Frontier Pop Premier Issue! Issue 1: A New Frontier


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The Revolutionary Frontier Pop online publication finally launches. The world will never be the same.

A NEW FRONTIER: Current Issue, Issue 1, Volume 1, for Tuesday, July 20, 2010. New Issue published every Tuesday, and updated throughout the week. Next issue due online July 27, 2010.


072010-0800 - Passinault: Frontier Pop has officially launched! It's light on content for its premier issue, as a lot of time was spent on setting up the social networking support profiles and the main site sections, but it's finally online! Expect more content to be added in the next few days, and a much larger issue with the issue #2, which will be online Tuesday, July 27, 2010! For now, I have a lot more work to do. There's still much to do on Frontier Pop!

072110-1244 - Passinault: RE: Terence the idiot's reference to me in a post on an obscure, failed pop culture web site message board - Tez, you moron.... Just because I choose to ignore someone because they are a nobody, and are irrelevant, does not mean that they intimidated me, or intimidate me. I have limited time, and choose to fight the fights that have a point (and by fights, I mean disagreeing with debates and constructive criticism; nothing illegal, or physical. Just thought that I should clarify that for all of you who like to slander me with false accusations, and allegations, of wrongdoing. Just because I am aggressive with my marketing, and am competitive, does not mean that I am doing anything wrong, and I will vigorously defend my rights, legally, if required). I'm not going to be provoked into fighting your fights for you. Think what you want, though, because I don't care.

072110-2100 - Passinault: I made Frontier Pop my homepage. You should, too. Not only is it going to set the standard in online pop culture and and entertainment magazines, it will also tie together everything that I have going on, which includes all 45 of my web sites. This site is now my most important site, and it will be the most updated site in my portfolio. When I order business cards next, I will order three different sets; one for my photography and design company Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, one for Frontier Pop, and one for Tampa Bay Film.

072210-0800 - Passinault: Another web site code refresh for Frontier Pop on the server, some major additions, content additions, and a more refined site format makes my morning complete. Time for some choco milk in celebration, and a well-deserved rest. My thanks, also, to the overwhelming response from people in support of Frontier Pop. The site is a hit, and people are loving it! So do I!

072210-0830 - Passinault: Next up... Update readers reaction today, and link at least 40 of my web sites, on those sites, to Frontier Pop in the coming weeks. No one will be able to compete against that kind of online marketing, and lead-in, firepower. Also, did you notice that addition of my ads? That's right, other pop culture web sites... I don't even need to depend upon advertisers; I can use this site as a marketing platform to advertise my service companies! This makes Frontier Pop very cost-effective for me to put a lot of work into, and it's worth it!

072410-2230 - Passinault: Have to do a sound check on audio equipment in the studio tonight. On a related note, Frontier Pop will be important to my event planning company, which will, once again, become my core Passinault.Com company next year (which is also why I am rebranding it). There will be more on this in the fall.

072410-1027 - Passinault: Just finished playing Konami's Jackal (Set an all-time personal record with a score of 210,300; yes, I'm very good at that game, as I play it all of the time) and Capcom's Cadillacs and Dinosaurs running on MAME on the old 700 MHZ clocked studio computer from 2000 (proof that you can play any 80's or 90's arcade games on "junk", outdated computers... My machine is worth $50.00, if that... Gaming is cheap, if you know what you're doing- which is one of the missions of Frontier Pop, to inform our readers so that they will know what they are doing. Knowledge is power!). Great gaming. Going to add Youtube embedded video for our video gaming articles, at the very least. Setting up a tripod and a video camera once I finish up web stuff on the second, newer, working computer.



