Frontier Pop Issue 49: Off The Wagon: Videogame Industry Special.- C. A. Passinault

FRONTIER POP: Frontier Pop Issue 49 - Off The Wagon: Videogame Industry Special - January 2013

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Indie Film Revolution In Tampa Bay - Off The Wagon - The Love Issue

Off The Wagon

Videogame Industry Special

Off The Wagon: Videogame Industry Special: Current Issue, Issue 49, Volume 3, for January, 2013. New Issue published every month, and updated throughout the month. Next issue due online February 2013.

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010313-0900 - Passinault: Getting Frontier Pop back on track, and resuming regular monthly publication of issues, as well as work on past issues and work on new past issues to make our issue numbers and volumes complete. New past issues will be more subject based, and will retroactively be published, much like I will be doing with reviews of film festivals of the past on Tampa Bay Film for coverage continuity (those reviews, especially ones which I did not physically attend, will have disclaimers noting this so that the readers are not misled in any way). 2013 will also see major upgrades and overhauls to Frontier Pop, as well as the launch of new features such as our podcast series (I am getting a Yeti microphone for my podcasts and DJ work, such as my GEN 5 releases as DJ Frontier). In a few months, few will remember that there were ever gaps in out publishing history, as the past issues will be published and updated, as will close the gap, and new issues will be published and updated regularly. As new issues are published, Frontier Pop will tackle more current events, and will address them.
By 2014, when everything is caught up, Frontier Pop will see some very ambitious issues published, as more resources will be made available. This does not mean that the issues of 2013 will not be worth the time to read, however, as all of our issues will be compelling, entertaining, and informative. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are working on new standards and better things for the future.
The reason that we have had publishing gaps in our schedule, with 2012 by far being the most extreme offender, with 10 missing issues out of 12 at the time of this writing, is that I had to address major web site issues in May 2012, and it could not be helped. It will take the rest of 2013 to fix that (those 10 missing issues of 2012 will be published in 2013, and referenced from current issues of Frontier Pop, as they are published; remember that all past issues remain in-play, and are updated regular, as past issues are more subject-relevant). I’ll get more into that later in this issue.

011513-0850 - Passinault: Finishing up this issue of Frontier Pop. Work on Independent Modeling delayed the completion of this issue. Independent Modeling is deployed, now, so I now have time. Will be spending the next two weeks working on by Aurora PhotoArts web sites, marketing, business support, and related work. I already have the February issue of Frontier Pop in the works, and it is going to be about love. Expect lots of hearts, and those special ladies out there can be mine (I miss being in school and getting those cool heart candies with messages inscribed on them around this time of the year, as well as getting cards from the girls)! Specifically, it will be about insecure people whom define who they are as an individual by who they are involved with, true love, false love, fanboys lusting over things that they cannot have (“hot” chicks... Come on guys, you’re pathetic!), and relationships in general. I do realize that this will be weird territory for a pop culture and entertainment web site, but I’ve always believed that this all ties in with our social dynamics, so the social aspects of our lives will also be covered. Also, it’s going to be Valentine’s day, for crying out loud, and those of us who do have relationships have much to celebrate and cherish! The only ones who I think will not be able to related to the special love and relationships issue will be the fanboys out there, although I believe that it can help in an area of their lives where they are usually severely lacking in. I hope to make fanboys less pathetic, and, at least, help them to pursue relationships with the opposite sex. I also hope to let a fangirl out there to know that she can find love again, once she stops kissing the asses of the fanboys. Everything will be alright! I may not love the fanboys, but someone might once they get some direction and balance in their lives. I do love the fact, and the overwhelming perception, that a pop culture hate site that used to be filled with bitchy insecure fanboys (only a tiny few remain) has fallen on their fat ass, and other than a few good, but sporadically published podcasts (and I still think that they got the idea when Frontier Pop announced that we have a podcast coming), it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be.
Oh, and speaking of podcasts...... The official Frontier Pop podcast, Horizons, will begin production in the Spring (I am investing in a Yeti USB/ XLR professional microphone for podcast work, and already have the DV camera. The DV camera will be the same one which I will be shooting my first short indie films with), and will have two to three 30 minute programs per month. I will also be producing and doing podcast series for Advanced Model and Tampa Bay Film, and each of those will have at least two 30 minute podcast programs a month. Additionally, we will be filming our podcast sessions, either on location or using small studio sets, and will also be releasing streaming video versions of the podcasts which will have slightly different content than their audio counterparts, although both the audio and the video versions of each program will tie into each other (obviously) and enhance the other; you will have to listen to the audio podcast and watch the video podcast to get the full program, although both the video and the audio versions will have enough unique content, and will be solid enough, to stand on their own as complete programs. Production of the podcasts will be covered extensively on my relevant web sites, and there will be lots of photographs, behind the scenes anecdotes, and other content to support this coverage. Obviously, many of the podcasts will have guests, and it won’t be just me. I will be setting a new standard with podcasts and what they should, and need, to be.

011513-1000 - Passinault: In “researching” this article, I wanted to tap in on how I felt back in the golden age of arcades, and played several classic games, mainly Namco ones, which included Pac Man, Galaxian, and, my favorite shoot-em-up of all time, Galaga. I just scored 85,710 on Galaga and made it to stage 12 playing it on my Namco Museum DS cartridge with my Nintendo 3DS XL (see if you can beat this score!). I also played Galaga on my Pac Man and Galaga Dimensions game for the 3DS with my 3DS XL, because that cart has online leader boards as well has the awesome Galaga Legions (a good shooter, but not as good as the original Galaga, IMO. This said, I am still learning to play this game) and Pac Man Championship Edition (a superior sequel to the original Pac Man, made recently, and a perfect example of a “retro evolved” old-school game made with modern, and new, concepts). I have issues with the 3DS version of Galaga because it does not fill the screen like the version on the Namco Museum DS cart, it forces 3D on you (you have to turn it off, because it does not look right), and there are not as many games on the cart as what you get on the Namco Museum DS cart, which also includes the incredible Pac Man VS. If you have a 3DS, get Namco Museum DS to play Galaga (and other cool Namco arcade classics), even though you lose the online leader boards, because on the 3DS XL it fills the screen, and, as a result, it is a superior experience (anything less is an insult to the greatness which is Galaga! This said........ I just examined both copies closely, and arcade purists may wish to note that the aspect ratio of the screen of the 3DS game is the one, in fact, which is arcade-perfect, which explains why it does not fill the screen. It also gives you fewer ships to start out with, which is also faithful to the arcade. Something tells me that, with the smaller ships and longer screen, that the 3DS version would be more difficult; It would be interesting to see if I could match, or top, my high score in this version, AND if this version would grow on me and become my preferred version, since it is faithful to the arcade version. I will have to compare both copies to the actual arcade game on MAME for my final verdict). The Namco Museum DS version is also cheaper; I recently saw it in Walmart for $15.00 brand-new, and was not surprised to see it sell quickly. I do need to get several more copies because of Pac Man DS, as my friends and I can play it via local wireless multiplayer using the variety of mint-condition DS systems that I have in my collection (I have 2 original Nintendo DS’s, a DS Lite, a 3DS, and a 3DS XL, making 5 in all, which is enough for a full multiplayer game of Pac Man VS, with 3 players playing as the ghosts, and 1 player playing as Pac Man). I played Pac Man VS at a New Years eve party on December 31, 2007 with my three original DS systems with some friends, and we all had a blast. I handed another friend one of my Playstation Portable systems (my original “fat” 1000) with Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (If you have a PSP, GET THIS GAME! You can get it for $10.00, used, at the time of this writing, and I know for a fact that the R.U. Game store at the Westfield Brandon Mall has a copy), and he was brought to tears by how difficult, but fun, that game was, and is (my friend Eric played it on my “fat” PSP on Christmas day 2012 after a family dinner, and he loved it, too).
Man, I have a lot of gaming anecdotes........ I really need to write an old-school arcade and classic gaming issue in the future. Back to writing the issue.........

