Frontier Pop Issue 74: Game On - C. A. Passinault

FRONTIER POP: Frontier Pop Issue 74 - Game On - February 2015

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Back On Track - Game On - March 2015 Issue

Game On

Game On: Current Issue, Issue 74, Volume 5, for February, 2015. New Issue published every month, and updated throughout the month. Next issue due online March 2015.

Incomplete and missing issues will be completed and referenced on current issues of Frontier Pop, so, until Frontier Pop has all of its issues online, and is caught up, there will be more than one issue published per month. Missing issues will be retroactively published with their assigned issue numbers and "months", so months indicated may not be actual publishing months. Missing issues published this way will have actual publication dates indicated within the issue, and issue date accuracy may not be assumed on any issue portrayed as being published before August 2013.


Video Game Emulation on Frontier Pop!08/20/13/0909: Issue 33 for September, 2011, "Video Game Emulation", was updated to support this issue, as well as finally finished (although this is an arbitrary definition in the broadest sense, and it is not absolute; all issues remain in play, and, being constantly updated with new content, as well as added to, remain, literally, unfinished. This is one of the great advantages that online publications such as Frontier Pop have over print publications! Our past issues are worth returning to, as you never know what new things that you are going to find!). Now more subject-based, it did not make any sense to redundantly write about video game emulation in this issue for August 2013, issue 56, when issue 33 of Frontier Pop for September 2011 was more relevant and appropriate, and the issue also needed to be completed. Also, running into Nolan at the Tampa Bay Comic Con in late 2011 and talking to him, Nolan admitted that he checked out this issue and liked it, which was cool. It deserved to be completed as soon as possible. So, Nolan, if you are reading this, we have more content on there, now. Enjoy! Also, we needed to add instructions for a friend who is checking out some games and emulators, so we put those instructions in this issue today. The past is the future, and, sometimes, time is irrelevant because things in the future are not necessarily better. If this issue were written today, it would be the same, as we got it right back then. We are serious about finishing our incomplete past issues, as well as retroactively writing and publishing our past missing issues, such as issue 50 of Frontier Pop, below, for February 2013.

Fronter Pop issue 50 for February 2013: The Love Issue08/03/13/0830: Missing issue, issue 50, for February, 2013, "The Love Issue", was retroactively published in the issue archives of Frontier Pop. This is our valentines day special, and is about love and relationships. Although this issue was written in February 2013, it was not edited, formatted and published until August 2013, and was published at the same time as the August 2013 issue that you are now reading. There are some things in the February 2013 issue which may be controversial. At any rate, get used to "past" issues being referenced and linked from the top of the pages of current issues of Frontier Pop until we are caught up sometime in late 2014, as we are missing dozens of issue, and many of the ones which ar up are either incomplete or not even started. All past issues will be online as soon as we can finish them, although, since all issues remain in play and are continuously updated, they are never final.

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020415-0819 - Passinault: Finally! I am so happy to finally resume publication of Frontier Pop! I have sorted out the mess, such as the Volume and Issue sequence, caused by a year and a half of dormancy. The cool thing is that, within a few months of regular monthly updates and other updates of past issues, no one will ever know that the site had been dormant. I have BIG plans to Frontier Pop, especially since a few days ago I bought another domain name to be use as a Frontier Pop web site, TampaBayCosplay.Com!
I don’t want to spill any more. I will explain more in the issue that I need to write!

020415-0825 - Passinault: Which reminds me.... After Frontier Pop defeated the Pop Culture Review and left Crazed Fanboy a shell of what it used to be, another conflict may be looking. Asshole (IMO) Joe Davison is at it again, after defeat on the Crazed Fanboy message boards, and he and his minions (Idiots, IMO) are now pushing something called Nerd Shuttle.
Well, I call it Nerd Shittle, because I think that it sucks.
It seems that they are haunting conventions now much like wannabe photographers haunt faux fashion shows, and guess what? Frontier Pop will be at every convention (and not because he and the Nerd Shuttle are there, either. I had this planned out years ago, long before he came up with that Nerd Shittle crap, which, in my opinion, is more useless, mindless fanboy B.S. where they celebrate being followers and sheep of nerdy things than actually innovate and do cool things). The funny thing is that Joe Davison and his Nerd Shuttle are making claims to cover things such as video games. Well, good luck competing with me and Frontier Pop is that one area alone...... Video games are my domain, and I am literally one of the top experts in the subject. Oh, and they will cover things such as cosplay? Well, there is this little thing called Tampa Bay Cosplay, which will be a Frontier Project, and which I also own. My photography business, Aurora PhotoArts, will also be tied into Tampa Bay Cosplay, and good luck competing with me in the photography area, as there aren’t any photographers out there who can. Also, the combination of writing and photography is one the big advantages that I had over Lisa, the indie film blogger whom no longer blogs, and someone who, IMO, could not compete with me.
Game on, Davison! You are going to lose, just like Nolan and your friends did, before! Remember what happened to the Pop Culture Review when Nolan and your friends went up against me and Frontier Pop? Give up while you are behind!
Oh, and if Joe Davison were actually cool, I wouldn’t have a problem with him. IMO, however, he is a duplicitous douchebag whom cannot be trusted. Oh, and Joe, from a professional photographer, those pictures that you had taken recently, while good (and I am talking about your high-key portraits, the ones with a white background, that you are trying to use as acting headshots), are NOT acting headshots; if you were a real professional actor, you would know that! Also, do yourself a favor and don’t bother me anymore for headshots, for still photography coverage of your independent films, and for casting help at your auditions.