Welcome to the very first issue of Frontier Pop, a weekly online publication covering a massive, and diverse, range of subjects. Frontier Pop will include, but will not be limited to, coverage in lifestyles, pop culture, cyber culture, video games, anime, entertainment, theater/ theatre, Frontier Pop: New frontiers begin with us. events, fashion, trends, web sites, blogs, cool things, inventions, services, and more. It will also serve as a marketing site for some of my other assets, such as my DJ Frontier alter ego, and my Frontier Society underground subculture.
Officially, Frontier Pop will be updated weekly, but, in reality, this will be a web site publication which is updated daily. The new issues will be published every Tuesday, with the old issue archived, but articles and content will be added throughout the week, and the completed issue will then be archived at the end of that week (Tuesday to Monday, that is). That won’t be the end of it, either; even if an issue is archived, readers can still post on its reader reaction section, and we may update the content, or even add additional content, if we see fit.
So, how will the issues be organized? Glad that you were wondering. Since this is a launch issue, and a lot of work remains to be done on the web site, the content is here on the main page. In the next few days, however, our standard format will go into effect, and the issue page will shrink as content is moved to relevant issue-linked directories for proper organization (actually, it may work like that every week, with the content first posted on the front page, and then moved around and organized for archiving later that week). Once organized, most of the content on the issue main page will be linked, with issue-relevant links linking back to the archived issue page (which will be updated as the main index is updated), and links in each article / content page linking to each other, in a linear format, as well as to our reader reaction section on the issue page.
Next Issue of Frontier Pop: Legacy. Read it on Tuesday, July 207, 2010! So, what we’ll end up with toward the end of every week is an issue page starting with a cool title image, thoughts (and, for the current issue, a twitter feed from our official Frontier Pop Twitter account) , an “Initializing” introduction, a middle section with links leading to articles, which in turn link to each other, as well as back to their relevant issue archive page, and then, readers reaction. The three main sections on each issue page, therefore, would be the introduction, issue content links, and reader reaction.
So, with a “letters” section for letters to the editor, why do we have a reader reaction section? Well, it’s mainly for fun, as well as interacting with the specific issue. Our letters section is only a once a month feature, with that month being shared by four issues of Frontier Pop (We will launch it on the first week of August for the five August issues; there being five Tuesdays in August), so start sending us emails now!
Readers Reaction, on the other hand, is updated several times a day. It’s for entertainment, as well as debate, and role playing is highly encouraged. To participate, to have to have an reader profile set up on Frontier Pop, but since it’s free, it’s easy. Simply send us an 80 by 80 pixel Jpeg at a resolution of 72 DPI/PPI, a name, and a bio, and we’ll do the rest. A lot of parody will be involved with this section, too.... Just wait, and you’ll see. Readers Reaction should prove to be entertaining, popular, funny, and controversial.
For what our mission statement is, and more about Frontier Pop, please feel free to read my Editorial for this issue.
And, with that, welcome to our first issue! Although I’m very happy with how this site turned out, we are still working on it, so excuse the lack of content, the lack of links, and the mess. We’ll be up and running smoothly soon!

IN THIS ISSUETampa modeling portfolios, model testing, and modeling portfolio photography.

Editorial: Frontier Pop History and Mission Statement
Editor and Publisher C. A. Passinault explains how Frontier Pop came to be, and its mission statement, in the premier debut issue editorial.

Short Story: The Point. By C. A. Passinault
C. A. Passinault’s classic short story, which was written several years ago. The Point is a ghost story and a "psychological creeper". Rumor has it that he is developing the story into a short indie film, which should expand upon this classic!

Novel Excerpt: Frontier 4. By C. A. Passinault
C. A. Passinault’s science fiction novel, which is about time travel, here in an excerpt from the first chapter. C. A. Passinault has been working on this since 1989, which is frankly much to long, but promises that it will be done sometime in 2011!

Frontier Pop Literature Library
Online as of 07/22/10, our brand new literature library here on Frontier Pop is where our gentle readers can check out Novels, Stories, Books, Stageplays, Screenplays, Articles, and Tutorials; either published here on Frontier Pop with the permission of the author and/ or copyright holders, or links to the the content on either affiliated, or third party, web sites.

Theatre Review: Women Want Everything! A Stageplay by Rod Grant. Review by Chris Passinault
C. A. Passinault in his exclusive review of the Tampa stage production. This was the very first thing published on Frontier Pop, and it was up months before we launched (remember this, trivia fans!). Passinault had planned on adding a Theater site to his Tampa Bay line of web sites (Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Film, Tampa Bay Photographers, Tampa Bay Film, etc), but it was eventually decided to publish theater (theatre, too... whichever way that you wish to spell it) relevant reviews, articles, and other content here on Frontier Pop.


THE LATEST ON THE OFFICIAL FRONTIER POP SOCIAL MEDIA SITESTampa headshots for talent, actors, and business

Frontier Pop @ Facebook
Updated frequently. Check out the links to the E3 (The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles) conferences from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony from a few weeks ago, as Frontier Pop covered E3 on Facebook. Why? Well, the Frontier Pop web site did not exist a few weeks ago, that’s why! If E3 were now, you’d be seeing coverage here.