011613-0814 - Passinault: I am very happy to report that, after comparing the DS and the 3DS versions of Galaga to the actual arcade game on MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator for those of you who are not well-versed in emu-speak, and are not into the emulation scene), that the Namco Museum DS version is arcade-accurate, and the stretched screen on the 3DS version is not. This makes me really happy, because the DS version fills the screen, you can better see what is going on, and the DS version is a joy to play. Remember, DS and 3DS owners- Namco Museum DS is available, brand-new, at Walmart for $15.00, about half of the price of the inferior 3DS "Dimensions" version. It is well-worth losing the online leader boards over, although it does save high scores and your initials, so it really does not matter when it comes to losing the leader board! This issue was really bugging me, so it's great to put it to rest. This said, if you are a Pac Man fan who still has the fever (and you should, as Pac Man is a great game; just ask Billy Mitchell. Ms. Pac Man is even better, though), picking up the 3DS version, as well, is worth it for Pac Man Championship Edition, as well as Galaga Legions; just don't pick up the 3DS version for the original Galaga. Regarding Namco Museum DS, I need to to track down 3 more copies, totaling $45.00, for a complete set so that my friends and I can play a proper game of Pac Man VS. Ah...... Greenwood would be proud.... That is, if we still talked anymore. I miss my ex-best friend and cousin.

011613-0910 - Passinault: A few hours delay. I need to go back and finish Frontier Pop Issue 39: Game Over? and Issue 33: Video Game Emulation, because they tie into this issue, AND I do not want to write the same things twice in more than one issue; overlap is good, but redundancy has to be minimized- I don't want to be that guy who tells the same stories over and over again. Both issues are excellent, and the one about emulation is one of my favorites. I also need to clean up the links on all of the back issues.

011913-0800 - Passinault: Spent too much time playing video games and going over notes, for “research” purposes, of course, the past two days for this issue of Frontier Pop. Finishing it, now.
Next month’s issue, due in early February 2013, will, as previously reported, be about love and relationships, etc (expect lots of hearts in the art direction, is all that I can say. Oh, and pink and red... That should drive the fanboys stalking this site crazy, alone). It will be shorter than this issue, however, and I will take at least two days to do some upgrades to support sections such as the Readers Reaction section, which will become much more interesting in 2013, with the addition of more characters and more real-life readers (which are real, and which are fake -er, parodies, are up to you to decide). The Readers Reaction will be a major part of each issue, with 25% of the writing dedicated to it. Sister sites Tampa Film Revolution and Advanced Model will also have Readers Reaction type features, and you can expect crossovers from all three sites, although avatars and names may be different on each site. I want to do more with the 3DS Mii character avatars, too.
Oh, and also, many of the past issues and support sections of this site are a mess, and I apologize for the flaky, half-done (or barely started) nature of the content, which this site has been infamous for over the years. Despite this, however, the site is very successful, and it is the top pop culture and entertainment web site in the Tampa Bay area, and perhaps even Florida.
My readers deserve better, however. Since I will be heavily pushing Frontier Pop to the masses at all of my events starting in 2014, I will be spending a lot of time working on Frontier Pop (and Tampa Bay Film) in 2013, which includes the podcast series. I will also be buddy-publishing, publishing a new issue every month, and then working on up to three other issues in our back catalog during that month (remember that all issues remain in play, even after they are published.) Some of our issues were barely started, or not done at all, so those will be issue that I will be working on to make this site whole by the end of 2013. The issues are also subject-relevant, so expect a comprehensive, subject-based menu soon. Many of the unwritten past issues which will be published will be more subject-relevant instead of current-events, since they will be retroactively published, and not actually published in their stated month.
I’m going to make this the site that you all deserve, need, and want.

013113-0919 - Passinault: Finishing up this issue, the January 2013 issue, of Frontier Pop at the end of the month. My apologies, as I have a lot going on, and issues will be published at the beginning of the month from now on. I’ll have this one finished on the morning of February 1, and should have the February issue up on the morning on February 2, at which time I will tell the readers to take the time to read this issue, too, and promote a link linking to it in the in-play archives, which is will be moved to once the February issue is up. The February issue will be about true love, of course, and I have big plans for the March 2013 issue, which will be about the end of the world. Really! In the March issue, I will go through the many ways that it could all end for the human race, along with my opinion, and it should prove to be especially interesting for germiphobes and hypochondriacs, as well as armchair economists, green people (save the world? Too little, too late, IMO! Enjoy what we have while we have it, and do your own thing, as life is too short! When we run out of oil, peeps, which may be sooner than you think, it will lead to economic collapse, war, famine, and all the wonderful experiences of the four horseman, especially since the current world population has to have oil and oil-supported food production to support it.... and people wonder why I am not enthusiastic about one day having kids), nuclearophiles, and space cases (Star Trek? Not going to happen at the rate that we are going, as we will not get that far. Technology has already outgrown and outpaced social evolution, with most of the idiotic fools in the world unable to use it properly; technologically enabled mass-ignorance is fun!). The fanboys who are obsessed with Zombies and horror have it all wrong, and have no imagination, because reality is scarier than their fantasies (I will have to make a film about it)! I’ll even have information on my favorite end of the world movies, as well as reviews!
Pay special attention to the Readers Reaction section at the bottom of each issue, which should become very interesting, and very entertaining, in the coming days, weeks, and months.
Until then, go watch the movie “Knowing”, and pleasant dreams! Oh, and if anyone out there has the flu, do us all a favor and don’t make us pay for your condition. Stay home, and, if you must go out, wear a mask and gloves, idiots! I’m not sick, I wish to stay that way, and I get really annoyed when idiots are out in public coughing around me. The ignorance of modern society will surely lead to a super pandemic which will make the flu pandemic from 1918 look like a joke, and that is scary in itself. It’s not if it will happen, but rather when, IMO.
Stay in your own world, and enjoy life while you deal with the responsibilities of the real one. I do.
Oh, and I may have to do some adjustments to the format of Frontier Pop. For example, this “thoughts” section is quite large on some issues. I may have to start organizing issues into several subject and section-organized pages, and make it so that it can be retro-applied to earlier issues if they continue to grow in size, so the format adjustments would have to be fully compatible. Expect to see this as early as the March 2013 “doomsday” issue Choice!

