what he is doing, and that he is better at these things than you people will ever be. He will eventually get his podcast program going, and I’d bet everything that it will make your podcasts look pathetic, just like Frontier Pop made the pop culture site look pathetic. He beat you. He will continue to beat you. You people can’t accept that, and are angry little people who hate someone because they are real and talented. Everyone knows! Your insecurities are obvious, not to mention pathetic! Oh, and Joeba, your ego writes checks that your talent and skill cannot cash; you rely upon others to do your films, and your insistence on writing the scripts and casting yourself in the lead cripples your films, IMO.

Muse Boy - Posted 07/20/10: 0803
Frontier Pop is a HATE site against Nolan and Tez! Passinault needs to concentrate on writing good content on this site instead of constantly SLAMMING the good, talented people of the Tampa Bay arts and pop culture community. He is a no-talent, angry looser who spends all of his time criticizing what is wrong instead of doing something to fix it. Stop stating the obvious, and attacking innocent people, and do something to make things better! What a looser! Nolan and Tez should sue Passinault for slander!

Bill LumberghBill Lumbergh - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

Yeah. Right. What’s happening? I have been reading this site, and the ones who are in the wrong, IMO, are the fanboys who are sore losers and keep complaining about Passinault. Passinault is right. Yeah.........

General Zod, ruler of planet Houston General Zod - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

You insane fanboys are not worthy of kneeling before me, your lord Zod! You fanboys are idiots and the real losers. Passinault is the only one who can stand before me, as he is truly powerful. Now, everyone else can kneel before me and pledge their allegiance to me!

Stevie BeetleStevie Beetle - Posted 11/23/10: 0915

Passinault is spending too much time sucking off his gay lovers. Speaking on behalf of the fanboy and pop culture community in Tampa Bay, he is a pretentious hate monger who attacks the real talent and the enthusiasts in the Tampa Bay area.

Michael J. Michael - Posted 07/20/10: 1939

Who you calling gay, you fat beetle? I would know a gay person, and Passinault is not gay! Sounds to me like it is wishful thinking on your part, and that you are wishing that Passinault were gay for your own self-serving needs. Come out of the closet, fanboys! Woooooooo!

Changeling Changeling - Posted 09/21/10: 1019

Sounds like the fanboys cannot debate with Passinault, and have to resort to slander, accusing him of things that they cannot prove. Makes sense. The fanboys, which include Nolan and his friends, cannot compete with Passinault and are afraid of competing with him, so they try to assassinate his character with lies. I guess that slander is the new way of discriminating against someone and getting away with it. Except that Passinault did not allow you all to get away with the unethical tactics that you have used against people before, tactics of slander which you continue to use. He fought back, called you out for what you do, and made you accountable. Now, you are all sore losers, and someone with the integrity and the courage to fight back against you makes you all mad. All of your B.S. only proves that Passinault won, and continues to win.

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Right? These fanboys are losers... Fat, balding losers. Now, I am not superficial, like some models are, and I do not judge people based upon their appearance. I give them a chance. It’s just that I am really happy when these fat, balding losers lend credibility to the stereotypes that their appearance inspires; they are exactly as they are perceived when you first lay eyes upon them. Nolan smells badly, too, in my opinion, and I laughed out loud when I read in the history on Tampa Bay indie film that he has been wearing the same shirt, without washing it, for years. Disgusting! Fanboy stench will keep all of you from dating and getting a girl, or guy, I gather from the thinly-veiled closet mentalities that you all have. I can’t help but imagine the fanboys becoming the human centipede as they all train each other in smelly passion, their heads bobbing in unison for the few moments that they last. How fitting, literally!
God, that is so sick. It’s funny, too, at their expense!
No wonder these insane fanboys are so fanatical about whatever it is that they are into. No one loves them, and they need something to give their pathetic lives a purpose!
I bet that Passinault regrets ever meeting these losers and trying to help them out with their indie film projects, especially as dishonorable as they behaved when they backstabbed him.
Oh, and to Nolan and Tez’s remarks about Passinault not getting anything done, and just writing. Well, he HAS accomplished a lot. You people only see what you want to see.

Bill LumberghBill Lumbergh - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

Ew. Yeah.


Non Non - Posted 11/24/11: 1124



Kendrix - Frontier Pop staff writer Kendrix - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

Passinault has been a great help and an inspiration for the real artists and professionals in the Tampa Bay area. He has our support. The so-called “fanboys” are idiots, in my opinion, as well as fools who need help and reject it when it comes along. They cannot succeed. If you look at all of the dedication and hard work that Passinault has done, he will succeed, and no one will be able to stop him. The fanboys need to know that using slander to attack someone’s credibility backfires, and it is a stupid tactic!

Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt - Posted 02/24/12: 2212

I am not fat! I am not! I’m going to put you in your place, Monica, do you hear me?!?! Your writhing skinny-ass model body will be in my clutches, soon, and I will make you pay for your silly words!

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Keep dreaming, fat boy. Maybe you should try putting yourself in your place, if you can find it. You’re pathetic, you sleazy clown. Why does it seem that you are someone who tries to take things from people? Get laid from something who will consent to being with you, if you can find such a thing. Maybe then you will stop being so insecure and whiney.

Muse Boy
Everyone knows that all of the readers on this site are fake characters which Passinault makes up! I want a fake readers profile, too! If Passinault had real readers, he would not have to hide behind these made-up characters. Passinault is lonely and pathetic. Paul said that Passinault has no friends or supporters. Ha!

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Just because we do not post real pictures does not mean that we are fake, muse boy. Hey, weren’t you the one who failed with their web site? Aren’t you the hyper, neurotic fanboy who claims one thing and then does another? Anyway, I’m sure that Passinault is such a good writer, and has such a powerful imagination, that all of his friends are made-up. All of the models and talent that he hangs out with, and is seen in public with, must be imaginary! All of the models and talent in his photographs must be make-believe, too! Also, the actresses that he referred to your indie film projects back in the day, before he found out that you all were slandering him behind his back, must be imaginary, too! Harmony and Sarah must be make-believe characters that Passinault just made-up! For imaginary characters, you all seemed to be eager to try to get them to help you with other projects, and then were made when they refused to help you because they found out that you fanboys were a bunch of fakes, and you slandered Passinault. I wonder what you guys will do now that you have been cut off from good actresses and models. Oh, that’s right, the latest Chris Woods films already answered that. Those actresses are disgusting, and they can’t act, either!
Just because you idiots convince yourselves that your lies are the truth does not make it reality. You know what is going on. You’re just mad because Passinault and his actress friends refuse to help you anymore.

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

I’m not going to dignify the slander with a response. I’m sure that all of the players on here, especially the angry fanboys, most of whom are pissed off because I put their pop culture site out of business with Frontier Pop, know the reality of the situation.
I know who I am, and so do my friends. The fanboys really lost when they proved to me that they could not be trusted, and I stopped helping them. Now, they are in the position where they are forced to compete with me, and I am sure that it is frustrating for them when they discover that they cannot compete with me.
They screwed up. They are certainly reaping what they have sowed this time. They also regret starting with me, as I have put them in their place, and will continue to do so.
I will address the “always next year” criticism that is always leveled at me. First of all, the history that I write about is real and has happened. Nothing can undo that. I know it happened, and that is all that is important, and that’s good enough for me. Others, however, including my friends, also know what happened. Just because some idiots go around saying that none of this happened does not make it true, and they cannot take my accomplishments away with their lies.
It is true that some of my plans are taking longer to do than I want. That happens to everyone, and in most cases, the only mistake that I made would be announcing those projects well before I was in position to do them. Anticipating future market conditions, and what the market will need, however, is one of the things that I do well, and I will continue to do that. I plan years ahead, and have long-term plans. It’s jut amusing that none of my critics will admit to what I HAVE done, even when they themselves witnessed it. I actually have a better track record than most, especially them, and often it is not a question of “if”, but rather “when”. With the indie films and the film festivals, etc, the economy has had a lot to do with what I have been able to do. Another ongoing issue is that I do have a lot going on, and it slows down progress on some projects, especially when those projects may be dependent upon other projects to be in place, first, before they can proceed. Sometimes, you just have to do what you can do, and continue to work toward what you want to do. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Although everyone fails every now and then, and no one can claim a perfect success rate, my success rate has always been far better than what others can claim. In the case of these projects which are interconnected, it may delay them and make it tougher to make them happen, but I need to take the time to do them right, and will not compromise their integrity by taking short cuts like others do, especially since cutting corners and rushing out half-baked events and other projects increase the likelihood that they WILL fail. Also, market conditions have to be right for some projects. I will do these things when they are ready. I do not answer to the fanboy critics, either. After all, I know what I am doing, and cannot be blamed for things such as NolanCon, which was aptly named, in my opinion. Wait and see. Soon, all of these complaints will be rendered pointless. Eventually, many of my events and projects will happen, and I am confident that they will also succeed. At any rate, who’s up for next year’s NolanCon convention, where we can all learn to believe about UFO’s and old B movies that no one, except for a handful of obsesive fanboys with bad taste, cares about? I thought so!

Carrie Fishface
All of the indie filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area are so talented! I love all of the films that you do!

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

If you say so, Carrie. Read my reviews on Tampa Bay Film, and your eyes will be opened. Right now, indie film in Tampa Bay sucks, IMO, and that is why no one respects, or likes, films which are made here. That is also why, IMO, indie film in Tampa Bay is not on the map, and unless some talented, professional people do something about it, it never will be. It is my opinion that current filmmakers are not good enough, or even that talented, and we need a new generation of indie filmmakers to make the Tampa Bay indie film scene happen.