Frontier Pop @ Youtube
12 new videos added just before our premier issue, so go check them out! The videos are of Chris Passinault, AKA C. A. Passinault, who is a Tampa photographer, doing a modeling portfolio photography shoot with a model named Dahlia, as well as videos of Chris Passinault and model/ performer/ singer / actress Ann at the 2010 Florida Strawberry Festival!

Frontier Pop @ Twitter
Now following over 500 people, which isn’t as great as it sounds when, as of press time, we only have a few following us. Still, we just started the account up, so give it some time!

Frontier Pop @ Myspace
Nothing to write about for now. We’ve been so busy with Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter that our present red-headed stepchild has been sadly neglected. Give it a chance, though. We should have something to report next week!



Frontier Pop is not responsible for any site that we link to, as they are owned by other parties, unless otherwise noted.

2010 Metrocon
Friday, July 23 to Sunday, July 25, 2010
Tampa Convention Center
$10-$55.00 Admission
(941) 350-2119

A really cool and fun event, and the closest thing that Tampa Bay has to a videogame festival. We’re too busy to go this year (we’ll be there in spirit, however), but starting next year, who knows........
On a side note, we’re glad to see that a completely incompatible and inappropriate event, where drunken idiots push “flying” contraptions into the Hillsborough river, is not happening at the same time, and in the same area. Drunk idiots and cool cosplayers don’t mix, you know? Good for Metrocon that they won’t be having that kind of interference again- at least for now!



Apple gives out free iPhone cases to iPhone 4 customers
Well, what can we say? The iPhone 4 is a slick little piece of kit, and a top smart phone, but there is a lot packed into that tiny case. Like most phones, the metal case does have a correlation with reception. Most smart consumers, however (and we are not referring to the idiots out there who treat their electronics as disposable, ungradable items), bought cases for their iPhone 4's, so they never had any of the reported dropped call and reception issues that the people who didn’t bother to protect their phones did.
Sure, it’s a band aid to a P.R. issue, but how much do you want to bet that Apple will silently fix the iPhone 4 in the coming months.
I agree with Steve Jobs, however. It’s only an issue because people made it onto one. Will the “death grip” become as infamous as Microsoft’s Red Ring Of Death problem with the original Xbox 360? Not hardly, in my opinion. Microsoft had a serious flaw with the 360 with inadequate cooling (hopefully, the new SKU will not have that issue, although if it did, it would not be a Red Ring Of Death, because the new 360 does not have red LED’s!).

The gulf oil disaster.... continues on.
I’m tired of this. Sure, the oil disaster in the gulf is a crisis, but mostly with tourism and fishing. Think about it: It’s not like oil is a man-made substance. It’s natural. A lot of animals will die, and the ecosystem will be impacted, but life... will find a way.
I recently read an article where they said that oil-covered animals were stressed by the cleaning process, too, and few survived anyway. It’s sad, but there’s not a lot that we can do about it. We can only adapt and move on.
Regarding the oil leak itself, BP did finally cap it, and they will eventually stop the leak completely, but the damage is already done, as millions of barrels of oil are now on the gulf waters. They should have stopped in within the first week.
How so? Well, Russia has successfully used a technique that stops oil spills like the one in the gulf almost immediately. It’s said that they simply detonate a nuclear charge underwater, over the leak. The leak is then sealed. Sure, you have an environmental impact by nuking it, but nowhere near as severe, or as long-term, as an oil spill of this magnitude (Maybe a low-yield nuke of about 200 Kilotons would be enough). Think about it (and don’t write to me that I’m crazy, etc, because I know what I’m talking about. The United States used to test high-yield, Megaton range H-Bombs in the Pacific ocean, and the environmental impact was nowhere as severe as an oil spill)..
Of course, you have to realize that it’s too late. The oil is already out. Additionally, if that option had been on the table when this all started, BP doesn’t have access to nuclear weapons. Only the United States military does, and I wouldn’t think that Obama would have wanted a P.R. disaster like that. Then again, this is already a big P.R. disaster for him, so it might have not been that much of a stretch, in hindsight.
Regardless, this is a mess, and there really isn’t much that any of us can do about it. Like the ecosystem, we can only adapt, and move on.