052513-0900 - Passinault: This has been rough. This site has not been updated, as I have been sidetracked with a very big project, and some issues, like the February one, have been written, but I have not had time to format and publish them. This one needs to be finished and archived, too!
I will be doing a hard reboot of Frontier Pop this Summer, once I clear that project that has had my hands tied, after which issues will be published regularly every month. Past issues will be completed, if needed, and will continue to be updated. Support resource sections of the site will be completed and updated, and multimedia productions, such as our podcast, will be produced and published starting sometime in the Fall of 2013.
I have very important plans for this site. The upgraded and updated Frontier Pop, which will not look different at first glance, will be formatted for harder journalism. Past issues and content will still be maintained, and will also be updated. Like before, all issues remain in play after publication, with new content added as-needed.
Expect more things like interviews with people of interest. A massive video game section of the site will also be built and maintained, which will contain content about video games, such as reviews, and resources for video gamers. Entertainment will be a large part of the focus of Frontier Pop.
I wish to thank everyone for their patience!



Frontier Pop Issue 49: Off The Wagon: Videogame Industry Special.- C. A. PassinaultWelcome to the January 2013 issue of Frontier Pop, which is technically issue 49, and should get Frontier Pop back on track and publishing regularly. I know that Frontier Pop literally only had two issues published in 2012 (I found one for February which had a completed cover, but which had not even been started as far as writing), and Frontier Pop was supposed to have a solid publication schedule for 2012, but something happened with over 50 of my web sites in May which sidetracked me for many months, and Frontier Pop was put on ice. When I tried to resume publication in September, I inherited two top talent resource sites, Florida Models and Florida Actors, which sidetracked me again, as the sites needed a lot of work. So, now it is January 2013, and now I’m getting back on track. Although this is, again, technically issue 49, it’s not, yet, literally issue 49, so we will not be celebrating our 50th issue next month. This will not always be the case, as it is my goal that the issues will be literal by 2014.
I’ve decided to do at least three issues a month to catch up, although the actual monthly issue will be the one promoted, and there will be links from the current issue to the other issues as they are added. I will start by completing half-finished or previously started issues already online, as there are a few incomplete issues. Once those are online (and upgraded to current site standards), I will bring past issues to current Frontier Pop specifications. Once that is done, which will be months from now, I will write and publish the missing issues to bring integrity to the issue continuity of the site. Since all issues remain in play, new old issues which are created from scratch will be more subject-orientated, as all issues usually focus on a specific subject, and not necessarily current events tied to a date. Because there are (and I am estimating here, as I did not have the chance to actually do a count) that there are well over a dozen missing issues, future readers of Frontier Pop reading back-issues or accessing previous issues from our subject menus or referenced links will get the impression that the site is out of touch with current events, which is hardly the case.
All back issues, and newly-created “back” issues, will be brought to current format specifications of Frontier Pop for navigation and aesthetic continuity.
Frontier Pop is important, and I would say that it is, perhaps, my most important web site. Once I begin producing events, this site will be all over the place (I'm talking about marketing and promotion, and not the hodgepodge, inconsistent updates and publishing schedule which has plagued the site since it launched. Past issues will be fixed/ completed/ written, again, and issues will be completed and published regularly from now on), and aggressively marketed, so I need to get it to where it needs to be in the next year. By 2014, Frontier Pop will be whole, and it would have been published regularly for a long time; the impression being that this fiasco never happened (but the history can be easily referenced for readers whom are reading back-issues).
I plan on overhauling Frontier Pop throughout 2013, too, and making major adjustments and format upgrades, as well as adding more support content. With the launch of sister site Tampa Film Revolution early in 2012, several innovations were achieved which made TFR more advanced than Frontier Pop. Some of those improvements will be worked back into Frontier Pop in 2013.
Which brings us to the current issue.
This issue was originally supposed to be written and published in the summer of 2012, in the wake of the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. It is one of many video game issues on Frontier Pop, and now that it has been pushed from issue 43-ish to issue 45, and now, officially, issue 49, many months late, it will be the first video game issue of 2013, to be followed up by another major video game issue to be published after E3 2013; due in July 2013, the first issue of Volume 4, and issue 55. This is our video game industry issue covering E3 2012, among other things, although I’ve de emphasized the E3 2012 coverage due to the late publication date, as it will seem odd to cover an event from the middle of 2012 at the start of the following year.


Galaga: 85,710, Stage 12, on 01/15/13. Are you good enough to top my score?

- C. A. Passinault, regarding Galaga on Namco Museum DS for the Nintendo DS

It All Began In The Arcades

Without revealing my age, I was there. I was there when video games began. I was there when Pong and Tank were the only games available to play. I was there when Lunar Lander and Asteroids debuted with their revolutionary vector graphics. I was there when the arcades had their golden age in the early 1980's. That, of course, is where I became passionate about games, and became a gamer. It was literally in my blood from the onset.
Dig Dug. Joust. Gyruss. Galaga. Galaxians. Phoenix. Battlezone. Centipede. Kung Fu Master. Donkey Kong. Kangaroo. Space Panic. Star Castle. Tron. Omega Race. Asteroids. Gravitar. Elevator Action. Tempest. Space Invaders. Pac Man. Ms. Pac Man. Missile Command. Pole Position. Jungle Hunt. Scramble. Spy Hunter. Yie Ar Kung Fu. Frogger. Kung Fu Master. Moon Patrol. Rolling Thunder. Donkey Kong Junior. Donkey Kong 3. Robotron 2084. Tapper. This was only the beginning, and it was the beginning of it all. I put quarter after quarter into coin ops. I wasn’t the best, I wasn’t even that good, but I loved playing arcade games. I even loved the faddish laser disk games such as Dragon’s Lair, Cliffhanger, M.A.C.H. 3, and Cobra Command. There were many more, too; much more than I can list here. I played them all. I learned them all. I dreamed of them all.
The dream back then was to be able to play arcade games in the home, and many tried. Other than that spoiled rich kid in the television show “Silver Spoons”, and some kids whom I went to school with who’s father had an arcade business, none of us had arcade machines in our home. It did not stop us from trying to get arcade quality gaming in the home, however.
We could not afford an Atari 2600. My neighbors could, though, and they had one. We spent hour at their house playing games. We failed to notice that some of them sucked. The 2600 version of Pac Man seriously blew, but it did not stop us from playing it and passing around a greasy, rubbery joystick. Space Invaders was passable, but was not arcade-perfect, either. Defender had issues, but we played that, too. Then, we played original games that were not crippled translations (notice that I did not describe these games as “ports”, because they were definitely not, and that would be inaccurate). We played a game called “Combat”, which most people today that were not alive in the 80's would not know about. Combat was fun, however, with its two player death matches with dozens of variations of tanks, biplanes, and jet fighters dueling. We played Pitfall and H.E.R.O. One of my friends had Frostbite, which was a little like Frogger in all directions where each jump added a brick to an igloo. We even played a cool Raiders Of The Lost Ark game.
One game that we spent a lot of time with, and which did not suck after we learned it and about what all of the icons meant, was E.T., the game which supposedly caused the video game crash of 1982. We had a lot of fun with E.T. It took skill to navigate the pits, and the game was actually quite a lot of fun to play. We played it so much that we could even crash it by calling Elliot and timing it so that our ship came down when Elliot entered the forest screen; the ship came down and crashed onto Elliot.