020515-0807 - Passinault: Back to work on this issue of Frontier Pop! I had to updated both Tampa Bay Modeling and Florida Models to combat the tactics of a shady photographer!

02/12/15/0903 - Passinault: Here I am, sidetracked again. I am happy that I am not publishing weekly, as I would be an issue behind. I should have this issue up within the next 24 hours, as I am transferring and going through picture image files from a shoot yesterday. After this issue, I will work on getting Tampa Bay Film caught up, and then it is on to Aurora PhotoArts work. I will begin working on the next issue, issue 75, of Frontier Pop in just over two weeks, so that I can publish it around March 1 or 2, Sunday or Monday, respectively.

02/17/15/0254 - Passinault: Sigh..... This is turning into an all-month thing. I will have to start working on the March 2015 ish of Frontier Pop(ularity... As if) by the time that I finish this one! Ah, and I came up with an interesting two story/ independent film pair of projects that are stand-alone but are connected as a sequel of sorts in the same world, but in which the first story/ film serves as an exposition of sorts for the second one (although the second does not need the first to exist. The addition of the first will enhance it, however, and add a lot more to the story). These would be more of a “reality superhero” set of movies, much like Kick-Ass, Super, and Griff the Invisible (With maybe a mix of Tron Legacy and the early 90's Superforce television series thrown in, as well as Street Hawk), but better, as well as based more in reality (and I am not ripping off any of these inspirations. You will see. The stories are really original!). I cam up with the superhero concept on February 15 while watching “Law abiding citizen, and no, I am not ripping that off, either; it just raised a question which triggered the idea for both movies and stories. Jeez..... Why I am I writing about this here? I need to save it for the issue!
Oh, and Samantha’s birthday is in two days. Joy. I haven’t seen or talked to the idiot in 15 years or so, and I sill remember her birthday every year. I would just like to forget that she was ever in my life, as she never deserved me. She got what she deserved, which to be married and controlled by the fat man, a con artist, IMO!
And, for now, my mind just keeps racing. Time to work on the actual issue.

02/19/15/0019 - Passinault: Happy birthday, you self-centered Beoch!

02/20/15/0331 - Passinault: Working on Frontier Pop. I need to get this issue for February up, obviously, before the end of February. I am thinking that I can do so, because of my schedule, by the morning of the 22nd. I then have to get Tampa Bay Film up to speed, and then I get to start work on the March issue of Frontier Pop next weekend!
I also have to do some adjustments to the format and the main menu of Frontier Pop. That editorial may have to go, ho!