Story Series: Born Beautiful. By C. A. Passinault. Only on Independent Modeling.

Modeling Mailbags. By Monica Stevens. Only on Tampa Bay Modeling.

Tampa Indie Film. By C. A. Passinault. Only on the Tampa Film Blog.


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C. A. Passinault C. A. Passinault - Posted 07/20/10: 0800

Frontier Pop has finally launched! Of course, with the accelerated schedule (This site was originally supposed to launch in August or September, and development was pushed hard less than a week ago), all of the time spent working on the social networking support, and a ton of other details, it's going to take another 48 hours to get this site to where it needs to be. It was a good launch, though, and Frontier Pop is impressive. Oh, and this is the first reader reaction post, too! Expect more as the week progresses.

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/20/10: 0803

I am so happy that Frontier Pop is finally up and running. As some of you know, Advanced Model, which is the sister site to Frontier Pop, will benefit from all of the work that went into Frontier Pop because our web site will be set up the same way. Of course, there are differences. Advanced Model is an online modeling magazine which has monthly issues, and not weekly like this one. Also, well, it's about modeling, and will serve as a lead in resource for Independent Modeling, Tampa Bay Modeling, and Florida Modeling Career. Frontier Pop, though, will also link to updates on Advanced Model and the modeling sites, so you could say that this is the "mother" site. Hee hee.

The Fool The Fool - Posted 07/20/10: 1010

I don't know why we even bothered to create this web site. After all, if we disagree with the insane fanboys, we're fools. Didn't you know that? I should just be nice to everyone, and try to get along, so that everyone will be happy. I am already happy, but I could be much happier, you know? Any way, we're wrong for fighting the cool guys, and going against them. I don't really care if this site is better than anything else out there or not. We are still wrong... I think. Well, that's at least what they want everyone to think! We are certainly crazy for taking the initiative and taking matters into our own hands!

The Drunk The Drunk - Posted 07/20/10: 1215

What in the hell are you talking about, fool? You need to quit your rambling. Didn't you know that everything new sucks? Didja? Since this Frontier Pop site seems to be focusing on new things, and technology, it HAS to suck, according to the fanboys on another site! Personally, I think that you are insane, and think that you are a stalker! As a matter of fact, anyone who stays informed, takes an interest in what's going on, who thinks for themselves, who forms their own opinions, who disagrees with me, and who dares to criticize me is a stalker! That's the only explanation, and I'm sticking by it! I don't care if you're right, or not! You're different, and I don't like you, and that means that I don't HAVE to try to understand you, and I have a right to make baseless assumptions about you and tell people lies about you! You know, fool, I'd probably like you better if you quit trying to be better than everyone else, and go drinkin' with the boys! Yeah, that's what all professionals do, you know? They network in Ybor bars! How bout you buy me a drink, fool?

the truth the_truth - Posted 07/20/10: 1630

Aaaaaaaaah...... Just remember, people...... I'm always watching you, and nobody knows who I am. Who am I? I'm the_truth. Why do I call myself that? Well, I'll tell you now. I decided to call myself the_truth because I think that the fanboys are full of crap. Thus, it is my duty to be the_truth, the light, and the way in a scene of B.S. It doesn't matter that I'm a jerk who likes to fight online. I'm right, because I am the_truth.

Michael J. Michael - Posted 07/20/10: 1939

Oh, no! Truth, you are super spooky! You are creepy, too! I am so scared! Really, I am! I'm scared like a little, innocent child is scared when a creepy person is around. Truth, we don't want creepy people like you on here. Shoo! Go away! The little childrens of the world need to be kept safe from the likes of you. You claim that you are the truth, the light, and the way, but how can you be credible if you keep your identity a secret? How! You are a jerk! Oh, and Mr. Drunk, I'd buy you a drink if you had your hair, and you were a lot younger. You'd love my Jesus juice!

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 07/20/10: 2243

This is just great! My pop culture site is doomed, now! Curse you, Passinault! CURSE YOU! You're a fool for going against me and my minions! We discriminate against you, slander you, and then try to humiliate you with nasty rumors, and you go out and make a site that blows mine away- in every way that I can think of! Sure, we were wrong to you, but we did not deserve this! I'll be honest with you. We were intimidated by your skills, and your resources, and we figured that attacking your credibility was the only way to compete against you. Well, it failed. WE FAILED! And now, you go out and build this Frontier Pop web site which will just bury mine. There is NO WAY in hell that my old site can survive with Frontier Pop in town! NO WAY!