Video Gaming at Home

In 1981, I obtained a black and white computer with no sound. It was a Timex Sinclair 1000, and had 2K of RAM. I later got the 16K memory pack for it. I taught myself basic, but the was unable to load games from the tape cassette deck that you had to use for storage because the load jack was defective. So, I’d have to type in these long programs, only to run out of memory, or not be able to save them. That computer sucked, but it was educational. It had games for it, too, but they were weak pixely clones of superior arcade games, with no sound, which I could not play because I could not load the games off of tape.
When the home video game market crashed in 1982, we did not know anything about it. All that we knew is that video games were cheap, and you could score a new Atari 2600 for $50.00, and the games could be had for a dollar. So, we finally got one, and I had quite the collection that I always wanted. Looking back, however, I have no idea what happened to my 2600 and my carts, as they were put away somewhere by 1985, and I fear that they were in the shed where my parents also put my Transformers, Zoids, G.I. Joes, and other cool toys. That shed was later destroyed by a tornado, and everything in it was taken to the dump. What really sucks was that I took really good care of my things, and storage in the shed was a death sentence for my collection. I am going to get all of that back, too, by the way. Even my Capsella’s, Zoids, and TSR role playing games and gamebooks.
One thing that we bought as a family in 1983, which survived in perfect condition, and which I still have today, was a Commodore 64 with a 1541 disk drive. My brother, sister, and I each received a 5 inch floppy disk of our very own to use with it. I made games with that system in BASIC, but without the proper books on it, I could never figure out how to move memory around to store more than three sprites, or how to overwrite the ACCII characters for simple graphics (looking back, I could have taught myself machine language and coded the programs that way for fast refresh speeds, and simply had it reset values for Sprite frames; three Sprites would have been all that I needed. I could have even superimposed parts of Sprites in different colors for multi-colored Sprites). I did master making sprite graphics on the system, however, and even figured out how to PEEK registers to make joysticks work with my games. The game play was primitive, however, and my games were never really that great. I made a version of Space Invaders which worked well, however, although my version did not have sound, as programming sound was something that I never got around to tinkering with. One program that I did make which I am particularly proud of was an easy way to draw Sprite graphics using an Atari 2600 joystick. Originally, I would have to take graph paper with numbers and draw them in pixel by pixel with a pencil, and then use a calculator to add up values for register blocks and then manually type them into my programs. This took a long time. With my drawing program, it made things fast. Moving the joystick would adjust the values directly by poking them into the Sprite registers on the Commodore, thus moving the pixel. When the pixel was where you wanted, you would hit the fire button and lock the value into memory. Sprite graphics could be drawn this way in minutes. I even programmed the software to save the designs, and later reload them back to the computer, using the 1541 Disk Drive, by peeking the values from memory and writing them directly to the floppy, and then, when needed, poking those same values back into memory from the floppy. It worked quite well, and I could have sold that program. I should have also made a gameplay editor for setting up gameplay and environmental stages, which could have programmed in gameplay enhancements such as inertia. I still have the computer, and may just do that still, if I ever get the things that I need to transfer programs from the 1541 to PC so that they can be played on a Commodore 64 emulator.

Street Fighter II Sparks A Second Golden Age In The Arcades

The 16 Bit Wars Of The Early 1990's

32 Bit Takes Hold

Playstation Changes The Game, And The Golden Age Of Home Video Gaming

N-Gage Tries To Add Video Games To Cell Phones

Steve Jobs The Tool And The iPhone Sets The Wrong Standard

Nintendo And Blue Ocean Expands, Then Fragments, The Market

Motion Controls And Touch Screens Dull Gameplay. Games Become Gimmicks.

Apps Cheapen Video Games. Video Games Become Disposable Entertainment To The Average Person.

Forced Firmware Updates, Patches, and DLC Makes Games Buggy And Sloppy

Cookie Cutter Franchises From Big Studios Limit Creativity

Out Of Control: Gameplay Emphasis Reduced As Developers Lose Touch About What Makes A Game A Game

Nintendo and Sony React To Smart Phones And Tablets, Falling Off The Wagon.

The Video Game Industry Is Almost Unrecognizable Today

I Would Not Mind If The Video Game Industry Crashed Again

Smart Phones The “Standard” In Portable Gaming? I Don’t Think So!