Who is this Monica? Is it Passinault again? Pretending to be actresses is just sad, Passinault! My actresses in my latest films are awesome, and they are real! At least I am still making films, which Passinault has yet to do! Idiots!

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

Passinault again? What is that supposed to imply? Again? I wasn’t aware that there was a first time, that you can prove. Also, both Harmony and Sarah are both quite real, unless you are now claiming that you are so mentally weak that I convinced you that these actresses were real (and it would not explain how they were captured on film, either). You know that my friends, actresses, and models are real. You also know that I have delivered on all of my promises, such as referring you great, talented actresses. You are jut mad, now, that you’ve been cut off from my actresses, and now you just want to claiming that they were never real to begin with. Delusional much? From your latest casting efforts, it is my opinion, as a casting director, that you are now getting your talent from the bottom of the barrel, and it is hurting your films. Your actors are hard on the eyes, and they cannot act! Their lack of skill acting destroys the integrity of your films? What, you cannot even get attractive women to act in your films without me helping you? If you must cast actresses who cannot act, at least get attractive ones. My actresses are all attractive, and more importantly, they can all act! I think that you are just made because the actress friends of mine whom you are aware of don’t want to work with you (and they won’t if I don’t refer them, although this should not be an issue, and you should not be upset, if they are truly make-believe), and you will never work with the ones whom you are not aware of. Those talented actresses will be too busy working in my films, anyway, which will be worth working on. Are your films worth working on, well, anymore? They used to be! Not so much anymore, and that’s sad, because of all of the current independent filmmakers in Tampa Bay, you actually have talent. It’s too bad that your most recent films are sloppy and poor efforts.
Also, although my indie filmmaking projects have been delayed, they will eventually happen, and when that happens, I will endeavor to make some of the best independent films ever made in the Tampa Bay market. While I cannot guarantee that they will be the best films ever made, many of them will be completely original works of art, and it will not be for lack of effort on my part, or on the part of my team. There is a good chance, however, that my films, even my low-budget short films, will be better than the other films, however, especially when the bar is currently quite low. Part of my agenda, however, is to inspire a new generation of indie filmmakers in Tampa Bay, and I would love to see new filmmakers make better films than mine. One thing that the old filmmakers never realized is that competition is good for the market, and should not be feared. They only fear it because they are insecure, and are afraid of competition. Competition, however, inspires innovation, and THAT will be what puts Tampa Bay independent film on the map of indie film worldwide.

I am watching you, Passinault. Don’t you wish that you knew who I was? You could run into me at one of our film festivals, and you would never know that it was me. Mmmmmmmmmm........

Monica Stevens
I think that the reason that many of the filmmakers in Tampa Bay are paranoid, and they make up things alleging people that they do not like is that they are obsessed with making horror films where people are getting killed. Garbage in, garbage out; if you live, eat, and breath that stuff, you will think it. You will also act like it. That Truth character, for example, is, in my opinion, a coward who hides behind a false identity, just to follow and harass people. He is the sock puppet of some sad filmmaker who has to hide so that they can lash out.

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

And now you know why one of the reasons that I am delaying my events is because I need to take security precautions. I’m certainly not paranoid, but with some of these people acting like psychos toward me, and some cyberstalker calling himself the-truth “watching” me, I need to be careful. I’m sure that the_truth is a pissed off filmmaker who was angry that I called him out, and is trying to intimidate me with some alter-ego which cannot be verified (I have verified who this person was, of course, because they made the mistake of going onto one of my web sites. I obtained their I.P. from the logs, traced it back, and I know who they are. If they show at one of my events, I will certainly have them removed, and trespassed, if they persist. I could also get them for cyber stalking, I am sure).
At any rate, when Frontier Pop took out the pop culture site, which includes its screwed-up message board, and put them out of business, the_truth no longer had a place to haunt. I think that they are a coward for not revealing their identity. Also, the other filmmakers from the message board were too stupid to realize that the name “the_truth” was an insult to them, as it implied that they were full of crap. I think that this entire Truth crap is pathetic, and an ongoing obsessive attempt from a filmmaker to attack a critic while insulting other filmmakers. Could it be that the filmmaker who is responsible for The_Truth is the one who vocally had the most problem with them? Talk about trying to get attention and sympathy by generating your own “drama” and your own worst critic. Right, Joeba?
People like the_truth only persist if people react to them, and play their game, too. This is Frontier Pop, and it is not that lame message board. I can prevent them from posting here, and ignore them. The_truth will no longer be able to post here. I’m done entertaining them. It’s over. Of course, if they plan on taking it to the next level, well, they will have legal problems. Is it worth it? I didn’t think so!

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