Carrie Carrie Fishhead - Posted 07/21/10: 0103

Are you Tampa fanboys and filmmakers still fighting after all these years? Can' t you all get along? I read on Tampa Bay Film that the future of independent film is in Tampa, and that Tampa Bay will become a world leader in indie filmmaking. You guys will never make it if you continue to fight among yourselves! Nolan, what happened to you? You used to cover Tampa film so well! After your film festival hangout stopped its run, and your drunk organizer gave up and quit, you abandoned you mission! You tried to spin it as "mission accomplished", and that you helped accomplish a film community in Tampa, and that's why you were not needed anymore, but we all know the truth. There is no Tampa film community! There is nothing but a bunch of fragmented cliques, and film festivals which could really care less about indie filmmaking in Tampa! What you people need is to go out and make films. Just do it! You don't need film festivals selling overpriced tickets to indie films and the politics and the film festivals selling workshops. Those film festivals, and your local government, are selling you out, and some of your local filmmakers are too stupid to realize that, and happily help other sell out there filmmaking brothers! Tampa Bay Film is right! Nolan, you go right ahead and give up! You've never done a good job helping the filmmaking scene, anyway. I think that Tampa Bay Film will do the job right, and might even help put indie film in Tampa on the map! As for your local film scene, you have some talented filmmakers, and they just need to go out and make indie films that will make the entertainment industry sit up and take notice. You know what I am saying is true, and that's all that I have to say for now. Until later, you can find me on the lot!

The Drunk The Drunk - Posted 07/21/10: 0300

Yeah, I'm here, up all night and getting wasted. I'm all alone, on the phone, with no one to talk to right now. Just me and my ugly dog, who is the only one who loves me. I'd argue with you, Carrie, but I know that you're right- just don't tell people. I also think that I love you. Yes, love you! I've seen all of your films, baby, and if I ever meet you, I would ask you to wear that gold bikini that you wore in Star Wars! I love Star Wars, too! Oh, and I loved you in Fanboys. That was an awesome film! I know that people say that you are old and obese, but I don't care. It's just more for me to love. I accept you for what you are. Hell, I have no hair, because I have a drop in testosterone, and even though I feel that I am a lesser man for it, I make lemonade out of lemons and shave my head to play it off like it was a choice! You have to work what you have to play with. Lemme buy you... a drink, sometime, Carrie. We could get wasted together!

Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt- Posted 07/21/10: 0920

Shut the hell up, Carrie Fishface! Who the hell are you to comment about indie film in Tampa? I run the indie film scene here. ME, ME, ME! I’m the one who will put Tampa independent film on the map, with my series of groundbreaking, visionary horror films! I am so awesome! I recently told Gus that he needs to get the hell out of filmmaking, and leave the horror filmmaking to me, as I am the best at making indie horror films!

The Drunk The Drunk - Posted 07/21/10: 0922

Joey! I love her! Please leave my love alone. Please........ You are going to drive me to drink... more. Much more. By the way, I just loved your last film. You're such a great Tampa filmmaker! I liked how you had that hot chick making moves on you. It didn't make much sense in the scene, and it was out of character, but I didn't care! How can I trick.... I mean, convince, hot girls to be in my films? I can write some awesome scenes for us!

General Zod, ruler of planet Houston General Zod - Posted 07/21/10: 1100

People of planet Houston, hear me! I am Zod, your supreme ruler, and I also rule over this Frontier Pop web site. This Passinault shall kneel before me, and pledge his allegiance and devotion to me! He will be my slave, and I will be ruler of all! I have conquered all of the other fanboy and pop culture site, and now Frontier Pop will fall before me and my minions!

Ursa Ursa - Posted 07/21/10: 1120

Hear the General! Planet Houston fell before us, and now Frontier Pop shall fall!


Non Non - Posted 07/21/10: 1122



Indie Film Savior Indie Film Savior - Posted 07/21/10: 1316

My children, I am here to save the Tampa indie film scene from false prophets and those who would sell it out. Come unto me, and believe, and I shall put the Tampa indie film scene on the map.