Classic Gaming

Premise Gaming

The Second Coming Of Virtual Reality

Wearable Technology

Games Stay True

Customizable Games

Artificial Life Revolutionizes Artificial Intelligence

Games Which Play Out Differently Every Play


Chris Passinault
LOL........ The video game industry is pretty much unrecognizable today. Some of this stuff is more gimmick than game, and the game companies play it too safe. We need to stop catering to non-gamers. They need to stop selling out! Games are about gameplay, not gimmicks like inaccurate motion control and attractive graphics which make your 3D game look like all of the others! I've already stopped buying games at-launch, and play my vintage games far more than anything recent. Take the upcoming Wii U from Nintendo. Not only does the name suck, and sound like a nerdy siren, but we get to play the same games that we have been playing for the past decade! Awesome! I am not at all thrilled about this, seriously. Nintendo needs to grow their testicles back and make a console for gamers, which emphasis game play, real innovation, and fun. Make it a hard core, fire-breathing gaming console! Style it like a sports car, so you look at it and want to turn it on! Make new types of games with solid gameplay, make the games customizable, make the A.I. based upon Artiifical Life so that each game experience is different and unique, and make it so that the players can play the game in more than one way. Nintendo has more problems than communicating the joys of the Wii U to the masses (and Sony and Microsoft have serious issues, as well).
What Wii U's Got Here Is Failure To Communicate
When people who should know better are still confusing the Wii U GamePad as an add-on rather than a new console, how will Nintendo get the word out to the casual masses?
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Chris Passinault I will be writing a lot more about this in the July 2012 issue of Frontier Pop.
June 21 at 9:21pm ? Like
Gloryvee Cordero Still own a 3DO and Atari 1200. Old skool but true game.
June 21 at 9:41pm ? Unlike ? 1
Chris Passinault Cool. I literally own everything ever made, except for the Vita, PS3, Colecovision, Gamegear, TG16, Turbo Express, and Intellivision. I"m looking at a shelf full of video game consoles right now, which includes an original Panasonic FZ-1 3DO Multiplayer. If the video game industry crashed right now (which I am fast getting to a point where I could care less), I would be fine, as I could never play all of the games that I own in my lifetime.
June 21 at 9:50pm ? Like
Gloryvee Cordero I was conducting research a few years ago on gaming and I bought the Panasonic 3DO and tested that bad boy on my HDTV 1080 56in. I tried Street Fighter and then a few other games. I was very impressed that it looked pretty good. It amazed me to see the quality of product that existed ahead of its time with the 3DO. It will always be one of my favorites.
June 21 at 9:54pm ? Unlike ? 1
Chris Passinault Both Super Street Fighter II and Samurai Shodown are coin-op perfect on the 3DO, but that does not mean much when the controllers don't do diagonals well (I have both of those games). Plus, I had a friend who tried to put together a Way Of The Warrior tournament just before it came out, and that game was horrible (one of my girlfriends and I had a bad video game night one night back in 2003, where we played horrible games, which I also collect, and made fun of them. We had fun with Way Of The Warrior, Night Trap, Corpse Killer, and Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. The 3DO had more bad games than any other console, although Checkered Flag for the Jaguar is probably the worst game that I have, as the frame rate is chuggy, and the car literally tumbles uncontrollably around every corner. I do have some awesome games for the 3DO, though, such as Start Control II and Return Fire. At any rate, I do love my 3DO, but I would have to say that the most revolutionary console, and one which was way ahead of its time, would be the Sega Dreamcast. Soul Caliber for the Dreamcast can hang with any fighting game out today, almost 14 years later, and is perhaps the best 3D fighting game ever made (even considering Virtua Fighter 3, which is a different kind of 3D fighting game). Glad to see that you know your stuff when it comes to the 3DO, though, as it was a very innovative console. Did you know that the same two guys who made the Handy for Epix, which became the Atari Lynx, were the team behind the 3DO before Trip Hawkins came into the picture?
June 22 at 8:42am ? Like

Chris Passinault
Really? Another Zune, Microsoft? I really hope not, as this looks cool. If this "Surface" tablet has an inerface anything like Microsoft's "Surface" tabletop demonstrator (now called PixelSense, which is a far worse name, IMO... They should have kept the Surface name for both, and used it for effective cross-branding), where you could scale, rotate, and place images within a virtual space, it WILL give Apple's iPad a run for its money. I need to download some research data before powering down for the night......
Microsoft unveils Surface tablets -
10.7-inch portables rolling out with keyboard-sporting screen covers, integrated kickstands, 10.6-inch HD displays; no pricing announced.
Like ? ? Share ? June 21 at 9:34pm ?

Chris Passinault
Microsoft PixelSense - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Microsoft PixelSense (formally called Microsoft Surface) is a commercial computi...See More
June 21 at 9:36pm ? Like ?
Jose Gomez It WILL give Apple some heartburn for sure....
June 21 at 10:59pm ? Unlike ? 1
Chris Passinault Hey, I think that it will be serious competition for the iPad IF they get the price point right, and IF they can replicate the original Surface table desktop interface on the pad, as that interface is superior to the iOS interface. I just hope that they do not pull another Zune (and I am still waiting for Microsoft to come out with a portable video game console of their own to challenge the Sony Vita and the Nintendo 3DS).
June 22 at 8:48am ? Like
Write a comment...

Chris Passinault
I will be writing a series of short stories, and will make them available free of charge online. Some of these stories, such as "The Adventures Of DJ Wiz Kid" (based on true adventures of 1988-1991; names will be changed to protect teh guilty), will be series all in themselves. Like my blogs and other online publications will become bonus parts of my published books, which will not be free of charge, I will include original and enhanced versions of my short stories in my published books, as a service to my fans. Oh, and besides my Advanced Model non-fiction modeling book, and my Frontier 4 time travel novel, I am working on a new novel series based upon the 21st century parallel-reality high tech world of Frontier 4, as it took me years to develop that world, and the first novel leaves it behind rather quickly. I don't want all of that background material to go to waste.
Like ? ? June 13 at 7:32pm ?
Chris Passinault
Hmmmmm... How about a super-powerful, single-screen, candy-bar form successor to the Gameboy; a new Gameboy which outguns the PS Vita? I'd dig that! Also, dropping a screen would allow them to make a very powerful portable console without as much of a hit on battery life. My 3DS doesn't last long on a charge, and it is annoying. That said, the Streetpass and stat features on my 3DS are very addictive, and I play mine every day, more than any other system or game.
New 3DS unlikely, Nintendo planning next-gen portable - Miyamoto
Like ? ? Share ? June 13 at 7:18pm ?

Chris Passinault
Again, no Animal Crossing 3DS. There WAS a confirmation from Nintendo in late April that it would launch this fall in Japan. With all of the text-heavy content in that game, the localization needed for a U.S. release, and no news of it at E3, this means a summer or fall 2013 release, which sucks. I am so disappointed with this E3, that I am making the entire June issue of Frontier Pop about E3 and Animal Crossing. I've checked forums around the net (nothing on it on the gaming web sites), and a lot of people are pissed off... As I saw streaming on the chat live feed when watching the press conference last night. Nintendo are bastards.
Like ? ? June 7 at 9:52am ?

Nyta Melisa likes this.
Chris Passinault This one game is the reason why I bought a 3DS. While I am having fun with the system, I want this game badly.

Chris Passinault
No Animal Crossing. Not even a mention of it. It's the main reason why I bought a 3DS. Judging from the torrent of angry rants in chat at the conclusion of the keynote, I'm not alone with my disappointment. The director of Animal Crossing 3DS was also in charge of Nintendoland, so I'm not happy about Nintendo taking him off one project to do another. Grrrrrrr......
Like ? ? June 6 at 10:06pm ?