Frontier Pop Volume 5 Issue 74: Game On.Frontier Pop Reboot

Back in August of 2013, the issue of Frontier Pop was titled “Back on track”, and it was a good issue. The main point of the issue, however, was that we had resumed publication.
That said, we were sidetracked after that, and as of now, today, February 5, 2015, that issue was the last issue that we had until now. This won’t always be the case, because we will publish past issues and complete the ones which have been started, in time, but right now, that is the case.
As of now, however, we are resuming publication of monthly issues of Frontier Pop. That is our main goal. As time does on, we will also be publishing past issues and completing unfinished issues of Frontier Pop as well as our regular monthly issues, so we should be all caught up by 2017. As more and more issues fill the gaps, though, it will be harder and harder to tell that all of the issues are not there. At the moment, we may be at issue 74, but we have less than half of that many issues online, as we are behind; we are not actually at 74 issues. The 74 issue proclamation is for the future, as we will, eventually, publish all of the missing and unfinished issues, and, despite this, we have been online now for almost 5 years, with content going back 17 years or more!
It really doesn’t matter, because all issues remain in play. Once an issue is published for a month, it is never entirely finished, which is something which is unique about the online nature, and the format, of a publication such as Frontier Pop. After the current issue is replaced by a new issue for a new month, it becomes a “subject” issue for the subjects covered within it, and it is referenced by any related issues. It is also subject to further content additions and updates..
Right now, of course, we are treating this as a reboot, with new formats, and new ideas. These innovations will be retro applied to the older issues of Frontier Pop as we update them.
One thing that we are keeping, and which will be expanded upon, are our Reader Reaction reader and parody character commentary are the bottom of each issue. Which are real and which are not is up to the reader to decide, and readers are welcome to post comments through us as a proxy.
Starting with this issue, and retro applied to past issues, we will be placing individual parts of each issue’s content on their own page, which is connected to other pages of additional content from the issue, and which references directly back to the sponsoring issue. Other relevant issues, however, will also reference these pages of content. This will make the site more comprehensive, and more efficient, as well as discourage readers from printing out issues which will be rendered outdated as new content is added.
The exception to this would be if there is not enough content in a given issue. Obviously, as the issues have content added to them and are expanded, the expanded content will be given a separate page and will then be linked to from the host issue, as well as relevant issues. To assist our staff, as well as the reader, in locating issues which are relevant to the subjects that they are looking for, we will also be organizing issues by subject, in the order of relevance.
If you wish to read Frontier Pop, do by reading our issues directly online. You can read this online publication from your smart phone, whether it is iOS or Android, from your computer, from a laptop, from your iPad or tablet computer, or from any number of different wireless devices. This is how we want you to read our site. This is the only way that you can be assured that you are reading the most current, and relevant, information! Frontier Pop is not designed to be downloaded or printed, and we discourage this. By default, our new format makes printing out or downloading content from our web site extremely time consuming, and should discourage people from using our online publication is ways in which is was never intended to be used. We will soon format past issues to the new format, and will be cutting up content on those issues and moving that content to their own pages tied in with the original issue after we add additional content to that content and update it. Our terms of use and legal disclaimer will soon be updated to reflect this, as the next few months the time that we would spend on older issues will be spent working on support content for our site.
So, with all of that behind us, it is good to be back!
Welcome to Issue 74 of Frontier Pop, “Game On”, for February 2015!
C. A. Passinault
Frontier Pop Editor