Carrie Fishhead Carrie Fishhead - Posted 07/21/10: 2200

Are you serious, indie film savior? The Tampa indie film scene is full of talented filmmakers, and they are the only ones who can save themselves. Tampa does not need an indie film savior. It needs those precious, talented filmmakers to go out and make films. Oh, and Joeba, I'm sorry, but you are NOT a talented filmmaker. You're simply hopeless. I saw your excrement film, and you rushed your script, like you always do. The characters were not developed well, and you didn't bother with the exposition. You need to stop making films.

Michael J. Michael - Posted 07/22/10: 0835

Who let the freaks in?!


C. A. Passinault C. A. Passinault - Posted 07/22/10: 1100

General Zod, try it. I serve no one, and don't submit. Besides, you could say that this site has a healthy dose of kryptonite for trolls like you. Want to rule? Start your own web site and try to compete with Frontier Pop. I rather enjoy competition.

Non Non - Posted 07/22/10: 1500



General Zod, ruler of planet Houston General Zod - Posted 07/22/10: 1822

You amuse me, C. A. Passinault. I shall let you continue with what you are doing under my rule. So far, you are doing what I would do, so there is no reason to order you to change anything.... for now!


Ursa Ursa - Posted 07/22/10: 1830

Yes, I agree with the General! Since all is well with Frontier Pop, I will now relax, and watch you all work under the rule of Zod. I have bigger things to be concerned with.....


the truth the_truth - Posted 07/23/10: 0200

I am the only one allowed to watch, as I am the_truth, and you all are full of B.S. You lie!


Joeba The Butt Joeba The Butt - Posted 07/23/10: 1022

Shut your face, Carrie! Everyone loves my films, and if they say that they don't, they are jealous of my vision! I am the true Tampa indie film savior, and I alone will put Tampa indie film on the map! My films are great, and will become the standard for which all other indie films will be compared to. It is... my destiny! You, and the others, need to stay on the lot of loserville, and quit trying to steal my thunder on this sucky web site! This web site, and Tampa Bay Film, are hurting independent film in Tampa Bay with your misinformation and slander against true artists like myself! Truth, you're a stalker, and I will find out who you are. Zod, you can bow before me, you leathered freak!

General Zod, ruler of planet Houston General Zod - Posted 07/23/10: 1822

Such insolence! KNEEL before ZOD!!!!!!!


the truth the_truth - Posted 07/24/10: 0440

You cannot hurt me, Zod and Joeba. No one knows who I am! You both are so full of crap!


Michael J. Michael - Posted 07/24/10: 0608

Noooooooooooooo! Beat it, Truth! I hate stalkers, anonymous or otherwise!


Indie Film Savior Indie Film Savior - Posted 07/24/10: 0717

You know not what you do, my children. I have come to save Tampa indie film. I am the truth, the light, and the way, and I will heal the pain in the Tampa film scene.


C. A. Passinault C. A. Passinault - Posted 07/24/10: 0800

You know what? I've been doing a lot of thinking, and some of this in the premier issue of Frontier Pop is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to an incident last week on another web site. At any rate, I have been looking at that other web site, and I have to admit that it has a lot of good content on it. It's also not really direct competition to what we are going to be doing here, because, although some content topics may overlap, for the most part, we address different segments of pop culture. I don't hate these people, although some of them have done me wrong, and I really don't want to attack them. Although the parody in the readers reaction section will remain, I want it to be more on-topic and fun (and even amusing), than malicious. So, effective next issue, "Legacy", due on Tuesday, we probably won't see any more of the drunk, the fool, or the_truth. I don't have time for that, anyway, and really need to stay on-topic (although the above banter is very funny, and gets some good points across). The next issue, Legacy, will have articles on videogame emulation, an article about the Super NES, a review of a Capcom side-scrolling fighting game, and a first look and opinion about Tron: Legacy, hence the title. Videogames are going to be very important here on Frontier Pop (I am phasing out my Tampa Video Games domain name, too, and will be putting that work here, instead), and that's an example of a subject matter that the other pop culture site doesn't really cover. Competitors? Not really. Not only is there room for both sites in the Tampa Bay market, but they could compliment each other. This said, I think that I'll keep Evil Nolan, because he is cool as a parody, and isn't really like another Nolan at all.

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 07/24/10: 0910

?!?!?!?!?!...............I still hate you, Passinault! Never forget that! You are taking my readers away, and my site is all that I have to live for. My pop culture site defines who I am, and my life centers around it. You have no right trying to compete with me. Yes, you are better than me, but I have a right to have a successful web site, and readers, too! I am truly passionate about what I do, just like you.