Chris Passinault
Waiting on the Nintendo 3DS keynote presentation streaming video online @ 9PM. Hopefully, I will find out more about Animal Crossing for the 3DS, or maybe even a 3DS with a larger screen and a second analog nub added. I'm pretty pissed at Nintendo for splitting up their keynotes to begin with (reference ), so they need to do something to redeem themselves. Not happy with E3 at all, so far!
Chris Passinault

Remember when I wrote that E3 was like Christmas to me, and one of my favorite times of the year? Well, I feel like I woke up to a tree with trash bags underneath it, and coal in my stockings. Even without Cammy, which losing her was too little, too late, IMO, this was one of the worst E3's in years. Nintendo especially disgusted me. They have fallen off of the wagon! Too many gimmicks and other clutter take away from the focus on the games. Deferring what should have been a part of their main presentation to other presentations and social media (with no incentive to check those out, and no teasers), was also a mistake. I've learned a lot about keynote presentations from watching E3 pressers, and in this case, I learned what not to do. Nintendo needs to take the co-op gaming that they are pushing, with some of the gamers being stuck on the side lines as red-headed stepchildren, much farther. It should be all about different ways to play the games, with equally fulfilling experiences based upon your preferences and talents, and not just comparing scores and helping other players in a main quest. Also, Nintendo needs to stop ripping off other game ideas. I saw the stickers in Paper Mario in Little Big Planet. Also, Nintendoland looks a lot like LBP. Additionally, why do all of the Mii's in Nintendoland look fat? Shouldn't the fat Mii theme been used when casting the impossibly trendy and good-looking people that they cast in their demo videos (we need truth-in-advertising, and something that the core audience can relate to)? I mean, I'm a gamer, and none of that looked fun! Nintendo also seems to be hung up on Ghostbusters. Oh, and where is my 3DS Animal Crossing!
Like ? ? June 5 at 3:44pm ?

Chris Passinault I'm going to quit buying new games. I have my older game consoles, my games, my emulators, and everything that I like. These #$@#$ sell-out companies can all go out of business for all that I care.
June 5 at 3:47pm ? Lik


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Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt - Posted 02/24/12: 2212

PASSINAULT! How dare you! You have crossed the line even more, now! You are a piece of S..T, you! Next time I see you, I’m going to hit you in the face! Well, I don’t care what you write on this hate site! No one really reads it! You havent been able to destroy me before, and you wont be able to do it, ever! At least I make films and have been published! You only write about films and publish web sites that no one reads! You only slam the real filmmakers in Tampa Bay, and you are a joke and a sore on the indie film community!

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 09/21/10: 0852

This is pure fantasy and far-out, make-believe speculation. Passinault rewrites the facts about history to make himself look good. That “pop culture site” that he keeps referring to was first in Tampa Bay, and Frontier Pop, for whatever good that it does, did not exist until 2010, and even then it was not published or updated regularly (At least I finished my issues!). Nice to see that he thinks that he is a time traveler now, and now states that Frontier Pop was around in 1998. Passinault is not longer satisfied in thinking that he is better than all of us. He is now telling people that he was first, too. Film festivals are parties in 1988? Making independent films with Tampa filmmakers in 1993? I’ve never heard about any of this until now! Also, glad to see that you finally figure out how to make a paragraph on your web site. I guess that it is so that you can edit your fantasy-filled history better! Passinault SHOULD be a writer, though, because he has one hell of an imagination, even if it has no basis in reality. Ha ha!
I should also add that Passinault tries to do too much, and tries too hard to be an expert in everything. He has so many stupid web sites that he can’t publish anything regularly on them, or do a good job when he does!

Tez Nutjob Tez - Posted 09/21/10: 0815

He can’t beat the podcast, Nolan, so now he says that it is good! Whatever.... Nice way to admit to defeat. I would like to see Passinault make a podcast, if he can. I’ll listen to it just to laugh. It’s also funny that, despite announcing his so-called “podcast”, that he hasn’t done it yet. Like every one of his other projects in his long list of projects, it will always be “next year”. Ha ha! That’s brilliant.... He can announce things and take credit for doing them without actually doing them! Too bad he will not actually get anywhere going on like that, and no one will take him seriously! How long has he been working on his film festivals? 10 years? When will we ever see one? Oh, no, we will just keep reading about them! At least reading about what he is going to do (next year) is entertaining, and it gives us ideas!

Crazed Blog Grrl Crazed Blog Grrl - Posted 09/21/10: 0823

He did NOT put me out of business! I am still blogging! I just have not had the time lately because I have been dealing with personal issues. What kind of MAN beats up on a woman online constantly? Passinault is a bully! I am being persecuted!
I also agree that Passinault only talks about things. He is all talk and no action. How can he compete with us if he does not ever do anything? I guess that is one way to claim that you won’t fail. His projects take way too long, and all that I see are endless web sites with long-winded rants.

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Pot, meet kettle. We see right through you people and your defensive bitching on here. The history on here is accurate, and not revisionist. You people are just sore losers. Passinault has already stated, numerous times, that Frontier Pop had its roots in Colony Alpha, which launched in 1998, as well as his other web sites. Just because you people are arrogant enough to assume that, just because you haven’t heard of it, that it did not happen does not change the fact that it did happen. You are all in denial, and are accusing Passinault, once again, of what you are all guilty of. Everyone knows that Passinault did not start this feud, and that he did not do anything wrong when you all began discriminating against him and slandering him behind his back, in an attempt to discredit him because you were afraid of competing with him. That is so pathetic and unprofessional! When Passinault stuck up for himself and fought back, you guys would not admit that you were beat, and instead tried to say that he was crazy. Passinault is right, and he still hasn’t done anything wrong, unlike the rest of you neurotic, unethical, insecure, idiotic fools! No one respects you people. Everyone knows the_truth!
Oh, and Tez, you might want to check your comments. I recall Nolan saying the same thing about Passinault competing with his site, and when Passinault finally did, with Frontier Pop, it made Nolan regret those statements. Passinault easily defeated Nolan, and he will easily defeat, you, too, emo-boy! If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that Passinault has a hell of a lot more experience than you do doing podcast-like programs, as he was doing podcasts, while breaking music, many years before podcasts even existed. From 1990 to 1998, he did a lot of releases as an underground DJ, and even though that was a long time ago, they all blew away your current “podcasts”! If you people have been reading the Tampa DJ Blog, which I believe that you have, you would know that Passinault knows what he is doing, and that he is better at these things than you people will ever be. He will eventually get his podcast program going, and I’d bet everything that it will make your podcasts look pathetic, just like Frontier Pop made the pop culture site look pathetic. He beat you. He will continue to beat you. You people can’t accept that, and are angry little people who hate someone because they are real and talented. Everyone knows! Your insecurities are obvious, not to mention pathetic! Oh, and Joeba, your ego writes checks that your talent and skill cannot cash; you rely upon others to do your films, and your insistence on writing the scripts and casting yourself in the lead cripples your films, IMO.

Muse Boy - Posted 07/20/10: 0803
Frontier Pop is a HATE site against Nolan and Tez! Passinault needs to concentrate on writing good content on this site instead of constantly SLAMMING the good, talented people of the Tampa Bay arts and pop culture community. He is a no-talent, angry looser who spends all of his time criticizing what is wrong instead of doing something to fix it. Stop stating the obvious, and attacking innocent people, and do something to make things better! What a looser! Nolan and Tez should sue Passinault for slander!