Call for writers: Looking for Nessa..... I mean, Nessie

Frontier Pop was never meant to be a Passinault blog or be the domain of just one writer. This site is going to be a team effort, and we are going to be looking for more writers.
Well, actually, we have been looking for writers. They just have to know their stuff, and that is not common.
I befriended a college girl, we will call her Nessa, which is actually what I called her, and she was a blogger and creative type whom was into geek culture. During one of our conversations, she mentioned that Joe Davison had talked to her about writing for his project, and that he had wanted her to give him a one month exclusive on content. She declined, and told me about it. What I found to be interesting, though, was that Joe had something going on which required writers, and before she told me about it, I had no idea that he was working on something like that. That project, I later found, and which I will expand upon later on in this issue, was Nerd Shuttle.
Regarding Nerd Shuttle, I am speculating that Joe got the idea from Nolan’s Pop Culture Review site, or PCR, at Crazed Fanboy, which is now defunct after his site got into a fight with Frontier Pop, he lost most of his writers, and he, in my opinion, gave up; a tragedy considering Nolan is a good writer and that he knows far more about pop culture than I, or more than I care to know. Davison could have also obtained the idea for Nerd Shuttle from Frontier Pop itself, which is possible as Frontier Pop dominated and what was the rival Pop Culture Review fell. With Frontier Pop the only one left standing, and the Pop Culture Review ending in ruin, with Terrence taking over Crazed Fanboy and a writer named Jason the only one really contributing to it, to the point where I refer to it as “Jason’s site”, it is possible that Frontier Pop became the inspiration for Nerd Shuttle, even though I am not a fanboy, and am not really into a lot of nerd culture, which is probably why women like me. I am, however, open to learning about nerd culture, and am interested in it, although unlike a true fanatic, or Otaku, I am about much, much more.
Before Tampa Bay Comic Con blew up to be this really successful event (and I have to talk to Wynkoop about the specifics of what happened, because I really do not know), I tried covering it in 2011. To me, it was boring. It seemed to be run by amateurs. I ran into Nolan at that event, and we had a nice talk, Terrence and I weren’t friendly (probably as a result of me kicking the asses of his fanboy friends all over the Internet), although we did not interact, and Chris Woods and his sidekick John Miller were rude to me (actually, Woods was rude to me, and he had no reason to be because I did not do anything wrong; if anything, the issues between Woods and I are because of him running his mouth, and I am man enough to put those types of petty things behind me and be polite. Miller didn’t say anything), and that was it. After Woods was hostile to me, I simply left, with a Borg figurine that I had bought in-hand. Upon talking to Nolan, I had to admit that I did not know what I was doing there, and, in retrospect, it took me a great deal of time to figure out exactly HOW I was going to cover these things when I did not know my subject material as well as a writer should (which I term J.J. Abrams syndrome after he, IMO, wrecked Start Trek because he did not know his subject, threw out the book, and just started making up crap based upon common pop culture knowledge. Before any of you out there write me to say that the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies are good movies, and bla bla bla, well, I will say that they are good science fantasy action movies, but that I do not consider them to be Star Trek. As I will deal with these insults to trekkers in detail in a later feature and reviews on Frontier Pop, I will end this now with just two little words: red matter. Oh, and another thing, as for the sequel, is what he did to wreck the Klingons. I am sorry, but no “alternate timeline”is going to explain the billion changes that they made to everything, including the Klingons and the fat Enterprise with the plumbing and the 100 warp cores. F-you, Abrams..... And Danford, I don’t want to hear it. Quit defending those monstrosities! I am beginning to think that Abrams flunked basic science in elementary school, and that he thinks that Black Holes, also known as Singularities, are caused my this fantasy substance that he calls red matter. What an idiot, and the audience is an idiot for liking it! Oh, and one more thing on this subject before I move on: Star Wars. My opinion is that Abrams can’t wreck Star Wars like he did Star Trek. Why? Because it is far simpler...... Star Wars is more fantasy than science, it doesn’t have the deep source material that Trek does, and it is better understood and embraced by the common folk out there. In other words, any toddler can understand Star Wars, and it is not nearly as easy to wreck (If you really want to understand a big reason that the Abrams Treks ae wrecked, listen to the running commentary on the rereleased DVD editions of Star Trek IV where his “writers” run their mouths. It is obvious that they don’t know what they are talking about, and are trying to fake it to make it). OK, rant off.
I am not a fanboy (despite the rant about Abrams and his “versions” of Star Trek). I am interested in pop culture, however, and know a great deal about a lot of subjects already. That said, I figured that the way to approach covering conventions and other events is to do so in a discovery adventure, and share with the readers my discovery. As a result, I will become an expert, in time, as I learn rather quickly.
Some things, however, I am an expert in, as far as the areas in which a fanboy would be into.
Take video games, which is something that this issue is about, just like several other issues. No one can touch me in my knowledge or passion for video games. I am, perhaps, one of the top people in the country in this area. To see these fanboys try to tackle the subject of video games is comical to me. Then, we have movies, which directly translates to independent film. My love and passion for movies will make me a powerhouse in independent film.
On the flip side, I don’t know much about things such as comic books, and although I was really into anime in the 90's, I don’t know much about what is out there now (Angelica introduced me to the Black Butler, but I have to admit that I do not understand it much, nor do I know much about it). With those things, it will be a learning experience for me and the discovery and learning angle will work great for covering those, without the edge or the bias of a jaded fanboy, which would make my coverage better.

Video Games
I will touch on some of these areas breifly, as they are covered in more detail in other issues of Frontier Pop, or will be, and I will expand more about the video game subjects which are not covered as much in those other issues. Forgive me if I am brief, as I do not want to be redundant.

Old School Video Games

The Golden Age of home consoles 1986-2005

New Video Games - Mainstream Loss?

Don’t want to touch
Cell phone and tablet touch screen games

Nintendo 3DS - Top picks

Super Mario 3DLand
Resident Evil Revelations
Pilotwings Resort
Mario Kart 7
Tomodachi Life
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Style Savvy Trendsetters
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Cave Story 3D
Pac Man and Galaga Dimensions
Super Street Fight 4 3D Edition
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Tekken 3D
Starfox 64 3D
Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

DS Keepers
New Super Mario Bros
Mario Kart DS
Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits
Namco Museum DS
Super Mario 64 DS

Eshop Awesomeness

Steamworld Dig: A Fistful Of Dirt
Dark Void Zero
Shovel Knight
Donkey Kong 94
Absolute Chess
Zen Pinball
Undead Bowling
Gunman Clive
The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Castlevania III
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Super Mario Bros 3
River City Ransom
Cave Story

Eshop Wish List
16 Bit, Neo Geo, Gameboy Advance, N64, and actual Arcade Games

Super Metroid
Metroid: Zero Mission
Super Castlevania IV
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Desert Strike
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Sonic CD
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 3
Advance Wars
Waverace 64

PS Vita?

Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony Playstation 4

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality comes of age

Video Game Reviews

Drone Flights
Getting started in drones, and how the 80's prepared for it.

Future Drone Technology



The trade-offs of event duration


Convention and event coverage


Tampa Bay Cosplay


Crazy and not cool
Crazed Fanboy / Pop Culture Review VS Frontier Pop war and the results.


The next war: Nerd Shuttle? Shittle? WTH is Joe Davison trying to do, now?


DJ Frontier progress



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Back On Track - Game On - March 2015 Issue


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