Kendrix - Frontier Pop staff writer Kendrix - Posted 07/24/10: 0930

Right on, Mr. Passinault, right on. I think that what you need to realize is that a lot of people are afraid of you because you are competition. Take Frontier Pop, as an example. Frontier Pop is very, very impressive, and I would think that anyone who was competing against it would be pretty freaked out right now. When I first saw this site, I tried to put myself in the shoes of your competitors, and got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's pretty freakin' awesome, if you ask me. How did you get this site so refined on the first attempt?

Monica Stevens - Model and Advanced Model Staffer Monica Stevens - Posted 07/24/10: 1009

There are a lot of idiots on here right now. Who is the person pretending to be Jesus? That's so sacrilegious, it isn't even funny! I am offended, for sure! Someone is going to hell! Why can't people just be themselves, anyway? What's wrong with being you? At any rate, I, too, agree with the observations that Kendrix made. Frontier Pop is awesome, and it's a bit like a superpower spring up in the international scene overnight. I know that your competitors are losing sleep over this site. I would. I'm thankful, too, that it is as good as it is, because it will make Advanced Model than much more awesome when the lessons learned from this site are applied to our modeling site! Chris Passinault is a genius!

Evil Nolan Evil Nolan - Posted 07/24/10: 1126

I never had this much chaos and fighting on either my readers comments, or on my message board. Don't say that I shut down my readers comments because of trolls and harassment, either! It was my choice, and the message boards are more appropriate for reader feedback. I don't have any problems with trolls, and fighting, there, as I am in control! I might be the only one posting on there right now, but it's because my friends are too busy to post. Yes, that's it, exactly! Ha ha ha ha! Passinault, you got what you wished for. You wanted a popular pop culture site to rival mine, and now you have to deal with the B.S. of fools posting, just like I had to! Ha ha ha ha! I laugh at your misery!

C. A. Passinault C. A. Passinault - Posted 07/24/10: 1245

Whatever, Evil Nolan. Kendrix, to answer your question, no, this isn't the first try. My first try at having a site like this was with my first web site, Colony Alpha, in 1998. It worked as well as the other pop culture site which I've already referenced, and we had a nice little online "colony" of artists; I had more writers on there than the pop culture site ever did. I even had some visual artists, such as painters and sculptors. The artists of Colony Alpha included myself, Manny Torres, painter Kristina Womack, sculptor Kristen Willyard, poet Autumn Bange, and a few others. You could say that Frontier Pop is what Colony Alpha should have been, and it is a spiritual successor to it. Colony Alpha went offline in 2000, as it was a primitive, first-generation web site, but if it had continued on, it would have been the oldest pop culture and artistic web site in the Tampa Bay area (and it could have been branded "Frontier Pop", had I thought of it, too, as the Frontier Society subculture was five years old at the time, and I had been DJ Frontier for around the same amount of time). My second try was with the original Frontier Society web site, but it ended up in development hell, and I eventually screwed that up with a bad transfer of the domain name, which ended with it being hijacked by cybersquatters. I did try to finally get it going with the second, and finally online, Frontier Society site in 2008, but the Frontier-Society.Com domain name branding was too confusing, and if marketed with that domain name, my readers would have accidentally gone to one of the many web sites that the cybersquatters had bought up around my Frontier Society brand; this is why turning the Frontier Society web site into an online magazine was abandoned, but yet many of its advanced concepts, and formatting, ended up here. So, Frontier Pop is an extension of that second attempt, and we'll call it the third try. So far, it's been the charm. This is the site that I've wanted since the original Colony Alpha, and the branding, this time, is excellent! Of course, too, Frontier Pop will tie in directly with the current Frontier Society web site, as well as be used to market it, defeating the cybersquatters and their scheme, as well as making their investment in domain names around my Frontier Society brand worthless! Additionally, I've had 12 years of web site development experience since Colony Alpha. Frontier Pop was created with what I learned from creating, and running, dozens of web sites, so that's why is seems that I got so much right with my first "try". You could say that this site has been in the works for 12 years, and that's why it is as effective as it now is. Enjoy, as it will get even better with time! For more, please check out my editorial for the first issue of Frontier Pop.

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