Bill LumberghBill Lumbergh - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

Yeah. Right. What’s happening? I have been reading this site, and the ones who are in the wrong, IMO, are the fanboys who are sore losers and keep complaining about Passinault. Passinault is right. Yeah.........

General Zod, ruler of planet Houston General Zod - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

You insane fanboys are not worthy of kneeling before me, your lord Zod! You fanboys are idiots and the real losers. Passinault is the only one who can stand before me, as he is truly powerful. Now, everyone else can kneel before me and pledge their allegiance to me!

Stevie BeetleStevie Beetle - Posted 11/23/10: 0915

Passinault is spending too much time sucking off his gay lovers. Speaking on behalf of the fanboy and pop culture community in Tampa Bay, he is a pretentious hate monger who attacks the real talent and the enthusiasts in the Tampa Bay area.

Michael J. Michael - Posted 07/20/10: 1939

Who you calling gay, you fat beetle? I would know a gay person, and Passinault is not gay! Sounds to me like it is wishful thinking on your part, and that you are wishing that Passinault were gay for your own self-serving needs. Come out of the closet, fanboys! Woooooooo!

Changeling Changeling - Posted 09/21/10: 1019

Sounds like the fanboys cannot debate with Passinault, and have to resort to slander, accusing him of things that they cannot prove. Makes sense. The fanboys, which include Nolan and his friends, cannot compete with Passinault and are afraid of competing with him, so they try to assassinate his character with lies. I guess that slander is the new way of discriminating against someone and getting away with it. Except that Passinault did not allow you all to get away with the unethical tactics that you have used against people before, tactics of slander which you continue to use. He fought back, called you out for what you do, and made you accountable. Now, you are all sore losers, and someone with the integrity and the courage to fight back against you makes you all mad. All of your B.S. only proves that Passinault won, and continues to win.

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Right? These fanboys are losers... Fat, balding losers. Now, I am not superficial, like some models are, and I do not judge people based upon their appearance. I give them a chance. It’s just that I am really happy when these fat, balding losers lend credibility to the stereotypes that their appearance inspires; they are exactly as they are perceived when you first lay eyes upon them. Nolan smells badly, too, in my opinion, and I laughed out loud when I read in the history on Tampa Bay indie film that he has been wearing the same shirt, without washing it, for years. Disgusting! Fanboy stench will keep all of you from dating and getting a girl, or guy, I gather from the thinly-veiled closet mentalities that you all have. I can’t help but imagine the fanboys becoming the human centipede as they all train each other in smelly passion, their heads bobbing in unison for the few moments that they last. How fitting, literally!
God, that is so sick. It’s funny, too, at their expense!
No wonder these insane fanboys are so fanatical about whatever it is that they are into. No one loves them, and they need something to give their pathetic lives a purpose!
I bet that Passinault regrets ever meeting these losers and trying to help them out with their indie film projects, especially as dishonorable as they behaved when they backstabbed him.
Oh, and to Nolan and Tez’s remarks about Passinault not getting anything done, and just writing. Well, he HAS accomplished a lot. You people only see what you want to see.

Bill LumberghBill Lumbergh - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

Ew. Yeah.


Non Non - Posted 11/24/11: 1124



Kendrix - Frontier Pop staff writer Kendrix - Posted 11/24/11: 1124

Passinault has been a great help and an inspiration for the real artists and professionals in the Tampa Bay area. He has our support. The so-called “fanboys” are idiots, in my opinion, as well as fools who need help and reject it when it comes along. They cannot succeed. If you look at all of the dedication and hard work that Passinault has done, he will succeed, and no one will be able to stop him. The fanboys need to know that using slander to attack someone’s credibility backfires, and it is a stupid tactic!

Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt - Posted 02/24/12: 2212

I am not fat! I am not! I’m going to put you in your place, Monica, do you hear me?!?! Your writhing skinny-ass model body will be in my clutches, soon, and I will make you pay for your silly words!

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Keep dreaming, fat boy. Maybe you should try putting yourself in your place, if you can find it. You’re pathetic, you sleazy clown. Why does it seem that you are someone who tries to take things from people? Get laid from something who will consent to being with you, if you can find such a thing. Maybe then you will stop being so insecure and whiney.

Muse Boy
Everyone knows that all of the readers on this site are fake characters which Passinault makes up! I want a fake readers profile, too! If Passinault had real readers, he would not have to hide behind these made-up characters. Passinault is lonely and pathetic. Paul said that Passinault has no friends or supporters. Ha!

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

Just because we do not post real pictures does not mean that we are fake, muse boy. Hey, weren’t you the one who failed with their web site? Aren’t you the hyper, neurotic fanboy who claims one thing and then does another? Anyway, I’m sure that Passinault is such a good writer, and has such a powerful imagination, that all of his friends are made-up. All of the models and talent that he hangs out with, and is seen in public with, must be imaginary! All of the models and talent in his photographs must be make-believe, too! Also, the actresses that he referred to your indie film projects back in the day, before he found out that you all were slandering him behind his back, must be imaginary, too! Harmony and Sarah must be make-believe characters that Passinault just made-up! For imaginary characters, you all seemed to be eager to try to get them to help you with other projects, and then were made when they refused to help you because they found out that you fanboys were a bunch of fakes, and you slandered Passinault. I wonder what you guys will do now that you have been cut off from good actresses and models. Oh, that’s right, the latest Chris Woods films already answered that. Those actresses are disgusting, and they can’t act, either!
Just because you idiots convince yourselves that your lies are the truth does not make it reality. You know what is going on. You’re just mad because Passinault and his actress friends refuse to help you anymore.

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

I’m not going to dignify the slander with a response. I’m sure that all of the players on here, especially the angry fanboys, most of whom are pissed off because I put their pop culture site out of business with Frontier Pop, know the reality of the situation.
I know who I am, and so do my friends. The fanboys really lost when they proved to me that they could not be trusted, and I stopped helping them. Now, they are in the position where they are forced to compete with me, and I am sure that it is frustrating for them when they discover that they cannot compete with me.
They screwed up. They are certainly reaping what they have sowed this time. They also regret starting with me, as I have put them in their place, and will continue to do so.
I will address the “always next year” criticism that is always leveled at me. First of all, the history that I write about is real and has happened. Nothing can undo that. I know it happened, and that is all that is important, and that’s good enough for me. Others, however, including my friends, also know what happened. Just because some idiots go around saying that none of this happened does not make it true, and they cannot take my accomplishments away with their lies.
It is true that some of my plans are taking longer to do than I want. That happens to everyone, and in most cases, the only mistake that I made would be announcing those projects well before I was in position to do them. Anticipating future market conditions, and what the market will need, however, is one of the things that I do well, and I will continue to do that. I plan years ahead, and have long-term plans. It’s jut amusing that none of my critics will admit to what I HAVE done, even when they themselves witnessed it. I actually have a better track record than most, especially them, and often it is not a question of “if”, but rather “when”. With the indie films and the film festivals, etc, the economy has had a lot to do with what I have been able to do. Another ongoing issue is that I do have a lot going on, and it slows down progress on some projects, especially when those projects may be dependent upon other projects to be in place, first, before they can proceed. Sometimes, you just have to do what you can do, and continue to work toward what you want to do. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Although everyone fails every now and then, and no one can claim a perfect success rate, my success rate has always been far better than what others can claim. In the case of these projects which are interconnected, it may delay them and make it tougher to make them happen, but I need to take the time to do them right, and will not compromise their integrity by taking short cuts like others do, especially since cutting corners and rushing out half-baked events and other projects increase the likelihood that they WILL fail. Also, market conditions have to be right for some projects. I will do these things when they are ready. I do not answer to the fanboy critics, either. After all, I know what I am doing, and cannot be blamed for things such as NolanCon, which was aptly named, in my opinion. Wait and see. Soon, all of these complaints will be rendered pointless. Eventually, many of my events and projects will happen, and I am confident that they will also succeed. At any rate, who’s up for next year’s NolanCon convention, where we can all learn to believe about UFO’s and old B movies that no one, except for a handful of obsesive fanboys with bad taste, cares about? I thought so!

Carrie Fishface
All of the indie filmmakers in the Tampa Bay area are so talented! I love all of the films that you do!

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

If you say so, Carrie. Read my reviews on Tampa Bay Film, and your eyes will be opened. Right now, indie film in Tampa Bay sucks, IMO, and that is why no one respects, or likes, films which are made here. That is also why, IMO, indie film in Tampa Bay is not on the map, and unless some talented, professional people do something about it, it never will be. It is my opinion that current filmmakers are not good enough, or even that talented, and we need a new generation of indie filmmakers to make the Tampa Bay indie film scene happen.

Who is this Monica? Is it Passinault again? Pretending to be actresses is just sad, Passinault! My actresses in my latest films are awesome, and they are real! At least I am still making films, which Passinault has yet to do! Idiots!

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

Passinault again? What is that supposed to imply? Again? I wasn’t aware that there was a first time, that you can prove. Also, both Harmony and Sarah are both quite real, unless you are now claiming that you are so mentally weak that I convinced you that these actresses were real (and it would not explain how they were captured on film, either). You know that my friends, actresses, and models are real. You also know that I have delivered on all of my promises, such as referring you great, talented actresses. You are jut mad, now, that you’ve been cut off from my actresses, and now you just want to claiming that they were never real to begin with. Delusional much? From your latest casting efforts, it is my opinion, as a casting director, that you are now getting your talent from the bottom of the barrel, and it is hurting your films. Your actors are hard on the eyes, and they cannot act! Their lack of skill acting destroys the integrity of your films? What, you cannot even get attractive women to act in your films without me helping you? If you must cast actresses who cannot act, at least get attractive ones. My actresses are all attractive, and more importantly, they can all act! I think that you are just made because the actress friends of mine whom you are aware of don’t want to work with you (and they won’t if I don’t refer them, although this should not be an issue, and you should not be upset, if they are truly make-believe), and you will never work with the ones whom you are not aware of. Those talented actresses will be too busy working in my films, anyway, which will be worth working on. Are your films worth working on, well, anymore? They used to be! Not so much anymore, and that’s sad, because of all of the current independent filmmakers in Tampa Bay, you actually have talent. It’s too bad that your most recent films are sloppy and poor efforts.
Also, although my indie filmmaking projects have been delayed, they will eventually happen, and when that happens, I will endeavor to make some of the best independent films ever made in the Tampa Bay market. While I cannot guarantee that they will be the best films ever made, many of them will be completely original works of art, and it will not be for lack of effort on my part, or on the part of my team. There is a good chance, however, that my films, even my low-budget short films, will be better than the other films, however, especially when the bar is currently quite low. Part of my agenda, however, is to inspire a new generation of indie filmmakers in Tampa Bay, and I would love to see new filmmakers make better films than mine. One thing that the old filmmakers never realized is that competition is good for the market, and should not be feared. They only fear it because they are insecure, and are afraid of competition. Competition, however, inspires innovation, and THAT will be what puts Tampa Bay independent film on the map of indie film worldwide.

I am watching you, Passinault. Don’t you wish that you knew who I was? You could run into me at one of our film festivals, and you would never know that it was me. Mmmmmmmmmm........

Monica Stevens
I think that the reason that many of the filmmakers in Tampa Bay are paranoid, and they make up things alleging people that they do not like is that they are obsessed with making horror films where people are getting killed. Garbage in, garbage out; if you live, eat, and breath that stuff, you will think it. You will also act like it. That Truth character, for example, is, in my opinion, a coward who hides behind a false identity, just to follow and harass people. He is the sock puppet of some sad filmmaker who has to hide so that they can lash out.

C. A. PassinaultC. A. Passinault - Posted 11/23/10: 1020

And now you know why one of the reasons that I am delaying my events is because I need to take security precautions. I’m certainly not paranoid, but with some of these people acting like psychos toward me, and some cyberstalker calling himself the-truth “watching” me, I need to be careful. I’m sure that the_truth is a pissed off filmmaker who was angry that I called him out, and is trying to intimidate me with some alter-ego which cannot be verified (I have verified who this person was, of course, because they made the mistake of going onto one of my web sites. I obtained their I.P. from the logs, traced it back, and I know who they are. If they show at one of my events, I will certainly have them removed, and trespassed, if they persist. I could also get them for cyber stalking, I am sure).
At any rate, when Frontier Pop took out the pop culture site, which includes its screwed-up message board, and put them out of business, the_truth no longer had a place to haunt. I think that they are a coward for not revealing their identity. Also, the other filmmakers from the message board were too stupid to realize that the name “the_truth” was an insult to them, as it implied that they were full of crap. I think that this entire Truth crap is pathetic, and an ongoing obsessive attempt from a filmmaker to attack a critic while insulting other filmmakers. Could it be that the filmmaker who is responsible for The_Truth is the one who vocally had the most problem with them? Talk about trying to get attention and sympathy by generating your own “drama” and your own worst critic. Right, Joeba?
People like the_truth only persist if people react to them, and play their game, too. This is Frontier Pop, and it is not that lame message board. I can prevent them from posting here, and ignore them. The_truth will no longer be able to post here. I’m done entertaining them. It’s over. Of course, if they plan on taking it to the next level, well, they will have legal problems. Is it worth it? I didn’t think so!

Indie Film Revolution In Tampa Bay - Off The Wagon - The Love Issue


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